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Posted by ultimatetwo | May 23, 2016 @ 02:40 PM | 7,753 Views
There is a very looooong time that doesnīt post on my blog... so just for sharing here is some pics of some of my powered aerobats models... like a lot the Precision Aerobatics line of electric 3D models, and their out of production gasser Edge 540 T

, it was my first giant scale model... DLE 50 c.c., love very much how it flew and flew over one hundred flights till sold to a gentleman from Granada. My second and last till now gasser was a Goldwing Yak 55M., with a 55 c.c. DLE gasser,
another cool aerobat, love how it flew 3D and aresti flying... had same time and flights that the PA Edge but was sold to another club buddy last Chrtmas...nice to know that other people enjoy so much these ships and still have lots of fun with them......Continue Reading
Posted by ultimatetwo | Jul 12, 2010 @ 06:38 AM | 9,862 Views
Well, some time to posting. Letīs go with anothers shots.
Posted by ultimatetwo | Jun 25, 2010 @ 02:00 PM | 10,309 Views
Well friends, this my first entry on the blog, so Iīm just share some photos about me, my family, hobbies and of course PLANES, PLANES, PLANES.....