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Posted by wopachop | Mar 18, 2013 @ 02:10 PM | 5,253 Views
Here is a way to strengthen up a wire landing gear without adding too much weight. 4-40 size swivel ball links slide right onto the landing gear. Works great because it cannot come off, but it can swivel outward during a very rough landing.
Im using 0.098" or 2.5mm Carbon Fiber rod to connect down to the plane.
Posted by wopachop | Jan 11, 2013 @ 03:34 PM | 4,892 Views
Here is a front bumper mod for a hobbyZone SuperCub. The 2 legs are made from 4mm CF tubing. Hopefully the pictures will help show where they enter the fuselage. I drilled 2 small holes into the firewall plastic. Then used 30 min epoxy on the CF tubing and pushed them into the foam at the appropriate angle. I cant remember how far it penetrates. Prolly a couple inches. I used a wood skewer with a sharp point to form the passage. Then put epoxy on the skewer and tried to push epoxy deep into the passage before inserting the CF tubing, which was lightly coated with epoxy.

The 4mm CF legs extend out of the firewall by 2 5/8". The front of the bumper is made from 5mm CF tubing and is 15/16" wide. I concaved the tips of the 4mm legs to accept the 5mm tubing. Then used CA glue to attach the front of the bumper.

Im using a customRC mount with brushless motor. Not using the stock hole locations on the plastic cowl. This cowl is pushed further down, with new holes that are 5/16" from stock location.