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Posted by NightRunner417 | Nov 20, 2010 @ 10:46 PM | 5,796 Views
I remembered that these discussion groups have a blog feature, and decided I might as well try it out. I'll make this a journal of my progress with learning to fly RC in general, as well as the project to turn my Skyartec Skyfun into an FPV platform.

To catch us up:

I have had a Shun Da Accipiter Badius for a while now, and somehow managed to forget it was there in storage. I only ever attempted to fly it once, and it was a badly chosen breezy day and I had NO experience with RC aircraft at the time. The blessedly brief attempt resulted in the plane climbing agressively and looping around pretty much out of control and almost crashing into the screen of my neighbor's lanai (that's what we call a screened porch here in Florida). I guess I decided I wasn't up to the challenge, so I never tried again. That's unusual for me, because I adore all things aircraft, and have long been a flight simulator fanatic. I'd also long wanted to try out RC airplanes, but for some reason this one bad experience affected me enough that I came to overlook the fact that I still had the plane and there would be much better times and places to try again, LOTS of them.

Recently, I'd done some Internet research about FPV flight, the concept of which fascinated me deeply ever since I first heard of it, and I discovered that it was becoming more affordable than I realized. I then remembered the plane I had in storage, and decided to dust it off and try it out again. I also purchased a USB...Continue Reading