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Posted by got2soar | Feb 11, 2010 @ 06:42 PM | 15,750 Views
Something reminded me of this thread post I did a while back so I dug it up.

The road to winning a contest will start months before the day of the event. You must be able to find lift on every flight. You must be ready to catch and relaunch in less than 2 seconds every time. You must be ready (confident) to fly in a crowded space standing on a crowded field. You must be ready to fly in all conditions from wind to rain to big ole puffy clouds and blue sky. These things take practice and not just flying around with your buddies but practicing with intent. Start your flying sessions with a warm up of 20 launches. Then try to string along 10 perfect tip catches. From there work on the basic skills needed for any task. Read the air and get an idea where the lift is before you launch. Fly directly to that spot and sniff it out. When you find lift make a few climbing circles and bring it home for a tip catch and relight right back into it. Do this over and over until that thermal is to far to catch again. Get comfortable chasing that lift way downwind, you know it is there so go for it. When that thermal is gone donít just start launching and looking. Treat each flight like an all up last down task. Stand there and read the conditions first and then launch to the lift. When broken down to the very basics this game is the same for any task. Launch, find lift and land on time. Focus on those basics every time you fly.

If reading lift still seems like voodoo to you try this to...Continue Reading