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Posted by Throwdown | Dec 27, 2010 @ 11:01 PM | 2,789 Views
Originally, as I was learning how to fly RC planes and helis my RC Groups name was "Hamfist" because I didn't seem to have any fine finger control and it felt more like a big fist of ham on the sticks!

While flying (really more like hovering) my Align T-Rex 450, some of my "friends" were taunting me with "flip it"! Having successfully flipped my heli in my Real Flight simulator I thought, "why not?"...

What proceeded next was, at best, the worst possible flip with all the wrong inputs at exactly the wrong time, but it was extremely amusing to everyone watching! As I pulled back on the stick the nose came up nicely but before I let it get fully inverted I gave it max negative pitch. It started punching out at a 45 degree angle away from me as I continued pulling the nose up and over. This produced a huge arc that quickly rolled into an out of control, all over the place, Mr Toad's Wild Ride reenactment. It came swooping down plummeting towards the ground and at the very last second, I miraculously saved it somehow and brought it right back into a hover! The peanut gallery went wild, unbelieving their eyes that I actually saved it...

...then they started chanting, "do it again!" Fool that I am, and thinking I'll do it better the second time, I immediately took it back up to a suitable height and tried it again. Long story short(er), I did everything exactly the same. Same mistakes, same punch out, same Mr Toad's Wild Ride... and same save at the bottom!

After the guys stopped yelling and screaming, I was renamed by Josh "Enigmabomb" Ziering to "Throwdown" because I didn't have enough sense to not accept the throwdown challenge they gave me!
Posted by Throwdown | Feb 26, 2007 @ 01:25 AM | 4,064 Views
In case anyone's interested in looking at photos from my other sites (some RC photos)...

Some of my photos

My Videos

Cecil "ThrowDown" Walker
Posted by Throwdown | Feb 26, 2007 @ 01:11 AM | 4,046 Views
Thanks to everyone at the Chandler Bowl (Thude Park in Chandler, AZ) for all their help and patience with the new guy on the block. It's been a blast learning how to fly my Slow-Stick all by myself...

Seriously, Mike Henry has been an awesome instructor and really gave me great advise, tips, techniques and guideance. He's definitely why my plane's still in one piece today!