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Posted by DismayingObservation | Feb 28, 2021 @ 05:47 PM | 11,093 Views
Foam builders, rejoice!

Just when you thought all was lost and foam aircraft projects would forever be limited to paper-backed poster board from a dollar store or blue foam insulation board , a resourceful inventor and modeler by the name of Greg Tanous has done the unimaginable.

Through his company, Greg Tanous Lasering and website, rcdepron.com, genuine German-made Depron is once again available in the US! Tanous is the inventor of 1:1 scale RC flying superheroes, a scaled-down RTF toy version from EB Brands depicting Marvel's Iron Man and the Playmates Super G free flight toy wingsuits which I reviewed elsewhere.

Greg took it upon himself to contact the manufacturer to inquire about shipping a container of Depron to his new home in Lorena, Texas. All was not as easy as it seemed. Communications between the factory and a shipper proved difficult; even his choice of customs agent was denied. Shipping from the docks required a specific type of trucking company. Greg called the ordeal "tougher than imagined times 10."

What's more, Greg shipped, on his own initiative, several sheets of 3mm Depron to me on his dime which in turn gave me a really cool idea.

Some time ago, I'd purchased plans for a micro EDF model of Batman's Batwing jet from foamconceptjets.com. That's because I was given a crashed E-flite UMX F-16 from a local hobby shop about to close its doors. The model had been sold to an inexperienced pilot who insisted on buying the thing.....Continue Reading