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Posted by Kbbrc | Nov 19, 2021 @ 07:03 AM | 11,003 Views
Welcome Aboard my Blog on the Proboat Horizon Harbor 30 Inch Tug Boat RTR!

When I first saw that this RC Tug was released, I was overjoyed, and thought it might FINALLY give everyone a great opportunity to dip their toes into Scale RC Tug Boating... AND even have the ability to help other RC Mariners of all persuasions get their boats back home if they had a mishap.

I LOVED the Concept... it appeared Sturdy, Proud-looking, Easy to Operate and Maintain... and after viewing the Instructions on the Web, I finally ordered one thru a friend that helps me out with online purchases.

Mind, you I had spent HOURS evaluating Forums here on RC Groups.com in addition to watching videos on YouTube and reading the comments. I knew that the Proboat Horizon Harbor 30 Inch Tug Boat had a checkered Reputation... but, I was hooked...

Now, bear with me as I must Digress:

You see, as a child I had spent countless hours in the waters of The Port of Los Angeles. My late Father was in the Coast Guard Auxiliary and thru him I had many experiences that made tremendously huge impacts upon me... my Parents Loved me Dearly and despite their own divorce, hoped and planned for me to attend the USCG Academy and pursue a Career as a Officer...my Mom wanted me on a Buoy Tender... my Dad wanted me on a Patrol Vessel... and as for me... after they divorced and Mom hauled us kids back towards Chicago as Winter came, I started thinking that busting ice might be Fun no matter where the Coast Guard sent me!

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