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Posted by Ayushmnaik | Yesterday @ 10:55 PM | 298 Views
Previously I had emax mt1806 motors but they they didn't work that well. So i bought these new motors..
Specs of the motor......2200kv..... BLDC MOTOR(I have fixed all the props right CW/ CCW)
I am using cc3d borad, flysky fs-i6 transmitter, So when i calibrated and programmed and was ready to fly. [BUT] This happened, it doesn't fly....I think it is not getting enough thrust or something even the thrust is at maximum. Is there anything wrong with my setup.
Check this video for video demonstration
Quadcopter|qav|250 Not Getting Enough Thrust.... (0 min 23 sec)

Posted by Absaroka | Yesterday @ 09:11 PM | 347 Views
Been flying my semi-bush/ sport plane Valiant last couple of days. Here's a short vid--cut out most of the " speck in the sky " footage.
Valiant 9 23 (2 min 20 sec)

Posted by Shoveopoly | Yesterday @ 09:07 PM | 355 Views
Here is my finished Robocat. Omnibus F4 Pro, Foxeer 16:9 camera, Gartt QE2205 motors, DALPROP T5040 V2, and a 1550mah battery. Finished all the set up, and will maiden tomorrow.
Posted by gquiring | Yesterday @ 07:52 PM | 372 Views
The cotton makes a great background for some nice photography. Grafas Maxi and Prelude both from Top Model.
Posted by MikeRx | Yesterday @ 07:16 PM | 398 Views
Going well on 7s, but 6s with larger prop is the sweet spot, being lighter with the same thrust.
All prototypes are flying well in the lingering summer heat.
New batteries and more powerful designs coming in time for cool fall air.
Working to get 8s perfected.
Here is prop failure and motor shed after a couple short bursts...
8s test with blade failure (1 min 49 sec)

Posted by Patton_Racing | Yesterday @ 07:16 PM | 392 Views
I went to the swap meet today with hopes of finding a few cheap parts or a roller. I was looking at a box full of parts, tires, chassis, several motors, esc's, servos, an old school Bandit (missing only the body), and an unknown Lost chassis. The guy told me to take the entire box for $20. Sweet.

I will likely use the Bandit as my beach basher, because there's a set of paddles for it in the box. It came with a Novak Duster and it works great.
So far I have 8 vintage working motors out of the bunch, and a few that are not even complete. I spent the entire day testing electronics and finding parts to complete the projects.
Posted by SteelRainSpo | Yesterday @ 07:10 PM | 424 Views
Flip32 AIO Vedrfilnor Blheli32 Flight Controller Review (10 min 43 sec)

Check out my video review on the new AIO F4 Vedrfolnir with built in 32 bit blheli32 esc's. I discuss some of the boards technical aspects and features, along with some of it's short comings and how to flash it with the proper Betaflight firmware to remedy the blheli32 compatibility situation.

Thanks for watching and please subscribe, like, share and comment if you enjoyed the review and would like to see more upcoming fpv related video's
Posted by Bunnyshooter223 | Yesterday @ 06:12 PM | 440 Views
I got a new idea for a 3D airplane design: 'rotor' placed in right or left wing. Or both...

So when hovering, can use rotor in favor of, or in addition to, Aileron control.
Kind of like a helicopter.

This should aid in controlling torque roll. I call it: ROFLcopter

I will post a crappy pic soon
Edit: Pic uploaded
Posted by GBLynden | Yesterday @ 03:32 PM | 535 Views
This is the Floureon Lipo Battery Test for the 1/14 Scale Eachine RatingKing F14 Buggy 4x4 RTR FPV Buggy.

In this video I provide a quick intro on the battery, drive it around, and show you what it looks like to drive this buggy from the FPV perspective and line of sight. Of course, I tie it up at the end, not as well as I should have though. I forgot to mention that the battery I used in this test wasn't fully charged. I used the uncharged battery, but you still get to see it perform well!

Floureon Lipo Battery Test With The 1/14 Scale Eachine RatingKing F14 4x4 RTR 5.8G FPV Buggy (3 min 20 sec)

Battery Review Notes:

- The battery after countless tests is a much better performer than the original stock battery.
- Its high C rating is noticeable when you really punch the throttle
- The battery wire is slightly shorter than the stock battery and is heavier gauge. The stock battery is 14AWG and the Floureon battery is 12AWG.

