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Posted by LittleG | May 12, 2010 @ 08:01 AM | 20,943 Views
Well, I believe I've caught the heli-bug. The UPS man delivered my Blade MSR yesterday... I'll tell you, it is so much fun and sooo easy to fly once you get it setup correctly. After going through several forums on what is the optimal DX7 setup for the Blade MSR, I found the attached pdf file of the DX7 settings for Blade MSR (from helifreak forum) to be the most easy to follow and the settings make the Blade MSR to fly very docile because without it, the Blade MSR can be a handful to fly... I actually bound it with my DX7 straight out of the box, attempted to fly it and , boy, it was definitely a handful to fly..

Background: I bought a CX2 a while back ago, I believe it was in 2008 when I purchased it at a local hobby shop, and I flew it a few times then my heli interest kind of just went away after a while. Recently, a co-worker of mine showed me a Blade MCX and after seeing this little booger fly, it rekindled my interest... In fact, I was going to sell my Blade CX2 to this co-worker... Well, needless to say, I kept the darn CX2 and started playing with it again; thus, starting a blog on it to capture information about setups and hop-ups.

Since the Blade MSR, I've assimilated myself in anything that is micro heli... A friend introduced me to the Syma S107, a really inexpensive toy micro heli. For 20 bucks plus shipping, you can't beat it, so I ordered one. I hope she performs as expected since everyone who has one has said that it flies well.

The S107 came in the mail this past Memorial Day weekend and like everyone has said she flies and performs very well... Excellent buy for only 20 bucks...

Spare parts for Syma 107

Battery upgrade for Syma 107 by killbucket

Useful Information:
Celectra 4-Port Charger modification
How to Replace the Blade mSR Tail Boom and Tail Motor Assembly
Posted by LittleG | May 03, 2010 @ 03:39 PM | 19,111 Views
Finally, a site on how I can use the LP5DSM (transmitter that came with the Blade CX2) as a buddy box....

Connecting to a transmitter to a DX7
DX7 with DX6 Buddy Box
How to buddy box an LP5DSM
How to Buddy Box Dx6i (Master) and LP5DSM (Slave) (4 min 56 sec)
(4 min 56 sec)

In "P-LINK" mode, any simple non-programmable 4 channel slave TX with the same channel assignment (JR) can be connected to the master DX7. The master DX7 will take care of all throws and all mixings and settings. Very easy ! This is really the ideal program for easy buddy boxing, without hasstle. And the buddy lead is a simple mono to mono jack 1/8".

Steps to connect a 4-channel transmitter to the DX7 transmitter (master):
1. On the DX7, hold the Scroll Down and Select buttons (left of the screen) simultaneously. This brings up the System Setup Mode.

2. In the System Setup Mode, use the Scroll Up and Down buttons to get to the [MODEL SELECT] screen. In this screen, using the Increase and Decrease buttons (right of the screen) to select the model that will be used for training.

3. Once the model is selected, use the Scroll Up and Down buttons to get to the [TRAINER] screen. In this screen, using the Increase and Decrease buttons to select P-LINK mode. Also, this allows you to choose which rocker switch to be used.

4. Turn off the DX7 then turn it back on.

5. On the DX7 screen, the following are displayed: under the selected Model number "NO TRAINEE" text flashes and the DX7 beeps periodically.

6. Using the buddy cord, connect the 4-channel transmitter (it must be turned on before connecting) to the DX7.

7. After connecting, the screen displays "P-LINK" and below it, it reads SPEKTRUM DX7.
Posted by LittleG | Apr 26, 2010 @ 10:44 AM | 15,852 Views
This blog will collect information about the Eflite Blade CX2... It will contain links to references within rcgroups forum that I find helpful to what I'm trying to accomplish with my CX2, any other sites that may contain useful and hop-up information on the CX2, how-to videos, and vendor sites.

Useful Information
Setup of CX/CX2 from wikipedia
Blade CX2 - How I Buy, Fly & Modify
Brushless E-flite Blade CX Coaxial Project
E-flite Blade CX Coaxial Heli

Posted by LittleG | Jul 10, 2009 @ 02:05 PM | 16,838 Views
This build log will contain information of the Alula build. It finally arrived today in a neat little box... Dreamflight did a really nice job in packaging their kits.
Posted by LittleG | Jan 12, 2009 @ 10:00 AM | 12,208 Views
This build log is to capture all the information required to complete the Binary-900 and to contain references of different building techniques that may be used in the Binary-900 build.

It's all put together, followed MattN (used to be known as pivlrs) build log thread of the Binary-900.

