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Posted by agperrin | Nov 15, 2021 @ 08:44 PM | 6,016 Views
i watched as this flyer with 4 servo wing, did a super ez outside loop. When i say easy, he was close to the hill top and the amount of space he used was really small.
I now have gliders that have 4 servo wings. so I set a mix to ...
bear with me, this is really a question as to WHAT I need to do...
So how would you set your mixes to do a tight easy outside loop as if it was nothing...??
My guess? on my Hitec Flash8...Okay, utilize a elev-camb mix so that when activated and you give down stick, the flaps and ailes droop a second later.
So the plane goes into a brief dive and the flaps and ailes drop...will this suck (good thing) into the desired result?
Posted by agperrin | Jul 26, 2021 @ 07:11 PM | 13,973 Views
There was a time i flew off the dunes at cape san blas in gulf county florida. 2941'28.17"N, 8522'27.07"W...hurricanes and overly-concerned citizens have limited this. where do you slope soar...back in the 70's there was a popular site inland laguna beach, ca, kite hill i think it was. 20 years ago i found an amazing place that was difficult to access, up a mountain near caryville tn. actually found it here on a blog...36.2925849,-84.2557398