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Posted by Magret | Nov 10, 2021 @ 10:42 AM | 9,204 Views
This video and the ensuing comments brought something up from days gone by, and it's something that I noticed on several flying fields.

Back in the day (yup I'm old), we used to call out our maneuver in order to warn other pilots that we were going to occupy a part of the airspace which maybe risky. Example: if you were going to do a hovering maneuver center field "You'd call out, HOVER CENTER FIELD" then when you're done, you'd call "CLEAR CENTER FIELD". Therefore it would limit the chance of any mid-airs.

In my brief return, I've noticed that the communication aspect of flying usually was restricted to the lounging area, but as soon as people were in the air, it seems like spatial orientation and concentration negated the ability to communicate. I've watched people take off "perpendicular" to the flight line, when others were landing, and I've seen 3-D flyers performing maneuver "Counter Circuit".

To this day, when I'm out flying, I will scream out any risky maneuver as a courtesy to my fellow flyers, and if I hear of anyone calling out a maneuver, I will respond with "CLEAR" to let the pilot know that it was safe to do so.

I'm curious as to what other clubs do. I believe communications is the key to longevity when flying with others, plus it's more courteous.

Last Flight of Kevin's YAK-54 (1 min 29 sec)