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Posted by phil alvirez | Apr 20, 2011 @ 08:27 AM | 9,902 Views
in case someone is interested in learning more about how their motors perform, and calculate their parameters, am enclosing link from the master. this helped me a lot to understand and learn more about my motors, props-you name it. here is the link:
he also provided a simplified way:
lots to do and learn during these cold and windy days (months?).
just get some test equipment and learn and have fun!
Posted by phil alvirez | Apr 11, 2011 @ 06:33 AM | 9,656 Views
back to 'paper' airplanes. now on my final chapter (there are some in between that i have to add later), i find myself dealing with paper airplanes (thin foam, that is), just as i started, many years ago. as you know, i like small, slow, easy to fly planes that fly by themselves, free flight style, so when i watched a sukhoi flying at the gym and began to nose in the threads, i realized that it had the components that i needed for the ultimate backyard plane of my dreams. i had some thin foam that i got from kenway years ago, so i took it and developed another Elf, using the innards of the suk. it was a 'paper' plane (1mm foam) that i could fly at my backyard, and i also could control it so it didn't fly away. beyond my wildest dream! then, as there is a narrow walkway at the edge of the backyard, i began practicing take-offs and landings. so, compared to my early paper planes, that i could fly only once, and just watch them gliding down from my balcony, this was more than i could ask for. as i said before, we are living beyond science-fiction. safe 2.4, lithium, geared micro-motors, foam, (and all so cheap), are things that we could not even dream-of a few years ago. and so many things to experiment. welcome to fantasyland.
then i decided to get another system for another plane. by then, they had released the 4site, so i got 1, but before i removed all, i tried the plane at our grass field, but it was a handful. am not an advanced pilot, and i was not having fun, so...Continue Reading