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Posted by racermark | Apr 06, 2021 @ 04:41 AM | 4,641 Views
Hi All

I have wanted to build a foamy project for a while. I have had too many other projects to do for the past 16 months with a move to Illinois to a new home. It has not been easy and although there is much to still do I need to build an airplane, the first in almost 2 years.

The KF 3D Slider name comes from the concept I have had in my mind for a while. The Slider part is the concept of sliding boxes that will allow change in moment arm length quickly to see what effects it has on turn ability and over feal of flying the aircraft. I am all about testing things, some of which do not really matter I just wanted to test ideas.

I have always been into Aerodynamics as a hobby and then in race engineering. The KF foils intrigue me from there simplicity to there seemingly unknown reasons why they work. I have talked to many racing aero guys since I saw them many years ago. I have had several conversations with Dickeroo about them. There was even an airfoil applied to the INDY CAR series cars in an attempt to slow them down on some of the too fast tracks. It had some of the thought processes applied to it. The thing is it did slow down the cars a bit bur did not effect the downforce much at all. The interesting thing that was observed was the fact that it left a hole in the air behind the car that allowed the following cars to run very close and be able to pull out and pass easily. The first race found the most passes in the history of the series.

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Posted by racermark | May 30, 2019 @ 11:45 AM | 5,828 Views
It all started with the golf cart that needed to be ready for INDY 500 weekend. I took the cover off of it and noticed the RR tire was flat and seemed not to be happy to air up.
I thought how about some new tires,
which switched to be maybe get a set of cool wheels.
Which changed to how about fix the body cracks with the new Plastic Welder,
which allowed me to be talked into,
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Posted by racermark | Aug 22, 2018 @ 01:39 PM | 14,319 Views
For the Professional Purdue Graduate that has EVERYTHING.
This is a One of a kind Tribute to Purdue University Football and Joe Tiller. This is an actual Flyable model airplane with all the required components but the actual radio system. Real Gasoline engine and all the servos to make it fly.
The real beauty of this one of a kind item is the Special Features, the custom made Football wheel pants designed and 3D printed and hand painted for this model only. The Boiler on the side as a carburetor cover inlet. The Attention to detail in the Joe Tiller Pilot figure. The smokestack air inlet and train whistle as well as the detailed lettering and logos on the wings and body of the aircraft.

Be the ONLY one to have this Tribute display.

If this is not the School or topic of your desire Please contact us for a Quote on the Custom designed Aircraft of your Imagination....Continue Reading
Posted by racermark | Aug 07, 2018 @ 03:11 PM | 14,165 Views
The first rough assembly of the Octo 8 overlap
Posted by racermark | Sep 14, 2017 @ 03:27 PM | 18,088 Views
this is the dump from the Bixler with INAV on Omnubus F4 Pro V2

M> —
Entering CLI Mode, type 'exit' to return, or 'help'

# dump

# version
# INAV/OMNIBUSF4PRO 1.7.2 Jul 20 2017 / 11:59:41 (81b85de)

# resources

# mixer

mmix reset

# servo
servo 0 1000 2000 1500 100 -1
servo 1 1000 2000 1500 100 -1
servo 2 1000 2000 1500 -100 -1
servo 3 1000 2000 1500 -100 -1
servo 4 1000 2000 1500 -100 -1
servo 5 1000 2000 1500 -100 -1
servo 6 1000 2000 1500 100 -1
servo 7 1000 2000 1500 100 -1

# servo mix
smix reset

# feature
feature -RX_PPM
feature -VBAT
feature -RX_SERIAL
feature -MOTOR_STOP
feature -SERVO_TILT
feature -GPS
feature -TELEMETRY
feature -3D
feature -RX_MSP
feature -RSSI_ADC
feature -LED_STRIP
feature -DASHBOARD
feature -BLACKBOX
feature -AIRMODE
feature -SUPEREXPO
feature -VTX
feature -RX_SPI
feature -SOFTSPI
feature -OSD
feature VBAT
feature RX_SERIAL
feature MOTOR_STOP
feature GPS
feature BLACKBOX
feature OSD

# beeper
beeper RX_LOST
beeper ARMING
beeper BAT_LOW
beeper RX_SET
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Posted by racermark | May 01, 2016 @ 04:53 PM | 21,582 Views
I started the build today adn it will be my first Published Build.

The Rework of the Tarot 680 Pro.
I will call it the Tarot 680 ++.

I want to make it BIGGER but very light. I have chosen to increase the size to 960, partially because it is a cool number and Mostly because it fit perfectly with the Carbon 1000 mmTubes I purchased on ebay. Just kidding I wanted it that big.

The first check was to see if the 16 mm tubes will support an AUW of 5000 to 6000 grams.

testing shows NO PROBLEM with the tubes. The real problem will be in the center section.
My work today was to cut the tubes to the correct length, and after 2 cups of coffee and several measurements I cam up with the actual carbon tube length of 400 mm. This plus the two ends and the separation of the mounts in the center section gave me what is as close to 960 as I can measure, (My calipers are not big enough to measure the complete span at one time).
The first thing I have done to strengthen the center section is to use one long tube in the non folding pair of arms. This seems to strengthen the entire structure massively.
Posted by racermark | Feb 29, 2016 @ 04:11 PM | 19,484 Views
Not really an ON LINE Deal but.

Walmart has on Clearance the EVER START Portable Jump Starter Box.
The online info is


The Clearance price was $9.00.

I got one and opened it up and it has what looks like a Turnigy 3S 4000 mah and based on there description I think it is a 30C. It also has 10 AWG Silicone wires, balance plug and a set of EC5 plugs. I then got 10 more.

One thing to keep in mind is the EC5 connectors have the metal inserts reversed on the Battery and the Jumper leads and will need to be changed.
Also the balance leads are in the wrong order, (just flip the plastic connector).

Now the other neat things you get:

A very nice set of 10 AWG Silicone leads that are about 1 ft long with very heavy duty battery clamps Just Perfect to make your charger leads for the field.

There is a current limiting and polarity protection pack in the line that I think can be reversed to work properly for the field charger.

The VERY BRIGHT FLASH LIGHT that is in the very useable plastic box can be used for, My first thought, a light for a mini quad or other.

Also there is a balance charger built in the the unit that could easyly be used for small 3S Lipos or overnight trickle charge of big 3S Lipos. PLEASE REVERSE THE PLASTIC SOCKET ON THE CHARGER BOARD

It even comes with a wall wart charger to run it all.

If you do not want to try the Hack of it all, it is a portable car jump starter with flashlight.

AMA 13502
Posted by racermark | Apr 17, 2014 @ 09:44 PM | 22,496 Views
This Autobiography is in prelude to my posting of my FIRST Blog Build.

I started in the Model Hobby in 1965 at the age of 8 when My Father brought home a Guillows kit and a Cox Tether car. I did not make the connection for several weeks until we went to the AMA Southwest Model Airplane meet at Hobby Park in Dallas Texas. After a day of watching in awe I put it together what my Father had done.

Over the next 20+ years my Father and I competed in Control line Competitions all over the South. My Father and I both worker in the Hobby Business at THE HOBBY COUNTER in Dallas that was Owned by JOHN E. (JOHNNY) CLEMENS AMA 18.
Dad eventually was a business partner with John.
We flew along side of some of the Greatest the Hobby has ever known.
Bob Gieseke, Al Rabe (not sure of the spelling). Jim Clem, and many others.
.....more to come......