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4 august
at the end of 'steps'

25 july
comparisons on turbulators and steps
see below at the end of 'my goal...

11 july
see below at the end of 'me and my planes'

14 june 2010
a dream?
Elmira-soaring capital of america
1- introduction
since i remember, to watch an airplane, or to hear the sound of an airplane's engine, instantly carried me to fantasyland, to the world of the incredible, and when i discovered model airplanes, be rubber powered or gliders (later, with engines too), it was madness. i always felt (even to this day) as if i were the plane myself; enjoyed the sensation of finding myself up there, floating among the clouds.. and every plane i have ever flown, through all my life, has been the same.
many years later, i added to those experiences flying radio controlled sailplanes, with which 1 controls the flight, and therefore the sensation of being up there (and getting into thermals!) is even more real.
and when i flew full size airplanes, i added another experience, although different. the sound of the engine and the vibration took off some of the magic. I daydreamed of full size sailplanes, of which i read everything i could: Otto Lilienthal, the Wright brothers, the germans after WW I with their sailplanes, that remained airborne magically with no engine (later, it was learned what thermals and uphill drafts were). the famous 'sailing' flight, like sailboats, in the air, kept up by the force of the wind alone,...Continue Reading