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FMS Fox 800 (4 min 41 sec)

I already had the FMS 800 Vtail .. And I really liked the Vtail except for the factory prop .
That factory prop is so bad ( was on the Vtail )

I really wanted a Fox after flying the Vtail .
But as with all things , world wide stocks diminished to the point these little planes got a little expensive to buy
Thanks to banggood , the Fox was on special at the Oz warehouse , and I was able to avoid shipping and extra GST ! ( Thanks BG )
Just got to wait for our local Dictator to ease off on the house arrest BS so I can actually go fly . Suffering RC withdrawal !!!!
Quick doctor , 20cc of RC !!!!
Or perhaps some FMS Fox action ?

Honestly , these planes are so light , easy to put together and not Uber expensive . And best off all they fly really well , being very stable and easy to fly . Be it the Fox or the Vtail , this is one of those planes one should own at least once if not maybe twice . At the very least given some serious consideration .

Ok , yes ! That factory prop bites . Not really a lot of mojo coming from it . Spins fast enough , just without the thrust ( My Vtail ) . So another plane to put on the back burner of things needing to be flown .

S720 = Prop tests ...
LDARC 450x = Needs flying
my X450 and mo2 need flying
The Cub
The DH2
Vtail with new prop
The Fox
Micro F16
Micro Stick with @ 18650
R4 with new rudder

Thats starting to look like a list ! @nd it's all DAG's fault !
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Did not know anything about "Kline-Fogleman" airfoils when I created it.
The inspiration behind the paper plane "Seagull" or "Maaken" in Norwegian
came from a paper plane called "Deltry" or something similar.

BTW: It's the only paper plane I know about that are able to loop!

If others ave similar planes please share!

Attached how to fold the Seagull paper plane.
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This is a Fast & Fun Freewing Lippisch P.15 64mm EDF Jet Flight In Wind!

The Fast & Fun Freewing Lippisch P.15 64mm EDF Jet Flight In Wind (4 min 19 sec)

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The Emax Tinyhawk II Freestyle showed up today and I got a chance to look it over:
Emax Tinyhawk II Freestyle Quad - First Look (6 min 50 sec)

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I replaced my Horus X10S battery today without removing any cables. It's not easy as it seems but with this video you should be able to avoid the mistakes I made.

FRSky Horus X10S radio RTC watch battery replacement howto (26 min 47 sec)

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Big thanks to JohnVHRC for putting these videos together! The Gooniac Firey Booties look really good in this jet!!

Freewing MiG-29 Fulcrum Digital Camo Twin 80mm EDF Jet UNBOXING BUILD AFTERBURNERS FROM GOONIAC33 (17 min 49 sec)

Freewing MiG-29 Fulcrum Digital Camo Twin 80mm EDF Jet MAIDEN FLIGHT! (7 min 31 sec)
...Continue Reading
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Its fun to design new planes. Awhile ago, a PS4 video game caught my imagination and I mashed a Sukhoi 35/37 Super Flanker into a Macross YF-30 Chronos.


A friend recently discovered a FA-18 Hornet in an antique mall. The prop jet is made by Direct Connection I may not get it, but it reignited a desire to fire out how to bring a video game jet into the RC world.

Could the ruddervators lay down flat after takeoff when the landing gear is retracted? Could they raise back into position when the landing gear comes back down?

Weight is an issue. The Sailplane crowd uses two small Servos north of the CG to run push/pull cables. That would allow a second set of strong service to tuck into the rear a bit.

Its fun to imagine.
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So, there I was, MINDING my own business, when one of those vagabond visions of days long-gone slides through my tired brain.

In the mid-1970's, a couple years before getting my first reliable radio control system, we were still cranking out a fair number of control line model airplanes. Sunday flydays weren't what they'd been just a few years earlier, with girls and motorcycles having taken the lead interest, but we still managed to get some flying done.

Midwest Model Co. had released several profile control line model kits featuring (as I remember): a P-51 Mustang, P-63 Kingcobra, BF-109, and my AD-1 Skyraider. All were scaled to about the same physical size, with the intent of clubs and individual flyers staging aerial combat matches.