Binary-900 Build Thread by pivlrs
Posted by LittleG | Nov 29, 2008 @ 12:00 PM | 12,081 Views
I don't know what it is, but my EP gliders have taken the back seat and are collecting dust created from sanding airfoils in balsa and depron wings.
Posted by LittleG | Oct 28, 2008 @ 10:52 PM | 14,866 Views
After months of having this kit in the box, I finally started to build it after watching a video of emb145drvr fly his DLG... I saw how much fun emb145drver was having and, especially, seeing the big grin on his face when he caught the plane. The reason for the procrastination was because of the complex construction of Swyft 2. When I first saw the instructions for it, I said to myself, "Whoa! This is going to be one helluva difficult build and would take weeks to finish", so I decided just to put it off or until I had a reason to build it. Well, I have a reason to finish it now - can't have emb145drvr have all the fun.. The build actually went fairly easily after I got going with it, and it wasn't as complicated as thought it would be. The instruction is just very detailed, which is great because I learned a lot of building techniques, and the whole expericence turned out to be quite fun... Well, enough of me babbling... Here's a few photos of what I've completed so far....Continue Reading
Posted by LittleG | Sep 06, 2008 @ 11:32 AM | 14,225 Views
Here's a concept design for the next twin boom drawn with Googlesketchup.
Posted by LittleG | Sep 03, 2008 @ 11:42 AM | 11,916 Views
Reference links for Skunkworks 4:
Demon build log thread

Depron Demon build log thread

HL Speedy

Posted by LittleG | Aug 23, 2008 @ 11:03 AM | 11,807 Views
I started this blog on the HL Speedy to capture all the posts I made on this plane from the HL Speedy thread.

Link to its power setup.

Link to the photos of my HL Speedy.

I've recently tumbled my HL Speedy at Horse Shoe Park, it stalled and fell to the ground cracking the cockpit area of the fuselage. I should've taken pictures of the damage, since it's repaired now, to show the before-and-after condition... The repair actually turned out pretty well if I have to say so myself... I used the techniques from my Victor rebuild by CAing the cracked and damaged areas, filling the crevices with epoxy-resin mixed with microballoons - letting it cure, sanding the patched-up areas to the same level as the original surface of the fuselage and sanding them smooth, spray-painting with primer (2x) and sanding between the layers, repeating the process with enamel (2x), and finally, spraying it with clear polyurethane to protect the new painted surfaces.

Photos below depict where damages used to be.
Posted by LittleG | Aug 03, 2008 @ 03:38 AM | 15,216 Views
Well, I couldn't resist since the second twin boom, Boomerang, turned out so well and looks so good, I had to give my first twin boom glider (inspired by the Polly Pusher and used this instructions to build the wing) a face lift... Basically, I built a whole new pod from fan-fold foam and fiberglassed it. I removed the white packing-tape from the wing and reinforced it by restructuring the spar and fiberglassing the midsection (the root), made the ailerons as part of the wing by cutting the trailing edge of the foam wing where the ailerons are installed, and covered the entire wing with Towerkote to give a "newish" clean look. I also replaced the basswood booms with carbon fiber square tubes. Below are photos of the pod with the wing attached.
Posted by LittleG | Jul 20, 2008 @ 12:14 PM | 12,606 Views
I decided to gut out my Omei, so I can reinforce the interior walls of the cockpit area with carbon fiber uni-web since the fuselage is so flimsy; and also, to prevent more eggshell cracks from forming... Photos of the carbon fiber strips used and how they are laid out in the cockpit area.
Posted by LittleG | Jul 20, 2008 @ 01:01 AM | 8,695 Views
Here's my conversion of this EPP Windrider to electric powered. This conversion might take a while since I'm also working on other projects - multi-tasking.
Posted by LittleG | Jul 16, 2008 @ 10:38 PM | 12,843 Views
Twin Boom Glider - Boomerang

Well, guys, here's my rendition of a Boomer inspired by Robin Benett's plane in Build Log - Boomers!! Parkflyers for Beginners to Pros! Vid post 125 thread. I'm a big fan of twin boomers as you can tell on my avatar that this is my second one. My first one flies awesome, so I thought it was time to build a second one with a different variation (wings with polyhedral and the horizontal stab/elevator on top of the vertical stabs- what do you call this type of tailfeathers anyway?) , and also I think they're unique-looking and fly very well.

The plane has a 2" polyhedral wing and it is made of the wing from one of those grocery-store-bought foam gliders; and I used an inch balsa precut ailerons bought from LHS to extend the cord of the wings and also used them for the ailerons. The pod is scratch-built, made from 6mm depron sheet, and has been fiberglassed for durability (since I have never fiberglassed anything before, I thought this would be a good first-timer project to do). The tailfeathers are also cut from 6mm depron sheet. I covered the wing, tailfeathers, and pod with Towerkote I ordered from Tower Hobbies... The booms are the 7mm carbon fiber square tubings and I inserted basswood sticks, sanded down a bit, inside the square tube for reinforcement.

Here's the Motor/prop/spinner/esc/lipo setup...Continue Reading
Posted by LittleG | Jul 13, 2008 @ 01:14 PM | 7,845 Views
This is my very first build log... This contains information about the repair of the Victor. Click this link to view the maiden of the Victor and click this link to read what happen to the Victor after only a few flights, and view the short video clip of the aftermath.

Click here to view and read about the repair progress.