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Posted by aliexpressscrew | Oct 25, 2021 @ 07:04 PM | 12,329 Views
I asked them to deliver my order to a South Carolina address. It was delivered to someplace called Springfield Gardens in New York! I do not live there nor have I ever lived there. I donít know where they got this address.

Additionally, the ordered item does not appear on my list of ordered items. The order does not show up in my account, but they took my money when I paid them. I am just so angry, when I try to recover the account all I get is some Chinese lettering that I just do not understand. They also went on a vacation from Oct 1 to 7th.

Now they closed the dispute without comment and wont respond to me at all. I tried to use the [email protected], but it is FULL AND NOT ACCEPTING EMAILS. Does anyone know how I can proceed against them legally? Is small claims court my best option?