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I needed a battery case and spied my wife’s old Samsonite cosmetic case. After getting approval from my middle management, I removed the tray and loaded it up with batteries. It has super-duper strong latches and easily holds 8 x 10,000mah 6s batteries, 4 x 2200mah 3s, and some little ones. Just add a Yeti sticker to preserve your dignity Next, I will remove the cylinders that supported the tray. You may want the tray; I don’t. They are held in with rivets that I will drill out. Could make a great garage sale find! Could also be lined with fire-resistant material. Happy Landings, Paul KK5EF
Posted by old4570 | Yesterday @ 06:05 PM | 479 Views
UMX TT with 3D printed Spinner (3 min 25 sec)

Video corrupted badly , but I saved what I could .

Yes , running the R3.3 22mm 2 blade UMX TT spinner and it does appear to be running fine .
Looks nice too ,

I used a black marker pen to blacken the spinner , make it look more factory . Guess I need a black Gemfan 5030 for that factory look as well .
Looks damned nice , yeah the TT wants a spinner .

Almost forgot , that Gemfan 5030 is so much more gentle on the 300mAh 2s battery pack , a nice bonus .
Posted by Old_Pilot | Yesterday @ 05:50 PM | 517 Views
Now I can get back to building airplanes
Posted by Justwingit | Yesterday @ 02:39 PM | 663 Views
Hanging out with Justin Link while he was flying his Freewing J 39 Gripen down at Rabbit Dry Lake a while back...
Freewing JAS 39 Gripen 80mm EDF Jet w/Justin Link at Rabbit Dry Lake (4 min 2 sec)

Enjoy the show
Posted by ShonanBeachRC | Yesterday @ 11:36 AM | 817 Views
In this video some updates of my Tamiya TT-02 Short Course Truck/Monster Truck Conversion! Everything is coming together quite nicely and I can't wait to take it for a spin!

3650 Motor and ESC!

Please visit my website!


SBRC CAST (Ep8): Tamiya TT-02 Short Course Truck/Monster Truck Conversion (Part-2) (3 min 45 sec)

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Radiolink T8FB FHSS 8CH Mode2 Transmitter Bluetooth Version with R8EF 8CH Receiver - Review Part 1

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Get One Here: Radiolink T8FB FHSS 8CH Bluetooth Version with R8EF 8CH Receiver (AliExpress)

Here is a link to the Video:

Get One Here: Radiolink T8S FHSS 8CH Mode2 Bluetooth Version (Amazon)

Get One Here: Radiolink T8S FHSS 8CH Mode2 Bluetooth Version (AliExpress)

Radiolink T8S FHSS 8CH Transmitter Bluetooth & Receiver - Review Part 1 Test Flight

Radiolink T8S FHSS 8CH Mode2 RC Transmitter Bluetooth with Receiver - Review Part 2

Banggood GCRC

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This is the third plank I have ever made. Just completed, ready to fly, someday.
EPP (5mm). 2212/1400kv motor with 8 inch prop. 20amp ESC. 800mah lipo.
Control arms are bamboo spits and wire, hotglued with heat shrink wire wrap tubes.

Has single 1cm tube spar across wing and a sort of airfoil though I squished the back part of the wing flat when laminating it.

The fuselage is held onto the wing spar with a single zip tie and a few spots of hotglue. Hopefully it will break apart from the wing
in a serious crash. The wing is pretty well indestructable, being completely laminated. Very stiff and bouncy.
Should have used some ribs or lengths of foam to keep airfoil. So really is a modified airfoil with a flatplate section.
If it flies I may open up the ends and shove some foam spars in there to separate to upper and lower wing foils to get a little more
of a real airfoil. Will be interesting.

Heavy, 15.5 oz with 350sq/in wing area. Heavy because of 50grams of laminating film and 60 gram motor. WCL around 4.1 though so should be relatively floaty but with enough weight to tackle some wind.
Should be plenty of power as this motor generates 700+ grams of torque with 8x4 prop. Needed the heavier motor to balance CG. Could use 2206 motor but would have to extend fuselage or use heavier battery. I don't like counterweights.
28 in by 12.5. CG around 2in back from leading edge.
Tiny fins but I fly wings finless alot anyway.

