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Posted by phil alvirez | Jun 12, 2018 @ 10:03 AM | 8,148 Views
nothing comes from nothing.
when i got started in radios, they were proportionals. and had a trim .
great stuff! (before, they were not, neither had trims)
they did nothing else, but seemed enough for having fun.
then came the revolution of programmable radios. the war began between manufacturers to overcome the competition (and still is).
more things, more gimmicks, more switches, buttons, things that they can do. (probably more than we need).
sometimes they came with a manual that explained everything, so you could learn all that they could do and you needed.
but now we find ourselves with some that dont explain all that you need or want to do.
sometimes there are places where you can ask or dig into and find the answers.
bur other times dont. and also sometimes when you ask, you not only dont get the answer, but get talked down, as if you were retarded.
so searching may bring the answer. still, wonder why not all radios come with a real manual, that explains how to use them.
on the other hand, there are manuals that do so. an example:
i think that if i explain where my roots are, some will understand my disappointing with no manuals-or not complete:
i learned to fly airplanes (full size) before driving a car. in aviation you do nothing until you learn every detail from a manual. you dont touch a switch, button, lever-nothing. if you do, you may die-or are fired. thats why the log book. then my 1st job was translating manuals that had everything in full detail.
nothing was left to the imagination. and thats why air transportation is the safest way; not because it is, but due to the way rules and regulations-and manuals- have made it foolproof.
Posted by phil alvirez | Jun 10, 2018 @ 08:34 AM | 8,781 Views
telemetry: an almost magic word that conjures dreams of getting data of everything we want or need.
according to the heritage dictionary, it is: "(tə-lĕm′ĭ-trē) The automatic measurement and transmission of data from a distant source to a receiving station. "
but, what really can we get for our purposes? what we need?
for instance, as i fly electric gliders, i need to know volts of the pack in the plane so i dont loose power; also altitude; and these by a voice telling me the figures so i dont have to take my eyes from the plane; and vario with beeps to tell me if the plane is climbing or sinking. (also an alarm when the radio battery reaches the critical volts-but this is not telemetry)
i got vario and altitude by means of a device that can be used with any radio, and low volts of the pack (and audible alarm or vibration) from another, that also can be used with any radio, so everything works great.
lately i was given a radio with telemetry and i used a receiver that has telemetry so i can get some data too. so far, the receiver performs great. no problem with it. but with these i have learned that getting what i need depends on the radio capability and the instructions to use it, and that has not been as i need. have been told by an "expert"from the radio that posts at a forum where the receiver and that radio are been discussed, that i have to discuss the radio and its manual at the thread of the radio, but there he-...Continue Reading
Posted by phil alvirez | Jun 05, 2018 @ 02:38 PM | 9,364 Views
am starting a thread on the lemon 0052 receiver with telemetry and modulation DSMP and also compatible with DSMX and DSM2. am using it here with the DX6G3 radio. as this is a work-in-process, please check from time to time at the bottom as i may add something.
the receiver:
the radio:
the thread:
when i learned that this receiver was available i got 1. as i fly electric gliders it has several items that i use so would be very convenient.
then i learned that there is a forum where they are discussed so went there. there are instructions and data about it written by John (jj604), and is being used with the radios from horizon. John has been writing instructions for several products, some of them by lemon, without being paid (he has no participation on the business of lemon). then i got a DX6G3 and began learning how to use it with the 0052 and asked for advice at the forum but i was told by a fellow (who, by the way, works for horizon and posts at that thread) not to post there as it was about the 0052 only and i should go to the DX6G3 forum. wonder why he said so. he is the least to have the right to say that, as him participating at the thread of the competition is conflict of interests. and when i went to the forum, he told me that he already answered the questions at the other forum and...Continue Reading