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Posted by DWA | Jun 01, 2015 @ 06:23 PM | 897,796 Views
I am going to start a blog for a reference point of all the frequently asked questions and problems with the Phantom series quads with the best answers I can find or think of myself.
Most of this will just be a copy and paste from the various forums and threads.
I will not be quoting every post of every question and every answer that I find, that would be too much extra work and this is going to be a lot of work as it is.
So if you see a post that looks familiar, now you know why.

Hopefully it will be helpful for all the Phantom pilots.

Also I will put the question and answer in one post. So users do not have to read a question and then go through all the post in-between the question and the answer.

This blog will have info on the P2 and P3.

I would prefer people do not post in this thread, as I want it to be for reference only, not discussion.
If you have a question about the P2 or the P3 please post those questions in the appropriate threads in the multirotor forum.
Myself or someone else will answer your questions there.
Unless of course you find your answer here, and i hope you do.

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