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#18 A Wing! Wanted to try a wing so i got this. I got use to using rudder so flying this with no rudder feels odd but its still pretty cool. When im ready to try fpv, ill have this ready.
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#17 An other plane i got during the summer sale. This planes scale appearance is more my style. Nice smooth flight characteristics. Looks really good in the air.
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#16 Got this on one of Horizon hobbys summer sales. This thing really tracks like its on rails. Grass field handling is great. flys really nice but its appearance just isn't my thing. This ones up for sale.
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#15 First warbird. A friend hooked me up for a good deal on this. A real head turner at the field. Pretty floaty for a warbird. Got to make sure the motor mount is secured properly otherwise it really likes to pull to one side.
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#14 Pretty much perfect out the box. No mods needed. Can be a sporty fast flyer or a relaxing slow floater. Very forgiving stall. An other foamy in my top 3.
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#13 Got this plane second hand. Very ruff shape but with a little work it was airworthy. Flys good. I sold this one due to its condition but if i got my hands on a "like new" one, i think it could be a keeper.
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#12 First twin. Nearly unlimited vertical on 4s. Great stol take offs. Must land with throttle. Not much of a floater. The stall characteristic can be brutal if ones not careful. TONS of fun to fly! Very versatile. Very maneuverable. Easily one of my top 3 favorite foam planes. A keeper.
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True for True this is the World's Fastest 6s TFL Pursuit as of 11/16/18 (with no edits or cuts in the video). The boat got 79mph by the data logger and 78mph by the GPS device. The prop was prepped by Chris Hoffmann (dasboata). The first" teaser pass" leading into the start of the video was my run right before this one and the max speed from the data logger on that run was 78mph and the gps was 77.2mph.

World's Fastest 6s TFL Pursuit (79mph)!!! 11/16/18 (5 min 12 sec)

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Mail call !
I kidd you not , my order of control horns arrived Sunday Morning
So I had no choice , it was time to make some moves on the Ripit .
Ground some holes in the carbon boom , installed some control horns and made up some control rods .

Everything seems to be working fine ..

Two things need doing , some sort of nose cone / pod and attaching the wing .
I guess I dont desperately need a nose cone ?
Still , will give it a go .
Posted by JureZ | Yesterday @ 11:13 PM | 64 Views
here is a video, after switching to a 10g brushless motor (custom rewound, Y , 36 Turns per tooth, Kv= 635 ) ,
10 A ESC,
Battery 2S 300 mAh 30C,
APC 7*3.8 SF Propeller ,
FrSky 4 Channel RX.
two UMX Spectrum Linear Servos ,
82g AUW, wing loading = 3.16 oz/sq ft ,
Static test current draw at full throttle : 2.2A @ 8V , 17.6W into the ESC.

Flying outdoors, note the smoke from the "Camp Fire"
micro nutball - 10 g brushless motor - new propeller - Movie (3 min 0 sec)

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I've flown the 2019 Intermediate sequence many times now, and one thing that leaps out for me is that this class requires a lot more practice than Sportsman - and every day - to get decent at it!

I haven't been flying much since Regionals in mid-September - just once or twice on the weekends - so my last flight this past Sunday wasn't very good. But I mounted a Mobius I camera in the cockpit in place of the pilot figure to see the view of the sequence from the plane. This ain't precision flying, but it's a lot of fun to watch from the pilot's point of view. The airfield is Flying Cardinals in Hebron, KY. They have a geotex runway. I used Dashware to add the telemetry data. I forgot to turn logging on for the variometer, so no altimeter! This sequence typically takes me to about 900 feet AGL.

There was a direct cross wind (about 5 mph on the runway and stronger above), and temperature was 42 F.

In the first sequence I forgot the 2 point roll at the top of figure 4. and then had to break sequence as I approached the top of the cross box Humpty when I heard a POP! I thought the ESC blew. Once I realized everything was good to go I resumed the sequence - kinda sorta - with the next figure. (It is supposed to be an inverted entry to the P-Loop, then a half roll on the upline.)

A rear view camera would help to see the rolls on the upline when there are no clouds in the sky. I'll have to add that next time.

The camera really helps me see all the mistakes I'...Continue Reading
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Finally! Got to do the Maiden Flight video on our Micro FPV 2.5 Inch Build!
Meet “Lexi!” Our FlexRC Ascent 2.5-inch build, with on-board Runcam DVR, as she sets sail on her maiden flight. She’s sportin’ the Orange and Green pinstripes.
Maiden Flight was a “Blast!” Check it out below. It’s a Jolly (Roger) Good Time, Savvy? Yo-Ho! How many different “Pirate” things did you see in this video? What did you think about the Onboard Runcam DVR video quality?
Micro FPV 2.5 Inch Drone Build - FlexRC Ascent Maiden Flight (4 min 28 sec)

Posted by SteveC68 | Yesterday @ 05:18 PM | 186 Views
Here are the pics
Posted by decuzar | Yesterday @ 04:34 PM | 186 Views
3dhs 108" extra 330lt

Wingspan: 108"
Length (with spinner): 100" with rudder installed, 90" without rudder
Wing area: 2180 sq. in.
Weight (RTF): 23-28 lbs.

Posted by bentkarnes | Yesterday @ 04:11 PM | 199 Views
Ok first of all......I’m new to Drones.......I know I know.....damn rookies. Day 3 I smacked a tree dead center even though I had changed direction and reversed but it didn’t respond. Maybe it was me. Anyway she won’t fly anymore and displays a message of “ Defective barometer sensor alert” in the app. I can turn it on and off but will not take off or even connect wirelessly anymore. I’m new and clearly cheap but I was really enjoying this. Help me get her back in the air please!
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I am pleased to announce the GBLynden's RC has reached 20,000 subscribers! As a result, we are going to give away some RC Stuff.

These are the giveaway items:
- CrewZinn Flight Deck RC Work & CG STAND (Continental US Only):
- Mini AR Wing (Open To Everyone):
- ZOHD Dart:

Simply leave a comment on video's YouTube page mentioning your favorite GBLynden's RC Video and the Country you live in to enter to win.

GBLynden's RC 20,000 Subscriber RC Giveaway! (4 min 14 sec)

Message me here or on my GBLynden's RC Facebook page with any questions!

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7.4 15.07.2017

I had return to work on the autopilot by 2016 only. I decided to finish the job and install the GPS. So, when GPS processing was written, it was necessary to check everything. Now I want to introduce my Dusty. The layout is made on the basis of the Dusty toy. The ailerons and rudder were already moving,

Name: DYSTY.jpg
Views: 1
Size: 898.4 KB
Description: Layout of airplane

I had to cut only the elevator. In the layout 3 micro-servos and one ESC are installed. What is it for? To debug the work of the controls, I did control races on the car and walks with the layout, to test the flight algorithms using GPS. It is very difficult to understand if everything works correctly, and the layout immediately shows how exactly the steering gears work out and how the planes of the aircraft move. Also recorded a short video demonstrating the work of Dusty. After debugging on the layout, the autopilot was installed on the aircraft. In the test dates directory, you can also find a log of the journey on the Dvinskaya-Scottish-Nevelskaya route, and the route from the Michurinskoe-Dvinskaya. The latter contains 25 waypoints, and this route was passed correctly, which showed quite an acceptable system for deciding whether to reach the next waypoint.

7.5 09.08.2017

It was the first flight of the "Dragon" with the GPS module, 5 years after the first flight. The battery was the same. A fragment of the flight can be viewed on the video. On this day there was a strong south wind about 20-30 km / h. The approximate flight...Continue Reading