I wanted to make a wing with as much area as possible but that can fit in a bag I have that I can carry easily on my ebike.
So it came out rectangular. I like the way planks fly too.
Posted by old4570 | Yesterday @ 05:39 AM | 1,185 Views
I like this one ..
Little in the way of hand work .. Separates from the base by hand ..
22mm seems better for the 2 blade ..

Look for it on Thingiverse
Posted by old4570 | Yesterday @ 02:53 AM | 1,330 Views
Revision 2 = 20mm 2 blade spinner

Just seems a little small even though the factory foam one is also 20mm ..

Still a little NQR , and hand work is required due to the way it needs to be prinTED !
Posted by kopterheld | Feb 25, 2021 @ 06:15 PM | 2,050 Views
DJI FPV Launch "Redefine Flying" – March 2 – 9am EST
so be sure to mark your calendars for March 2 at 9EST -
The DJI Store price is: US$1299 for the DJI FPV Combo.
The DJI FPV drone is bundled with the DJI Goggles V2 and the mini DJI FPV Remote Control. An optional Motion Controller that allows one-handed free-style flying is also available. The video transmission to the DJI FPV Google V2 is 810p with 28ms in low-latency mode or 40ms in high-quality mode. 2.4GHz or 5.8GHz can be selected. The video recordings are saved in 4K on an SD card in the drone. The camera tilt can be stabilized using the gimbal. Additional sensors are attached at the bottom and front to optimizing take-off and landing and to reduce speed in the event of a collision.

100x BG Preorder was at 20210225. Now is the preorder off!
1043,04€ - $1259.10 Coupon: BGaFf10oFf -
The new DJI FPV Drone with FPV Goggles V2 and Remote Controller. 10km FCC range, 6km CE (EU) 140kmh, 20min flight. 4K recording on SD card.

...Continue Reading
Posted by jimbo12 | Feb 25, 2021 @ 03:47 PM | 2,251 Views
I wish the maker would publish a decent assembly manual. They have on on their web site but it is not really up to date with the changes that have been made to the kit.
I've messed up but learned to fix my mistakes in life. Still pisses me off. Its really good to build two or three of the same airplanes, then one makes no errors.
Looking at the fuselage there are two indents in the wing root. One is for the wires and the other is for an undefined wing retention system. The round opening is behind the spar and is for wires. the rectangular indent is in front of the spar.
So I looked at it and thought the rectangular indent was for a MPX connector, its about the right size. So I made the holes in the wing root. Then I noticed the wires were on the wrong side of the spar! Yikes, I needed to infill this hole and make another one.
I looked at the G10 parts and saw two tabs and thought these must be used to hold the wings on. So, I glued them in the first hole I made. The tabs will pass into the fuselage and I'll connect them with rubber bands or one small nylon cable tie. The idea is the wings can move during a rough landing. Other gliders have the wings held on with tape, which provides the same service. There is not enough of a root to use tape on the Graecalis.
Then I'm looking at the fuselage and rudder. Where are the tabs for the rudder hinge? They are glued in the wing. Oh crap. I'll have to make new ones from G10.
The wing is finished , except for the graphics. I'm...Continue Reading
Posted by GroundControlRC | Feb 25, 2021 @ 02:47 PM | 2,355 Views

Review & Thrust Testing of the RacerStar BR1206 7500kv Motor on 1S, 2S, & 3S LIPOs.

Get One Here: RacerStar BR1206 7500kv Motor

Here is a link to the Thrust Data PDF File:

I think this Motor is well suited for a 2" Quadcopter or in a Pusher Configuration on a Plane using a 2"-3" Prop. A 3" Prop should have no more than a 2" Pitch so as not too pull too many Amps.

The Thrust Data File above will provide the needed information on different Props.

Below are links to the Props used during these Test.

