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Posted by xplaneguy | Mar 23, 2010 @ 11:58 PM | 8,700 Views
My daughter and I decide to bring our 64mm SR-71 & F-117 to Blackbird Airpark in Palmdale, CA to photograph them with the real birds. It was cool to be with two aircraft that I helped retire from active Air Force service. We had good time!

Posted by xplaneguy | Mar 20, 2010 @ 11:29 PM | 8,546 Views
We just made it home from RC X today. What a great show! I highly recommend it! Great deals, awesome demos & lots of cool people! My daughter and I had a wonderful time meeting so many awesome RC enthusiasts as well as sharing our passion for this hobby with so many kids. I even taught a 9 year old how to fly a P-51 on a Flight Sim. Cool stuff! It was great seeing Pete & the Banana Hobby Team again. I pre-ordered Evelyn's Birthday gifts and Pete kept them until we surprised her today. I bought her the Sky Surfer and the 50mm F-16. She was pretty excited all the way home!

Here's a few pics from the day! Lot's of cool new stuff coming from Banana Hobby!

Posted by xplaneguy | Mar 07, 2010 @ 08:19 PM | 11,133 Views
Today, I built the Airbus A380 during the NASCAR race. Here's a few pics. If my daughter had one, it would be painted pink, purple and titled, "Barbie Airlines!" She's be flying this one for now.

Hopefully, the weather will improve to fly it soon!

Posted by xplaneguy | Mar 04, 2010 @ 09:31 PM | 9,822 Views
My current project is the modification of the Dynam DC-3 into Sgt. John L. Levitow's AC-47. For any Air Force Enlisted Member, the story of A1C John Levitow (Medal of Honor) is well known. Building this AC-47 is a tribute to Sgt. Levitow and every Vietnam Veteran.

You can read about the mod (first two links) and Sgt. Levitow on post 77 (second link) of the Dynam DC-3 thread:




MSgt Tony Accurso
Edwards AFB, CA