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Posted by svonavja | Sep 16, 2010 @ 05:01 PM | 8,586 Views
Follwing these instructions will increase the planes FUN factor! A++ Without taking away for the look and feel of the stock plane.

What to Buy:
First thing you need to do is purchase your hop-ups...for a grand total of $31.70..minus the batteries..

Ok after you have the parts your going to take everything apart in the front end of your mustang...Just a'll use all of your stock mustang parts, only using the Exceed Brushless and ESC.

The only modification you need to do is on the Exceed motor, the shaft currently sticks out the rear and needs to be pressed or hammered gently to the opposite side, don't forget to loosen the set screws on both sides of the motor before adjusting the shaft....i have done the hard work calculating the distance of the shaft needed to attach the stock prop adapter in order to meet up with the front cowl correctly, see pics attached.

All Done, just put it back together, you'll only be able to use 2 screws on the motor mount unless you drill it (flew fine with only 2).

Oh and Line up the notches on the nose cone or you'll lose it...

I will add a video once I get time to take one...It flys like a dream and I should have done this right after I bought it....Enjoy

Parkzone P51 Mustang Upgrade.3gp (3 min 10 sec)