I sorta wanted the Kingcobra, but the Skyraider was sitting on a shelf in the hobby store, so that was it. My budget was WAY too tight to risk a plane like this to combat flying, though I think I may have flown it in the same circle with Kevin's Midwest P-51 a few times.

I built it on an overturned dresser drawer in my tiny apartment on North Park Street in Cape. So if you happen to purchase some antique furniture, and find glue blobs, pencil marks, and X-ACTO scrapings on the underside of a drawer, CONGRATULATIONS!'ve also purchased an antique control line building board!

The Skyraider was a large model for my well-worn .35, but still flew OK, with scale-like loops and horizontal 8's, AND, with the lower speed allowing me...Continue Reading
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The calm afternoon/evening arrived today.

So, with transmitter and plastic bag in a laptop bag, the ugly Spitfire in my hand, and a battery pack in my pocket, I walked to the larger nearby clearing. Some people were out with dogs, so I waited until they got a little further away.

Before I had time to get too tense, I switched on the transmitter, connected the battery and closed the hatch. Control surfaces still moving the right way? Check. Neckstrap on, model in the left hand (I throw better with my left), push the thottle stick a bit awkwardly, brace for the impact.

And it was flying! For the first few seconds I was over-controlling, even with a plenty of expo dialled. Then, it was flying surprisingly steady. I didn't feel compelled to climb to "high" altitudes, so flew circles and figure eights, and such, not too far from me. Power wasn't all that great. It might be the old battery sagging. Still, I managed a strange shaped loop and a half cuban.

I thought I'd need to land it some time, so slowed down. I slowed down too much and it wanted to drop a wing. The first landing was not pretty. No damage, though, so I launched again and flew some circles. The second landing was better but there was a hint of wing drop before I got it down. I need to keep up more speed next time.

The GWS Spitfire is still in one piece.

I told it is ugly (for a Spitfire).



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Ow do fmn olks.
Had a Volantex ASW 28 delivered the other day..WOO-HOO!! But it came without the 4 screws to hold the tail assembly together. BOO!! Does anyone out there own one and could you give me the screw length and thread size? I just thought it would be quicker to get the size and get my own!! Heres hoping folks....
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BrotherHobby GOM 2207.5 motor, Joint designed motor!

Email: [email protected]
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Detrum Blitz DT9 Upgrade V1.08

Date: 24 Sep 2020

Upgrade details:

1,Corrected the synchronization of sub-trim display unit with the whole menu.
2.Corrected the synchronization of neutral position adjustment display unit with the whole menu.
3,Corrected the sub-trim logic.

Steps as attachment.

DT9 Firmware V1.08 as attachment, you can also download here:

DT9 infomation:
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Catch PYTH700 at Maiden Flight (0 min 43 sec)

PYTH 700
Wing Material 3mm EPS
Elevon 3mm Balsa covered with clear packages tapes
C.G 138mm
Wingspan 707mm
Length 428mm
Height 120mm
Weight 220g
Motor EMAX 1804 2480kV
BEC Matek micro 5V 1.5A
Receiver DSM2 6ch
Servo EMAX ES08AII 8.5g x 2
Propeller 5030
Battery dualsky 3S 550mAh

Plan Download from: Reading
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This would be a really shmick set of carbon fiber farsteners if it was on Lions never were impressed by 3D printed prototypes from startups, but carefully designed & manufactured parts can look really professional. The mane test is still if it stays together in the field.
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I bought some "ProGo" 280 Size Quad frame parts from RCTESTFLIGHT a couple of years ago and have found them really great for experimenting. The frame has evolved into this 7 inch frame with TBS 7 inch arms and an adjustable camera mount from ShenDrones. Currently, I'm trying to get the autonomous features to work with iNav. The aluminum "bridge" is an attempt to get the GPS/compass above EM interference (with maybe some shielding?).
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I've been flying electric IMAC planes since 2016 and have seen only a few other pilots in IMAC that compete with an electric plane. I just moved up to the Advanced class this year and competed with a new electric IMAC plane, a customized Extreme Flight 104" Extra 300 V2. The plane is capable of flying two Advanced sequences in one flight. That's 20 aerobatic figures with climbs to 1,000 feet or more above the airfield.

I would enjoy hearing from anyone else who has done this with an electric ARF, or any other electric plane. Let me know if you have, or know someone who has.