- Its dimensions do not conform perfectly to the battery bay, but it is still small enough to fit and secure it in place.
Posted by Bunnyshooter223 | Yesterday @ 01:58 PM | 596 Views
So i had a few awesome RC Cars/Trucks back in the day...

1) Team Associated Nitro RC10GT Plus RTR (Stadium Truck)
I kept snapping the diff gear 'axle' otherwise simple truck with a nice reliable Thunder Tiger .15 glow engine. Because of this issue, i gifted to a friend. I wish it had a gear diff..

The Thunder Tiger .15 was my most reliable 2-stroke rc car engine. Not a screamer, maybe 30k, but one of my favorite engines. I liked the way it looked too.

2) Traxxas T-Maxx 2.5 RTR
This was a beast. Nitro 4wd, mechanical reverse, 35+ mph, 8 shocks.
I jumped a ramp and performed a controlled flip, landing in all four tires.
It had large tires with tractor style treads that had good grip. You could add throttle or brake mid-air to control pitch like a dirt bike!
The tires would last a loooong time too. But who wants to rebuild 8 shocks?! Fidgety engine... Traxxas claimed 40,000 rpm on the 2.5, but i was always twiddling with it. If i ever got 40k, and i bet i did, it was overheating...

I let a friend borrow it who kept it outside. My fault, i was supposed to retrieve it. It got rained on and forgotten. Not a big deal, i had a blast with that crazy truck.

3) Team Associated Nitro TC3 Team Kit
I built this kit with a beautiful OS .18 CVR-XS that would light up all four tires on demand.
My friend said he thought it was hitting 65mph. 2-speed with some blue ano'd aluminum parts.
I think it was at least 60mph. I painted a nice 2004 Subaru Impreza rally body in Blue Metallic. Then a...Continue Reading
Posted by Kromar | Yesterday @ 01:42 PM | 578 Views
Hello to all. I graduated from my hubsan X4 to the Xiro V. I watched all the YouTube videos over and over and read the " wonderful " directions over and over. I did some low altitude back yard flights with the gimbal on to make sure camera was working. All seems ok I've also read all 257 pages here. Lots of great info. After reading all the non pilot errors and crashes I'm almost afraid to fly it. I'll be practicing today with the gimbal off and see how she flies
Posted by farquward | Yesterday @ 01:18 PM | 586 Views
For quite some time, the last couple of years it's been my goal to get to the 500 class of machines. I found an EC 135 with Align 500 ESP mechanics, a TT and Align 4 blade head. The fuselage is rough, but (some) damage was disclosed by the seller. In pictures, the EC is well, blah. I hoped I'd warm up to it, but it's just plain ugly (IMHO) and with the damage this one has, it's going to hang in the garage. With only four choices for a fuselage (fiberglass/here in the States) I decided to go with another AS 350 B. First, I have to re-configure this 500 to a pod and boom, get it tuned and flying right before I ever consider putting it in a shell. The air frame it's self needs a few parts replaced, but is in overall good shape. Need to round up the missing parts to restore to P & B.
Not having any luck finding a 3 blade head, mine will be an experimental hybrid with 4 blades on top. Now to come up with a custom paint job and graphics. The hard part will be deciding if This is next after the Cal Fire is done, or if the smaller AS is next. Picture(s) when the new fuselage arrives.
Posted by farquward | Yesterday @ 12:53 PM | 598 Views
My Blade 450 X needed a suitable fuselage to join the fleet of scale birds in the hanger. Knowing that the tail boom would have to be straight, I decided on the AS 350 B from RC Aerodyne. Not a whole lot of selection these days, here in the states anyway. Preferring the fiberglass over other materials also cuts my options. With an MD 500 E & a UH-1 C already in the fleet, the AS 350 B seems the obvious choice. The only available paint is a News 9, a red and blue color scheme. It's bright with a nice clear coat, too bad the graphics aren't under that, but a good thing too as I can repaint if I chose to. Which of course is a consideration. Leaning heavily that way in fact. After all, what's the point of having the same thing as everyone else?
This shell is nicely detailed, with the hatches for engine access and so on already relieved. Adding rivets, of course. Below are a couple choices I'm considering for paint. Besides the windows, LG and horizontal fins it comes with a nice detail kit with antennas, handles and a nice set of News 9 KRTX Sky News graphics.
It needs a three blade main rotor, no? Picked up one, minor problem in the swash plate. It's built to have the elevator control rod attached to the rear, where the anti-rotation bar and bracket are while the X has the elevator control up front, the AR behind. I have a plan. I have an extra Align 450 swash on hand to cut off the AR arm, far in enough to have some material to file into a square shape. Then I'll mark and file a slot for that to fit into the X swash, drill and tap for a machine screw and finally using J B Weld and glue and bolt together, adding the AR pin to the back of the 3 blade swash. Looks good on paper....
Posted by wamsy55 | Yesterday @ 12:29 PM | 600 Views
I had a small adventure flying over the Tennessee River!

