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Posted by sonny1 | Apr 08, 2010 @ 05:26 PM | 6,596 Views
Adding a couple of pics here on my blog of a rewound motor I have to help the person who rewound it identify it. Here's a couple of pics of it. It's a 28mm motor, and runs like a bat out of h**l!!
Posted by sonny1 | Mar 17, 2010 @ 02:26 AM | 6,478 Views
Well, time to put the proud dad jacket on here. What this means to RC aircraft is only that I won't be flying till I'm done with this. Here are some pics of my daughter Jessica's high school spring musical "Suessical the Musical", which I am the sound engineer for. In addition to having my daughter as one of the leads in the play, I took on the task of teaching a student named Sarah, who is blind to run the front-of-house sound board; she is doing an incredible job by the way! We are just now holding our final rehearsals, and opening night is this Friday, (first of six performances over 2 weeks); I've included some pics below of the set and cast, (including my daughter and Sarah too). As usual it has turned into a tremendous amount of work, (I've begged, borrowed and stole every piece of sound equipment I could find to run this show; 3 mixers, over 25 microphones, 12 of them wireless....all at once....whew!!), but Sarah is learning by doing, and I'm doing the duct tape and bailing wire routine on cranky equipment. A great friend, Steve is really making it happen by helping me get this huge job done; it wouldn't be working if he wasn't helping, (you learn who your real friends are at times like this!). Despite all the hard hours, it looks like the kids are going to pull off a hit! Enjoy,


PS: I'll include more and better pics after opening night; break a leg!!

UPDATE: 3 Pics added from opening night below. Standing ovation at the end! Great show!!
Posted by sonny1 | Dec 20, 2009 @ 12:03 AM | 7,557 Views
Today I did the maiden flight with my "rebuilt" Airtronics Peregrine sailplane, my first time flying a "full-house" 6 servo sailplane! The occasion was the Pismo Beach Soaring Society's monthly club TD contest at Santa Margarita School; I got in 6 full rounds of flights with 6 "legal" landings. Short flights to be sure, but a huge hurdle and success in my eyes! A little more stick-time and I might even be competitive! A great day flying RC!!
Posted by sonny1 | Nov 29, 2009 @ 04:50 AM | 8,882 Views
I'm adding a picture of me with my volunteer stage crew from this year's Big Sur Jade Festival, (I'm on the right in green w/ the hat), an annual benefit for a small elementary school, (Pacific Valley School:, and the South Coast Community Land Trust Community Center. I'm on the Board of Directors, and I'm proud to say we raised over $11,000 at this year's festival. When I'm not herding musicians, I'm flying RC airplanes somewhere, so I've added pictures of a "Float Fly" I attended this year at CVRC in Visalia; great weekend! I've got a Great Planes PBY coming soon, and a micro, (34"ws), DLG sailplane on the workbench now. I'll post pics of those when they're finished. Till later.........Sonny
Posted by sonny1 | Sep 08, 2009 @ 07:36 PM | 8,007 Views
Well, the title says it all! If you want an idea about the caliber of people who enjoy RC modeling read this thread: . Read it all & you will know what I mean. Happy Holidays!!

Posted by sonny1 | Jul 14, 2009 @ 03:56 AM | 8,609 Views
Well, I'll start this out by saying that my bio says it all, (click on my username to find the bio). I've been building and flying, (and crashing!!), model airplanes since the age of 8. Nights were often spent building model airplanes; most weekends we were flying or competing....thanks Dad. I've been in & out of the sport a few times over the years, (life has a way of doing that you know?), but my heart and some of my fondest memories revolve around model aviation. I was fortunate enough to have a dad who took a week off of work in the summer of 1963 so he and I could compete in the 1963 AMA NATS; I was all of 10. Dad flew "C" Free-Flight; I flew 1/2A, & A class (Jr. Division). I flew against Sal Taibi Jr., (he beat me!); dad flew against Sal Sr., (dad got beat too!). I got some good air and manged a 4th. place in A Gas FF...Sal Taibi Jr. was 3rd., (I forget who was 1st. & 2nd.). What an honor to compete against giants of the model aviation world. Later in life I was an early member and vice-president of Central Valley Radio Control Soaring, (CVRC); home of one of the largest sailplane contests in the world: The Fall Soaring Festival. I currently am a proud member of the Pismo Beach Soaring Society; a small bunch of great human beings who are crazy about soaring. I proudly carry the same AMA number I had in 1963: 30462. Obviously my love of this sport is evident; I wish my building and flying skills matched my enthusiasm. I will post a few pics of my...Continue Reading