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Posted by mopar_man | May 13, 2013 @ 07:22 PM | 13,498 Views
A couple weeks ago, I found out I would have the upcoming weekend all to myself. So I pulled up the AMA event calender and picked out an event within driving distance of Houston. I ended up at the RC Fun Fly in Kingsbury, Texas (about 30 min east of San Antonio). One of the main reasons I picked this event over others is that Kingsbury is home to the Pioneer Flight Museum. PFM is a living museum with numerous original and replica full-scale aircraft from long ago. They have a nice collection of cars and motorcycles too. I've always wanted to visit there, and this opportunity was timed perfectly.

On the way to Kingsbury, I stopped in Schulenburg to visit the Stanzel Model Aircraft Museum. That's another modeling destination I'd hoped to cross off of my bucket list. Unfortunately, it was closed that day due to a death in the Stanzel Family.

I arrived at the field in Kingsbury on Friday afternoon and found that several folks were already there enjoying themselves. I introduced myself to event CD, Frank Simas and settled in for the weekend. The Tri-City Flyers have a very nice facility here. I was only planning a cameo visit on Friday, but I decided to stick around long enough for some night flying. The club rented a nice spotlight that illuminated plenty of airspace for flying unlighted models. I was also able to fly my LED-equipped planes.

I returned Saturday morning and was met there by my flying buddy, Fitz. Our pit area was a pretty eclectic mix of all-electric aircraft....Continue Reading