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Posted by edge5foamy | Jan 18, 2008 @ 12:32 PM | 5,188 Views
Hey guys, if you have limited space left in your video gallery, and dont want to post on YouTube, you can now post video on TeamFlyingCirkus.com! It is setup a lot like YouTube, but the video will actually be by other RC enthusiasts!
Posted by edge5foamy | Jan 18, 2008 @ 01:15 AM | 4,670 Views
Hey, I finally took the Telemaster up for a night flight! I could see it ok, but it really needs more lights. Right now it has enough that you can night fly it, but it is not as completly let up like I want it.

I am going to find a way to put some more LEDs on it, and I will be taking the two out of the wings, and putting them on the bottom of the fuse shining out on the wings.

All for tonight more tomorrow.
Posted by edge5foamy | Jan 17, 2008 @ 01:44 AM | 4,255 Views
Well today I started work on putting the LEDs in my 6ft Telemaster! I should have it ready to go by dark tomorrow! Doubt I will be able to get video of it's first night flight, but I will atleast post a picture.

Well, thats all for tonight. More tomorrow!
Posted by edge5foamy | Jan 16, 2008 @ 07:09 PM | 4,138 Views
Hey guys! I made a few LED light setups, and posted them for sell on RCG here.
Posted by edge5foamy | Jan 11, 2008 @ 03:17 PM | 3,822 Views
Here are some videos I just posted today...

How to video with the FlyCamOne2

Aerial Video from the FlyCamOne2
Posted by edge5foamy | Nov 26, 2007 @ 07:13 PM | 3,796 Views
Hey guys, Here is the thread on the bomb drop I set up on my Slow Stick!

SS Bomb Drop Thread
Posted by edge5foamy | Nov 21, 2007 @ 03:29 PM | 3,300 Views
Hi everyone, I know we all enjoy reading the reviews here on RCGroups.com but there is alot that review goes through before it is published. Angela H is the editor, and she is amazing! I would like to thank here for all the hard work she does on these reviews!

After we finish the review we submit it to her, and she edits it. It is alot of work, and she has been editing alot of reviews lately. Right now she is on Thanksgiving vacation, but she took here PC with her to work on the reviews. Very few people would be that dedicated to giving you guys the best reviews possible, and on Thanksgiving!

One thing I am thankful for this Thanksgiving is Angela!

So the next time you get a chance, send here a PM, and let her know what a great job she is doing!
Posted by edge5foamy | Oct 22, 2007 @ 01:27 PM | 3,501 Views
Ok, I have some ides for planes. Now there is no telling when I would get these done, so dont hold me to it.

First(and most likly to actually happen) add a second wing to the Slow Stick, and make it a bipe!

Second, a Stryker with twin six series motors! Can you say FAST!

Any of you tried these?


Posted by edge5foamy | Sep 26, 2007 @ 03:45 AM | 3,701 Views
Posted by edge5foamy | Sep 24, 2007 @ 03:29 PM | 3,618 Views
This is a list of revies I will be doing soon here on RCG..

Hyperion Sniper 3D

Airfoilz "The Bipe"

EFM EPP Yak 54
Posted by edge5foamy | Sep 19, 2007 @ 06:51 PM | 3,808 Views
This is just a list of every plane I have ever had in order...

*Updated 01/24/08*

1. Aero Ace
2. Skymaster with added rudder/elevator
3. 3Dfoamy.com Edge 540
4. Fun Force HellCat
5. Flatouts J-3 Cub
6. Flatouts Cap 580
7. Ultimate FX 3D
8. Byp Yak
9. Tribute FX 3D
10. Shocky SuperStar
11. Sniper
12.Slow Stik
13. Airfoilz Bipe
14. DareDevil Bipe
15. SloBro (scrach built)
16. HL Executive Jet
17. 6ft Telemaster electric
18. YardBird RC YB-22
19. HL F/A 18 EDF

On The Bench...

QQ Yak 69'' electric conversion

Coming Soon...

Spin 3D(scratch build)
MSComposite Pitts BullDog

Well, that is for now.
Posted by edge5foamy | Sep 15, 2007 @ 01:17 PM | 3,723 Views
Come on down to Andersonville, Georgia on October 19th, and 20th for the Hodges Hobbies Fall Fly-In! This Fly-In will include a raffle, noon time demos(including Mac Hodges' GIANT B-29), a foamy combat, and night flying. The fly-in is held at the same field as SEFF(allthough this fly-in is not just for electrics). Pilot registration fee is $10. So pack up your fleet, and come join us! I will see you there!

For more information contact Hodges Hobbies at (866)924-9505

I will be coming, and bringing my Tribute FX, R3D Mini, Sniper, scratch built foamy(if I finish it in time), and a home brew combat foamy. What about you?
Posted by edge5foamy | Sep 05, 2007 @ 04:59 PM | 4,004 Views
Here is how you import user created aircraft.

When you click on the link, and the window comes up, hit save. It should bring up a window to chose which file you want to ssve it to, go to "my computer" select "hard drive c". After that, go to program files, and select "RealFlight G3.5" then select "Airplanes", and hit save. after that get on the sim, click on "simulator" at the top, left of the screen, go down to import, and click on G3X. it should pull up the files, and do the same as before to get to the "Planes" file in "RealFlight G3.5" and click on the file you just saved. After that you just select it from the edited aircraft menu at the top of your regular "Select aircraft" page, and there you are... Or atleast that is how it works for me.

Just go to www.KnifeEdge.com and go to the Swap Pages to find hundreds of aircraft for you to download!
Posted by edge5foamy | Sep 02, 2007 @ 06:47 PM | 3,610 Views
Charred Cars (3 min 55 sec)

Posted by edge5foamy | Sep 02, 2007 @ 01:10 PM | 3,527 Views
Well, this morning I woke up at 6AM, when I heard HUGE explosion! I looked out the window of our appartment(7th story) and noticed a few cars on fire next to an unused building about 100 yards away. No one knows yet how it really happened, but they think it was a fireworks accident. We believe one cars gas tank blew up, and shot the car forward a few feet in to the brick building, and also cought the car next to it on fire. the explosion was so bad it shook our building. It ended up turning to cars into just hunks of chared metal, and it burnt the side of a SUV next to the to the car on fire. It was barreling thick, black smoke up above the 30 story buildings. The pics below are from 12 hours after the fire. I have video of it on fire, but the video camera battery is dead, so I cant load it to the PC yet.
Posted by edge5foamy | Aug 22, 2007 @ 06:15 PM | 3,694 Views
I added 4 SFGs and, 2 T-wings to my SuperStar, and it is ALOT more stable now. Check out the video, this video has some indoor hovering in it.

BTW, sorry if the video is choppy, my PC was acting very slow while transfering the video.

Here it is!
"Edfrulesed" SuperStar Indoor hovering, and outdoor flying! (2 min 21 sec)

Posted by edge5foamy | Aug 20, 2007 @ 04:26 PM | 3,806 Views
This was my second flight with my Ikarus SuperStar, and I love it, it is still a little windy here, but what the hay, I fly anyway.

Here is the video!
2nd SuperStar Flight (4 min 59 sec)