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Posted by phil alvirez | Jun 26, 2017 @ 06:34 AM | 7,298 Views
you can make lemonade!
years ago, i used to fly at a park nearby. quiet, a deadend road, no trafic. a pond nearby. swans, geese. i flew my umx radian, a 29" foamy so stable, and as it has gyros, even with some wind and turbulence, i had the time of my life. i kept it at the back seat of my car and flew it almost daily. whenever i drove around.
then the weather deteriorated extremely windy and turbulent. rain, storms. then the city decided to open the road, plant trees all around, light poles...
as a consequence, it has become quite a challenge to fly there. and depending from where the wind blows, it even becomes more challenging.
but still is flyable. and the good thing is that i have gained experience, so i can manage. that is the good side of the picture. and now am flying a umx radian without gyros. it happened because i wore out the tracks of the servos of the stock and as i had a spare brick of the previous generation, when there were no gyros yet, i installed it and she flies fine. shakey, but still controllable. more challenging, but still a great plane even without gyros, i can tell you.
my reactions have improved. at my age (82) i get marks that place me at 50 at the test. so, i make lemonade... and enjoy life
this is the test:
try it. you will improve your reactions
life is good.

this is the plane: umx radian:
Posted by phil alvirez | Jun 23, 2017 @ 08:31 AM | 7,653 Views
as i fly 2 meters e gliders and fly up high, its easy to loose a plane if taking my eyes out of it even for a few seconds. recently i lost 1 for this. luckily it was found and got it back after 5 days. found by members of the club, at the edge of the east ditch. i was gliding almost overhead, facing a westerly, and as i could not see it, i put it into a spin for a few seconds, then released controls, and as i didnt see it, tried again the spin, then after a while turned off the radio. couldnt see it anywhere so went home. seems that the maneuver worked because it fell not too far. when i lost another plane in sudden fog, i didnt do anything and it was found about 1 kilometer away, so i learned that it is better to spin it and have more chances to find it nearby, as it happened now. damage was a cracked fuse at the wing leading edge (polyurethane took care), and a broken wing at a dihedral-now fixed. all was fine (except the battery-lipo), so seems that the impact was not hard. it is a great sensation to get a message telling that the plane was found
and yes, it has my name and phone-all my planes. just in case. sometimes it works.
Posted by phil alvirez | Jun 18, 2017 @ 07:10 AM | 7,548 Views
words of wisdom
as humans can talk, 1 of the things that do is provide advice, be solicited or not. we are told what to do and think. we also tell others the same. sometimes good advice, others not. and is anoying to be told without asking for. so often by people that not only dont know you, but dont have a clue. on line at the grocery store. at the bank. anywhere. you provide good advice and try to live to it, and then you break that and fall for that mistake that you are advicing.
silly, isnt it? but thats the human nature.
i have some rules like:
1-dont fly if feeling sick or tired or worried by problems.
2-dont say "this is going to be the last flight" because it is going to be the last!
3-dont take your eyes out of your plane because you may loose it.
i have lived to those rules... until last friday
i broke all 3 and lost a plane.
i hope i will remember and not do that again... ever.
Posted by phil alvirez | Jun 11, 2017 @ 01:48 PM | 7,381 Views
and then from now on for 2 weeks it will be scorching hot-and windy as hell, so no way to fly even at dawn as i used to do
at least at this city of winds we had a few windows, but spring was not here this time. rains, and of course windy. what is going on with the weather?
the place where i live is called 'the city of windsor', but its full name should be 'the city of winds-or storms', believe me.
years before, summer was hot, but not windy, so i was able to fly at dawn, before the wind hit, but now...
time to get back to those projects at the backburner i think.
and how is it at your place?