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Posted by UpNup | Jun 02, 2011 @ 12:27 PM | 2,479 Views
As a photojournalist, I was assigned a gig in West Africa. The bush pilot, working for MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship), allowed me to fly around a huge thunderhead one afternoon when we were flying back to the capital city. That trip kicked off travel to more than 50 countries and 45 U.S. states. I've flown in the biggest commercial airliners in the world, once over the North Pole, down to an island hopper frame-and-fabric go-kart with wings.

Yes, I have been terrified when flying. Landing in Tegulcigapa, Honduras, will get your prayer life in quick order. A 727 flying wingtips to palm tree-tops on approach is not my idea of a thrill ride. Remembering freefalling for at least 15 seconds on a Japan Air Lines over Alaska still makes me jumpy. Landing near flight speed in Russia was, for me, coming in too hot despite the snow outside. And then there was the hydraulic problems forcing an emergency landing in Central Asia.

Because I don't have the interest, time, or money for getting a pilot's license, it's great to have a hobby outlet in rc planes. This is my second stab at it. A few years ago, I bought and sold a complete setup from a guy my daughter dated. That gas-powered plane experience is yet another story for another blog. The big electrics really caught my attention because of their zizzy-like quietness and also the helpfulness of a local hobby shop has made a difference. The old boys club is nice to have unless you're not one of the old boys. Having a clean start in a new state has been refreshing.