Flying 3D Over the Tennessee River (10 min 22 sec)

Or you can watch the unedited footage of both flights (second one will be up soon)

Flying Over the Tennessee River: Flight 1 Unedited Footage (3 min 58 sec)
...Continue Reading
Posted by Athyan | Yesterday @ 12:04 PM | 624 Views
Hi all,

Im writing to prevent other people from buying from gearbest.com.
Last year I bought a smartphone: Ulefone Metal. I was happy with my mobile for several months, but after that problems started to appear.
The most shocking was that my phone one by itself activates Unknown sources (allow installation of apps from unknown sources) even I always protect my phone with antivirus and clean master and never proceed with unknown links or download unknown things.
The second thing was that my android came pre installed Wireless Update and Search Service that can not be deleted or disabled, both detected as malware by my antivirus.
When I try to disable them after 24h they activate themselves without my permission. I try also several times to fix those issued by factory reset my phone
but doesn't work at all.
And another problem (( after exactly 12 months when my warranty expired, my battery starts to fail a lot. Now I have to charge it 2-3 times a day with normal use ( no video or music and with my display brightness at 10-20%). After that I find out that my battery is not 3050mah as it should be when I bought my phone, but has only 1000mah!!!!!!! So they put me a crap battery.

So... Guys, be aware with gearbest. com products! Good look if you decide to buy products from them after all.
Posted by Jonnybgood3 | Yesterday @ 11:07 AM | 655 Views
Just a friendly reminder that things ocasionally don't work out
Posted by Patton_Racing | Yesterday @ 10:20 AM | 669 Views
I haven't taken the cars or boats out in awhile, so maybe I'll do that on Sunday. I am mostly just fixing up little things, and slowly upgrading parts on my multiple RC's. I am going to put a Chinese Brushless combo in the 36" fiberglass boat and hope that it does the trick. I'm not looking for crazy speed, but it is super slow with a standard 540 and 7.2v pack. If I use a 3S Lipo with the Brushless, I think it will at least be fun to take out on the pond every once in awhile. I have small repairs to do on the boat prior to changing out the motor/esc.

Last night I cleaned up the aluminum body that I made for the 1/18 desert buggy and made a driver out of a sea world trainer action figure. That buggy is fun to run around the beach with just a 22T brushed motor, but I need to upgrade in order to use lipo. It's got graphite and aluminum everything.. so I can abuse it without issues. I'm going to eventually find some paddles for it.

I'm gathering items to make a universal trailer to pull behind the Clodbuster. I plan to make a removable center piece so it can haul boats or cars.
Posted by 1nspectorGadget | Yesterday @ 09:48 AM | 699 Views
FEILUN FX176C1 GPS Brushed RC Quadcopter Full Review - PART 2 (14 min 23 sec)

The FEILUN FX176C1 has potential, but the app developer definitely needs to update the app to allow all features to work. Also, the telemetry data coming through on the controller is completely unreliable. Return to home works well enough and the GPS hold is pretty good. Don't forget to watch Part 1 of this review as well. I will do a follow up video if any updates are made to the app.