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Here are the plans for the full contact combat plane I designed back in 2012.

After going through a few prototypes I ended up with this simple strong great flying little plane, it has a good balance between pitch and roll, it can fly quite slowly and remains very stable at high alfa.

5mm and 3mm coreflute
turnigy d2830/11 1000kv motor
18-20 amp speedy
hextronic mg 14 servos (any 12-15g mg servo)
3s 2200 batt
9x5 gws DD style prop
motor mount is 18x40x50 light pine
the main delta is 5mm with a 3mm dowel spar glued in the flutes
the fins and fuz sides are 3mm
and the cg is approx 25cm from the nose.
The bow tie prop slot is an attempt to reduce the noise a little, a 4-5cm straight slot is fine though.
To finish off the nose a block of epp rounded at the front and covered in fiber tape is proving to be quite durable and provides a little battery protection.
An inverted U fuz cover isn't a bad idea to protect the gear, just glue to one side and Velcro the other.
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katana md 3d after crash (5 min 7 sec)