I finally got some video of me flying the Advanced sequence the other day to demonstrate what this plane can do. Take a look here.
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Finally able to do the review on Eflite's 2.1m Carbon-Z Cub SS!

Decided to not do an unboxing/assembly review, as there are plenty of those already - plus this plane is straightforward to assemble for those in the target experience range.

This is my first giant-scale electric. My other giant-scale planes have been balsa/ply, and were either glow or gas powered. I have over 30 yrs of fixed-wing RC experience.

Equipment used:
  • Spektrum DX9 Black Edition
  • Spektrum 6s 5000mAh 30C Smartpack
  • Spektrum S1200 Smartcharger


Assembly took me ~1.5 hours. Everything went together well - except a few parts bags were mislabeled. Was fairly easy to figure out what was what.

Binding/initialization/balancing & trimming:

I bound the plane with SAFE disabled. Had to raise the tail to approximately level before it would initialize, though. All surfaces centered-out well when I checked everything out. Spooled her up to check the prop balance, and everything was good - so no prop balancing required on mine.

I ended-up mechanically maxing the rudder throw, and still wanted more rudder authority. I heard that if you bind with SAFE Select, there's a lot more rudder throw available in AS3X-only mode - so, I'm going to rebind & just leave SAFE Select disabled to see if I can get more rudder throw.

I needed to mount the Spektrum 6s 5000mAh 30C pack at the rearmost position in the battery compartment to get the CG back to 120mm aft from the LE at the wing-root. I found the...Continue Reading
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In 2014 I stumbled upon an advertisement of a second-hand Fly-Fly F100 in flying condition for what seemed a reasonable price. Some time before that I already had purchased one of the last original kits of that brand because I ever wanted to make a nice model of the French Air Force two-seater I had the chance to fly just weeks before it was phased out. Even as the second-hand one was in a sorry state, I bought it to use as a trainer and eventual source for spares if the need aroused. All of that laid dormant together with other kits and aircraft on my attic for years. End of summer 2020 I had a two week lul in my program and thought that getting the second-hand one ready for some test-flying with various EDFs I had collected would be a useful way of filling that time. Once in my workroom I was very disappointed about the way that model had been very grossly assembled and decorated. The guy I bought it from had been a firefighter at the airbase of Beauvechin and should at least have been familiar with the fact that the USAF star stood on two legs instead of on its head!

Pic 0017c

Speaking of legs, when you see how the nose-gear had been fastened to the fuselage you get an idea about the craftsmanship? of that modeller. I think he used a complete jar of Gorilla type glue on that model. Furthermore duct tape had been used to cover other atrocities before being painted, and during sticker application he had not followed the deep crease lines and after...Continue Reading
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Hey everyone,
Thought you might enjoy this review of the 1/76 (HO scale) Mini by Turbo Racing.
Perfect for those of us stuck at home... race just about anywhere!
Turbo Racing 1/76 (HO scale) Mini- Full Review (6 min 45 sec)

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The Bird of Time is a beautiful and distinctive sailplane dating back to 1979. The plane is nostalgia legal when built to plan, and has a reasonably wide performance envelope, especially for a R/E design. Back in the early eighties, I wanted one but was flying the Maestro Megan and Viking at the time, and really was not doing enough in the hobby to justify building one.

Then the Dynaflite ARF Bird of Time was released in 2003, this piqued my interest in the plane again, but the issues associated with the poorly constructed spar system surfaced. Since it became clear that there was no easy way to beef up the spar on the ARF model, I decided to build a Bird of Time from the kit.

The kit is a real bargain considering that you get pretty good balsa (at least in my kit), with beefy and hard stock on the high stress pieces like root ribs and nice light balsa sheets for the D-tube. Looking at the spar system, it was clear that some improvement could be made, incorporating carbon spar caps and bias fiberglass on the D-tube leading edge. If you are going to modify the wing spar, you might as well do it right. I want to have a wing which is capable of close to 150 lbs. of winch line tension. If this is to be the case, the joiner rod and wing mounting system will have to be improved also.

I am not going to put spoilers on my plane because the original Bird of Time did not have spoilers.

So this kit will be built according to plan but not LSF nostalgia legal with the...Continue Reading