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Posted by siriusflier | Jan 14, 2022 @ 08:40 PM | 30,074 Views
XFly Twin Nova 1400mm Wingspan - PNP

I was not looking for another plane, but someone posted something about the XFly Twin Nova 1400mm Wingspan and I got to looking at it and liked what I saw. Not much out there in the way of reviews or info, but what I saw I really liked. It is fairly new, might have just been introduced around October 2021. It was also not in stock anywhere. While I was waiting on it, Hobbyking had an after Christmas sale for 25% off which got me to looking at the Avios Bush Mule, a similar plane that could be bought for about $60 less. I had almost decided to buy the Bush Mule when the Twin Nova came into stock at Bitgo Hobby. Differences between the two are: Bush Mule runs on 4S lipos, Twin Nova on 3S. I have a lot of 3S, but hardly any 4S. Landing gear looks better on Twin Nova, I saw complaints about the nose gear on the Bush Mule. Twin Nova is a little smaller at 1400mm, about my preferred limit on size. Bush Mule has decal or painted windows, Twin Nova has clear plastic windows. The Twin Nova also has socket head screws, Bush Mule has phillips head. Another thing I like about the Twin Nova is that it has a separate servo for the nose gear. So I ordered the Twin Nova as soon as I saw that it was in stock at Bitgo. About seven hours after I ordered, they sent me a notification that it was in stock.
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I ordered the Twin Nova Friday, 1/07/2022 at around 7pm. It did not ship until Monday, 1/10/2022. It is being delivered by Fedex...Continue Reading
Posted by siriusflier | Oct 24, 2021 @ 08:54 PM | 24,719 Views
FMS Ranger 1220

I happened across this plane less than a week ago. I have been staying away from trike landing gear but noticed this one has a spring loaded nose gear, and that appealed to me. Read the longest thread on this plane, less than 5 full pages, and mostly made it sound fairly good.
Name: FMS1220 ranger.jpg
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I am still learning to fly manually using a Hobbyzone Carbon Cub S 2 and an E-flite Valiant, both tail draggers. Haven't really learned to use the flaps well for landing, but do use them for take offs, so the Ranger not coming with flaps doesn't seem like a big deal to me. Valiant tracks very well on the pavement, but I have not been able to get the Cub to go very straight, so flaps help a lot with take off on the Cub. The Valiant seems like a much better plane than the Cub to me, only problem was the tail gear that I replaced before I even flew it. Cub came with a lot of problems I had to work on. I am thinking the Ranger will track on the road much better with the trike gear. And I can always add flaps if I want them.
The PNP of the Ranger at Horizon(and other places) is $199.99 and $219.99 for the RTF. RTF comes with battery, transmitter, charger, and an FMS Reflex flight controller. Reflex is FMS version of Safe. So I ordered the RTF at 3:00 am on 10/16/2021 because Horizon had 4x reward points that weekend. Used $25 worth of my points and ended up with more points than I started with. I expect the plane to be delivered by 10/20/2021 from...Continue Reading
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Hobbyzone Carbon Cub S 2 1.3m BNF Basic with SAFE

I have crashed and repaired my Valiant a couple of times and had been thinking about getting a new one when there was some kind of sale. A little over a week ago, Horizon Hobby sent an e-mail offering a $20 coupon on a purchase of $200 to $399, but I decided to wait and see if they offered more for the 4th of July. While I was waiting I started studying the Carbon Cub. The they offered 4x points sitewide through the 4th. The current version of the Carbon Cub does not come with GPS and I did not want that. So on Sunday, July 4th, I ordered the Carbon Cub and received it before 10am on Wednesday, July 7th. Meanwhile, on July 6th, I had a brain freeze and an unplanned landing that may have damaged my Valiant beyond repair. I don't expect the Cub to be as versatile as the Valiant and it will probably be slower, but with my poor piloting skills, that may be better. I will possibly get another Valiant sometime in the future, I did like that plane.
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Product Specifications
Approximate Assembly Time Less than an hour
Approximate Flight Time 5 - 7 minutes
Band 2.4GHz
Battery Sold Separately
CG (Center of Gravity) 2.4 - 2.7" (62 - 68mm) back from the leading edge of the wing measured at th fuselage
Charger Sold Separately
Completion Level Bind-N-Fly Basic
Flaps No
Flying Weight 251-2000g
Power Type Electric
Landing Gear...Continue Reading
Posted by siriusflier | May 08, 2021 @ 08:28 PM | 11,077 Views
E-Flite Valiant 1.3m BnF Basic

I decided a while back that I wanted some good high wing taildraggers. Probably the main factor in my coming to that conclusion was the Hobbyzone Aeroscout with a nose wheel. Crashing it or even very rough landings often leads to cracking the fuselage or breaking the nose off. I have probably had to repair the Aeroscout more than 6 times because of damage caused when that nose wheel hits the ground wrong. So after some research I bought the Night Timber X. I have not flown it yet, just finally got it paired with my Spektrum transmitter yesterday because I am new to Spektrum and there are not really any easily found complete instructions on binding a receiver to a Spektrum transmitter. I spent several hours searching and studying how to bind it and finally put enough information from different sources to get it to work, but the Avian smart esc may not be working right, so no motor reversing. Spektrum transmitters may be good, but binding, programming, and setup is not simple. I have been using Detrum transmitters/receivers, and they are more user friendly.

