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Posted by Sandancer | May 07, 2010 @ 04:26 PM | 13,562 Views
The Rudder Hinge Mod

There was an issue with the early version's Rudder hinge dilapidation. I don't know if FMS addressed this issue in the later versions, but this is how I fixed mine.

I used the solid CA hinges, but upon later recommendations I switched to the Slit-style hinge as they dissipates the glue much more efficiently.

NOTE: Tom Hunt suggested I might have performed "Overkill", so maybe 3 hinges would have sufficed?

Also, you might want to check your elevator & aileron hinges as well!
Posted by Sandancer | May 07, 2010 @ 02:04 PM | 13,896 Views
"Goofie" Had to Go!

As Tony/LiCobra said in an early post "the supplied pilot looks more like the robot in "I Robot"....He has since been up-dated to a character from "Avatar"....I call him "Goofie!"

I couldn't agree more, so I followed Tom Hunt's Pilot/Canopy mod, and did the same thing. Instead of tinting the canopy blue as Tom did, I wanted a smoked effect to mine.

The WWII British Pilot. He measures 74mmW v 73mmH.

The WWII American Pilot. He measures 74mmW v 73mmH too.

The Canopy.

NOTE: While doing this mod I also repainted the cockpit with Dupli-Color Smoke, and trimmed the dash, seat & the block on the shelf behind the seat with Dupli-Color Wedgewood.

UP-DATE 10/28/2010:I found this link to a really kewl 360dg pan view from the cockpit of a P-51, courtesy of St. Clair Photo Imaging.,

UP-DATE 8/17/2010: Here is the WWII British Pilot along side his buddy the WWII American Pilot w/"Goofie" in the background.
Posted by Sandancer | May 07, 2010 @ 01:17 AM | 13,772 Views
Wing Spar Mod

After reading posts about "Taco Wings" and abnormal wing flex, I decided to strengthen mine with some Carbon Fiber.

I used a piece of .437 X .070 X 19.5" solid Flat Carbon Fiber in both wings. I purchased mine from a LHS, but you can find it on-line at product #020136

I used a couple of tools to carefully dig the channel out. One was an Exacto knife with a curved blade. I marked a line on the blade for the depth I wanted to cut, and just simply followed the old fiberglass channel. After I got the depth I wanted, I used a small flat tipped screwdriver as a chisel. With that and a pair of tweezers it was relatively easy to dig the excess foam out.

NOTE: "When using Gorilla Glue the secret is using it sparingly! It doesn't take a lot of GG when you use water as an accelerator....Continue Reading
Posted by Sandancer | May 06, 2010 @ 10:32 PM | 14,773 Views
Cowl Opening & Up-Dated NACA Duct!

I wanted as much ventilation to the ESC as I could get! I want to thank Bernhard/Beltpilot for this idea.

NOTE: On the V4 & V5 P-51's with the steerable tail wheel, there is no opening around the tail wheel for adequate air to ventilate thru the fuse and out the rear. If you do open the cowling up with out some form of exit for ventilation you might want to install a "Chute" on your pilot as he will probably make a quick exit at some point!

UP-DATE 6/08/2010: I thought I would offer up an idea for venting the air Out of the V4 & V5 P-51's. I already had these push rod guides posted for awhile now, but I have come up with a much better alternative! These push rod windows will allow more air passage while still remaining unobtrusive.

UP-DATE 8/10-2010: I decided to install a NACA Duct courtesy of Park Flyer Plastics, in the girl's nose to vent some air into the battery compartment....Continue Reading
Posted by Sandancer | May 06, 2010 @ 10:15 PM | 12,263 Views
PRODUCT UP-DATE 9/23/2010: It was brought to my attention that the black wing joiner rod is in fact fiberglass, and NOT Carbon Fiber! To check for yourself, use an ohm meter. CF is conductive, fiberglass is not!

Support Brace for the Carbon Fiber Rod!

I felt there should be more support for the CF rod then just the hole in the foam of the fuselage.
Posted by Sandancer | May 06, 2010 @ 08:52 PM | 11,936 Views
Access Hatch for the Wiring!

Once finished with the DSR retract mod, I set out to solve a couple more issues in the same area. I knew I was going to be GG that wing section that supports the lower half of the CF rod right behind the LG. Doing that would leave me with only one option for access to all the wiring, and that was to figure a way to secure the corner piece with out glue? I also didn't like the gap left where the servo linkage channel was, so I came up with an idea to solve both problems.
Posted by Sandancer | May 05, 2010 @ 07:46 PM | 18,680 Views
My Big P-51 Transporter! / "Auntie Samantha"! / & Decals!

This is my "BIG P-51" transporter! I don't have far to drive to get to the fairway, errrr...runway of my choice. Actually, I build these custom Club Cars as a side line.

This is my 35mph "Cruiser"!

UP-DATE 5/26/2010:
My NEW P-51D Nose art..."Auntie Samantha"

UP-DATE 8/05/2010: Decals, DECALS & MORE DECALS! Here are some proof sheets I have put together for "Miss Samantha"!

UP-DATE 8/10/2010: Here are some of the decal placements I have made to "Miss Samantha".

I make my decals with a combination of resources. Most of the lettering I set up using the Stencil std. font on my Mac. Some I acquired off the "Post scale decal" thread. That's where I found the link to those P-51 proof sheets. Some I put together using Photoshop.

I then make my own proofs and print them off on my Canon MX870 printer. Depending on what I am trying to print, I'll use either transparent decal paper or white background decal paper. On the silver background I have found that the white background paper works best. Depending on the decal, you might have to do some trimming around the edges to eliminate the white background. The ink on the transparent paper tends to be a bit translucent.

Because these are water slide decals I spray the proof sheets with 2 coats of Krylon Crystal Clear gloss #51301 to seal...Continue Reading
Posted by Sandancer | Apr 13, 2010 @ 09:32 AM | 16,415 Views
This is my most recent mod on the "Mustang"! 75 gal. Drop Tanks & 500 LB. Bombs

I've decided to add a set of 75 gal. Drop Tanks with operational release Pylons. Already having 10 servos in the "Mustang" I wasn't interested in running a pull cable to another servo for in-air drops. Instead I went with a static set-up so I could still release them manually if I wanted to.

UP-DATE 7/25/2010: I managed to get the Bombs done this weekend! These come as exploding units, but because I am committed to the static mount on this plane, I decided to make them one piece.
NOTE: I used Krylon Camouflage Olive #4293 as opposed to the Model Master Olive Drab. There's not an appreciable difference in color, and getting 8 oz. more for the same price was a "no brainer!"

During the process of waiting for glue and paint to dry I decided to fire up the Lexmark and make some decals. In the process of making a couple for the bombs, I made up a Fueling decal for the Drop Tanks also.

P 51 Mustang Drop Tanks (2 min 17 sec)
...Continue Reading