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Posted by Justwingit | Dec 28, 2012 @ 06:29 PM | 7,907 Views
It's been a while since I've had the time to post a really thoughtful entry, but since I'm on leave right now here we go:

Santa recently left a Parkzone SR-10 under the tree, a model I have had a hankering for.....Pleased to say the maiden went off without a hitch...relatively

No, I didn't stuff the plane on it's maiden, it's a Parkzone model after all, and these things will practically fly themselves

First, the assembly went as smooth as any PZ build...if you can call it that. I did buy the PZ1090 Servo for the flaps and added that as well. That process took the most time, maybe 20 minutes in all. Adjusting the flaps to level took more time than it did to cut the flaps free

This morning was dead calm out at my little flying field so off I went. I'm not going to bore you with all the pre-flight stuff, suffice to say I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it took off --- very little right-rudder needed to keep her tracking straight and she lifted off on her own accord at about 65-70% throttle as I was steadily feeding the motor...Once in the air, I did the usual trim adjustments; mine needed a couple clicks of up elevator and some right trim. Otherwise, it flew very nicely, and pretty much went where you pointed it....again, typical Parkzone. This thing really does fly like a tail-dragger T-28!

Figured I'd try it down on the dry-lake so off I went on a 30 minute drive to see how she flew with some room. Flew two more 2200s through her down there, but at the...Continue Reading