So after reading both Night Timber X threads all the way through, I wanted something else to read, and found the Eflite Valiant thread, another BNF high wing tail dragger. Reading about it made me decide it might be the next plane to get. So I thought if I wait a while, maybe there will be some kind of sale on it. Friday or Saturday I got an e-mail from Horizon...Continue Reading
Posted by siriusflier | Apr 04, 2021 @ 08:26 PM | 10,102 Views
Eflite Night Timber 1200mm BNF

I was at a point in building my last plane when it got stalled because of a faulty esc from the factory. While waiting on a replacement part, I got bored and went looking for my next plane. I was seriously considering the Dynam Primo because I want a high wing near trainer type plane that is a tail dragger. I had read the Primo thread and was close to pulling the trigger when the stimulus came, and I decided I could spend some of that on a new, maybe more expensive plane. Went shopping and decided to get an Eflite Night Timber X, and started reading the thread.

I ordered the Night Timber on Tuesday, 3/26/2021. I got a text saying delivery required a signature and the package would be delivered on Friday, 3/26/2021. I would not be at home during the day, so I asked my 18 year old daughter to sign for it. At 1:15pm Friday, she texted me and said she went outside and the Fedex truck was backing out of the driveway and drove away. I called Fedex and complained, they said it wouldn't happen again. Sure enough, the plane was delivered in good shape about 4pm Saturday. I went outside around 4:30pm and the box was sitting there. Never heard a knock or the truck. No one signed for it, but on Fedex tracking they claim that I signed for the package. So if they have my signature, it is a forgery. Thought about calling Fedex again, but am afraid it could jeopardize future deliveries.

The Dynam Primo PNP normall sells for $189 but is...Continue Reading
Posted by siriusflier | Feb 23, 2021 @ 10:04 PM | 23,144 Views
Dynam Cessna 310 Grand Cruiser 1280mm Wingspan - V2 - PNP

Dynam Cessna 310 Grand Cruiser 1280mm WingspanI wanted to try a twin engine airplane and the Dynam Cessna 310 Grand Cruiser looked like a good buy when it was on sale for $169US at Bitgo Hobby. I don't really need another plane, but it was nice having one to build during our recent extreme weather, I think I am addicted to building and modding them, and I got really bored the last couple of days of the bad weather after I finished my last build.

I ordered on 2/16/2021 and the next day the tracking at Fedex said delivery would be on Saturday, 2/20/2021. I did not believe it would happen, and I was right. On Saturday, the delivery date was changed to Monday, 2/22/2021. On Monday, at 7pm the package was still not here, so I checked tracking and the delivery date had been changed to Tuesday, 2/23/2021, delay due to weather related problems. Weather on Monday was clear, 70'F, with moderate winds? Tuesday the plane was delivered just before 10am. I asked the driver what the weather delay was about and he said he was sent down a dirt road. Should have asked him if he got stuck.

Unpacked the plane, and everything looked good and straight. Flaps and retracts are installed. But there is something different I certainly wasn't expecting, the plane is mostly silver with red trim. I went through all of the attachments in the main thread, and the only red C310s were painted by the owners. I do not like red, but will...Continue Reading
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Dynam SR22

This is the 5th Dynam RC airplane I have bought in the last 1.5 years so it seems obvious that I like the Dynam planes. I have one FMS P51, a Hobbyzone Aeroscout, two GWS planes I built from kits, a Durafly micro Tundra, and a couple of FlyFly 22" warbirds from kits. The FMS was nice, but I had a lot of trouble with it before I got it to fly, including a faulty esc. The Aeroscout is a great trainer, but a little expensive for what it is. The GWS are nice looking planes, but EPP instead of EPO foam, and the quality of one of them was poor. The Micro Tundra is junk that never flew, my biggest purchase mistake. The FlyFly kits are very inexpensive kits great for learning, the Corsair is one of my better flyers.

Probably the most important reason I like the Dynam planes is the value for price. Similar planes of other brands can easily cost a hundred dollars more than a Dynam. So I feel like I get a quality plane for less money. So far I have had very few problems with the Dynam planes and equipment I have purchased. There are sometimes mods that need to be done before maiden, but if you read the threads on each plane, you can easily find out what they are ahead of time. And other brands also have to be tweaked to get them to fly well. Once Dynam planes are set up right, I think they fly very well. Dynam/Detrum/Gavin transmitters are also less expensive. I have a Gavin 8C TX that cost me less than $90 new. A comparable 8 channel Spektrum TX us...Continue Reading
Posted by siriusflier | Dec 19, 2020 @ 11:38 PM | 21,573 Views
Dynam Waco 1270mm Wingspan - Yellow - YMF 5D

