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Posted by Arcteryxxx | Aug 18, 2013 @ 05:36 PM | 5,241 Views
After all the focus on the SpeedFire and HP stuff it will be nice to wind down with a new foamie - the MPX DogFighter.....

Airframe will be collected in Germany in a couple of days, the rest will be sourced internally from the "nice to have" drawer.
Posted by Arcteryxxx | Apr 01, 2013 @ 04:30 PM | 9,167 Views
As I'm expecting the arrival of my new Speedfire F5B from Petr Janku one of the next days, I'll do a short write-up on how i put the pieces together.
The plane will be delivered with all servos pre installed but motor mount must be glued in and naca duct in the nose and exhaust tube through the wing have to be made.

The setup is:

Airframe. Speedfire F5B, Double carbon "show" version.
Motor. Phasor RACE 2026/3600 with 6.7 gear
ESC: CC P180 "Big Mod"
Ailerons: DS09AMD
Flaps: DS095FMD
Tail: DS11SCB
LiPo: 6S3300 30C
Prop: GM 17.5x17.5
RxPack: 2S700 LiFe
RX: Spektrum AR8000

For reference: Producer website:
Posted by Arcteryxxx | Jan 18, 2011 @ 05:27 PM | 22,815 Views
Well here we go again...
This years project will be my first molded Hotliner - The V-max ECO with a 67" span.
This airframe is also known as the Graupner Speed, Staufenbiel Hawk, Wilco, LanYu, F5B Tiger and is a well proven bird.

I will build mine using Dymond D60s in the wings and a Hyperion Atlas 11 AMB digital "MG-B" servo in the tail.

The rest of the planned setup:

NEU 1115/1Y (finally I've got good use of it!)
Kontronik KPG25 5.2:1 gearbox
Suppo200A ESC
CC bec
RFM turbo spinner
RFM 15*16 folding
Lipos: GensACE 5S2200 30/60C

Here are the two pics I downloaded from the website:

More fotos will follow when I go to work!!!!