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Posted by blade strike | Apr 10, 2015 @ 09:15 PM | 47,164 Views
E1200 Pro Tuned Propulsion System Upgrade for The s900.
  • Integrated Structure
    For ultimate convenience, the E1200 Pro’s integrated ESC,
    motor, and propeller are designed as a single unit that can
    be installed quickly and easily on the arm
    of any compatible platform. It also enables
    a total solution for heat dissipation
  • 17-Inch Ultra-Carbon Folding Propeller
    As one of the largest members of the Z-blade series, the 17-inch propeller boosts both
    efficiency and thrust. The application of advanced ultra-carbon-fiber composite, provides the
    rigidity of a metal propeller with lower inertial momentum. The classic folding design protects
    the propellers while making transportation and use as simple and efficient as ever.
  • Motor & ESC Cooling System
    A built-in centrifugal fan provides active cooling for both the ESC and the motor. Grid-shaped structure in the top allows for adequate ventilation while keeping dust and other debris out. The dissipation area of the integrated base plate has been enlarged by 200-300%, greatly enhancing passive cooling of the system.
  • Next Generation Smart ESC
    The sine-wave drive ESC increases power efficiency by capturing energy that is produced during deceleration. Active braking provides better dynamic response. Dynamic battery voltage ripple compensation maintains a linear speed-throttle relationship, making the flight control experience more fluid and stable.
  • Breaking Limits
    When using the E1200 Pro to upgrade your S900 using a standard
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