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2 Pairs HQprop Durable T5X3 5 Inch 5030 Propeller Grey Poly Carbonate

2 Pairs HQProp T4X2.5 4025 4 Inch 2-blade Durable PC Propeller 2CW+2CCW

4 Pairs Gemfan Hurricane 4024 2-blade 4 Inch PC Propeller

10 Pairs KINGKONG/LDARC 3.8*3E Propeller Spare Part For Tiny Wing 450X 431mm FPV RC Airplane

King Kong / LDARC 75mm 2-blades 3Inch Racer Propeller 1.5mm Hole Diam M2 Screw Fixing Multi Rotor Parts

2...Continue Reading
Posted by ShonanBeachRC | Feb 25, 2021 @ 10:04 AM | 2,571 Views
After finishing my Tamiya TT-01 Type-E On-road to Rally conversion, I took it outside for a quick test run. Apart from the springs (very jumpy), everything else worked fine! The body is painted by my 3 year old daughter!

3650 Motor and ESC!

Please visit my website!


Tamiya TT-01 Type-E On-road to Rally conversion - First Run! (4 min 34 sec)

Posted by benjamin presten | Feb 25, 2021 @ 04:51 AM | 3,168 Views
An alphabetical stroll through the history of aviation. Day 19

Stearman M-2: Nicknamed the “Bull Stearman”, the M-2 “Speedmail” was by far the largest airplane to be produced by Stearman. It was a competitor in the large mailplane market against the slightly smaller Boeing 40 series biplanes and the Pitcairn Super Mailwing. The M-2 had a daunting 46ft wingspan, weighed in at 3400lbs empty and would carry 1000lbs of mail plus fuel with a gross weight of 5500lbs. (I tried to push this thing around by myself in the grass once and I can tell you it’s a big machine) It was powered by the not-so-reliable Wright R-1750 of 525hp. (part of the reason it saw very limited success) One, sold to a private customer, was powered by a Pratt & Whitney R-1690 Hornet of the same power.

The M-2 was first built and flown in 1929 and was a very advanced airplane at the time. It was of course very large and had the pilot seated very far back in a blind cockpit. It proved to be a tricky machine to fly and beyond that the Wright power plants spent as much time quitting as they did running. Varney Airlines, the only company to order M-2s, lost half of their fleet of six airplanes in the first year.

Only 7 M-2s made it out the factory doors, but one has survived. It was sold after Varney Airlines was done with the airplane and crashed in 1939 and sat partially underwater at Teslin Lake until it was collected in 1989 and restored to flying condition by Alan Lopez. The airplane was flown...Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | Feb 25, 2021 @ 04:15 AM | 3,208 Views
I have had this printer for around 12 months now and I am still on my first ( 1kg ) roll of PLA . Thats right , still havent used up my first roll of PLA . I guess thats what happens when you print knickknacks !


PLA once exposed to air starts to degrade , so old PLA is not so great .
Mine still prints just fine , butt !!!! it has gotten really brittle and will snap when bent too tight . Like where it enters the feed for the printer . For a long time I had the solution in my head and since recently I have started printing again .

I think the solution is a feeder wheel , this wheel will stop the PLA from making to tight a bend and snapping . Also the wheel will support the PLA and more evenly distribute load over a larger area , there for hopefully being the solution to my aging roll of PLA . ( Snapping )
It's a serious PITA to start a print and have your PLA snap in half and I am getting a little sick and tired of baby sitting the printer , pulling PLA of the reel to stop it from pulling tight .

A) Wheel is printed as one half and glued together with a internal sleeve that is pressed inside the two halves ( great glue surface and improves strength )
B) Then I had to print a mounting arm
C) To the arm is mounted a spacer / bracket that the wheel mounts to
D) then on the open side I printed a press fit locking collar ( also glued )

There should be very little load on the wheel , it's just there to stop the PLA from bending too tight .
Posted by Jack Crossfire | Feb 25, 2021 @ 03:00 AM | 3,383 Views
1 day left for the details, but having 5 panels assembled gave a good idea of how heavy it is. The 1.2mm container was 615g. The .4mm container is 384g. The coroplastic is unknown.

These large panels would be easier to print & more accurate on a bigger printer. Not sure if duct tape or gluing additional PLA sheets would be better. It's not very efficient to print sheets of material.

Washing the bed with dishwashing soap & heating it to 60C greatly improved the adhesion. Much less horizontal expansion is required & the bottom layer doesn't chip away if the nozzle is higher than normal.
Posted by jmxp69 | Feb 25, 2021 @ 02:41 AM | 3,282 Views
I love OpenTx:
OpenTx Snippet • Image Management Sorcery (3 min 24 sec)