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Posted by Sudovoodoo80 | Dec 20, 2015 @ 10:29 PM | 8,853 Views
Okay, so in my last post we talked about getting your Nighthawk 280 Pro in the air, and in this post I'm going to discuss the various options for battery voltage monitoring. It is important to monitor the voltage level of your lipo batteries as draining them too low can damage them. There are a few options to do this, so let's take a look at the ways this can be accomplished.

The options are:

1. Timer
2. Add on buzzer
3. On board Buzzer
4. OSD

1. Timer
The most basic way to monitor the voltage of a lipo battery, and the most familiar to plane flyers, is a radio timer. Basically you set a count down clock on your radio that starts when you raise the throttle and stops when the throttle is at zero. It usually include an audio alarm that rings when the set time has been reached. This is a basic concept familiar to most pilots, and to learn how to accomplish it just check the manual for your transmitter. I don't really like this method, it's not very accurate, and also as you become a better pilot you will fly faster and use the battery quicker and will have to adjust the timer accordingly. Many people fly this way, and if it works for you great, but there are other, and in my opinion better, options.

2. Add on buzzer
This is a cheap, very effective and easy to add accessory. No soldering is required, just a piece of velcro and your good to go. I like this one at 2 for $8:

Just velcro it to your top plate, plug in...Continue Reading
Posted by Sudovoodoo80 | Dec 15, 2015 @ 10:06 PM | 10,472 Views
I own and fly a Nighthawk 280 Pro arf kit, and think it is a good quad for the aspiring quad racer. I have flown it often at my local AMA club field, and it has gotten a lot of attention there, so much so that two other members have bought the same model, including the club president (both of which I assisted in setting up) and a third has informed me that he expects one will be coming down the chimney this holiday season. I expect he is not alone, and that's one reason I decided to write a short guide to properly setting up your Nighthawk.

The other reason is I have received several PM's about various problems people are having with setting up their nighthawks, including adding the HK Super Simple OSD to the model, so it makes sense to make a blog post to point people too rather than reply to several PM's individually. So here we go.

My goal here is to lay out the process from opening the box to getting the nighthawk to a first successful flight. Let me start by saying I am not an expert, and am in no way affiliated with Emax or any retailer, I'm going to tell you what I do personally when setting one of these up, and hopefully it will help you to get your new nighthawk up and going.

First thing to do is open the box, take everything out and lay it on the desk, then READ THE MANUAL. Even if you are going to take my advice here about setting up your model, and follow the step by step process I am going to lay out, you still need to read the manual.

Now lets get going....Continue Reading