I recently bought a Dynam C-182 bom Bitgo Hobby and have been painting, assembling, and tuning it but as of today, 12/11/2020 have not maidened it. I told myself that one was my birthday present, my bday is in the 4rth week of November. Then Bitgo had a 15% off Black Friday sale, and I couldn’t resist, I bought another plane and told myself it would be my Christmas present. I wanted a good Biplane and after a little research on the Dynam biplanes, I settled on the Wacp/ There were 6 different biplanes listed at Bitgo, some with different colors, but 2 were showing out of stock. The contenders were the P-17 , the Pitts, the Tiger-Moth, and the Waco. I already have a GWS PT-17, decided I really didn’t like the looks of the Tiger Moth, so I did some research on the Pitts and the Waco. The Waco won. I think all of these last three were the same price, but the Waco had the most positive reviews.

When I bought the C-182 it shipped the same day from Bitgo’s location, a Friday, and I received it on the following Monday. The Waco shipping was quite a bit different but since it is supposed to be for Christmas, I tried not to worry too much. Ordered Waco from Bitgo on 11/27/2020, shipping label created on 12/01, picked up by Fedex on 12/07, and received it on 12/10/2020. Main difference is the C-182 shipped from Indiana, the Waco shipped from California. The box was undamaged in transport.

As of 12/16/2020,...Continue Reading
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C-182 Sky Trainer

I am a fan of Dynam planes, and a few weeks ago I was looking at the planes available at Bitgo Hobby when I came across the Dynam Sky Trainer C182. Cessnas have always been one of my favorite small civilian planes, a fiend and I took a memorable trip in a C152 many years ago, and I have a photo somewhere with him and that plane parked in my yard many years ago. I have a few warbirds and other planes I try to fly, but the only plane I have that I have successfully taken off and landed on wheels is the Aeroscout. It is also the only plane I have not crashed and broken and my largest at 1100 mm. I do have some successful flights with my two 800mm P51s, but they do not work well with wheels on my available landing strip. I have a paved road but it is crowned and not very level, and I do not have very good unpaved ground or grass to fly from. Lots of open airspace though.

I like Dynam products because my experience with them has been good and the prices are reasonable. The PNP C-182 is normally $159 but was on sale for $149. The PNP Aeroscout is $150 without flaps or LEDs. It is 1280mm(50.4in) so is about 7 inches larger than my Aeroscout. It is a high wing trainer type plane and I know I need more training in something that should be easier to fly. I have read that larger planes are easier to learn with. It has flaps that I think might help with takeoffs and landing. It comes with preinstalled LEDs that just have to be plugged into the controller...Continue Reading
Posted by siriusflier | Nov 07, 2020 @ 09:34 PM | 23,623 Views
Durafly Micro Tundra 635mm

Name: durafly-micro-tundra-classic-green-pnf-635mm-25-epo-sports-model-wflaps-9898000015-0-1.jpg
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I was browsing RCGroups a few days ago and came across the HobbyKing Durafly Micro Tundra. I wasnít looking to buy another plane and am currently more interested in larger planes, but after reading the reviews on the Micro Tundra, I lost my mind and ordered it. Here are the reasons why:
!. I recently took off and landed from pavement/ground for the first time with my HobbyZone Aeroscout. I had also taken off a couple of times with my GWS PT-17, and take off was ok, but the plane crashed I think because it was tail heavy. So I wanted something to try ROG take offs and landings with besides the Aeroscout.
2. The Micro Tundra comes with flaps. Seems it may be overkill for a plane that size, but I donít have and have never flown anything with flaps.
3. It has a steerable tail wheel.
4. It also comes with floats. Donít actually want to fly off of water, although I could. But I would like to have something I could try for taking off of snow, lol, we get snow maybe once or twice per winter. But I did try to take off from snow last year, just didnít have a plane with landing gear that would work. If the floats wonít work, could be easy to fit it with skis.
5. Not expensive at $99, and is plug and fly. The last few planes I built from kits, and havenít really flown that well or that much. They also probably ended up costing me more than $100 apiece.

ē Fast and easy assembly
ē Beautifully molded and rugged EPO...Continue Reading
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GWS PT-17 Stearman Kit

Been thinking for a while that I would like to try a Biplane. I stumbled across a thread that claimed GravesRC had some GWS PT 17 Stearman planes, so I went to check it out. Sure enough they had two versions, the more expensive one came with a geared brushed motor which I didn’t want, but it also claimed it was made of yellow and blue foam instead of painted white foam. So I ordered it, paying $12 extra for the colored foam. The package arrived 9/8/2020 but I was disappointed it is just painted white foam, not as advertised. An inquiry with GravesRC got a quick response, but the only offer was that I could send it back. I decided to keep it, but it will probably be a long time before I will consider doing business with Graves RC again. Poor customer service and false advertising. And I have a 400 brushed motor with gears I have no intention of using. Here is the product page of what I ordered:



Manufacturer: GWS

• Details
• Specifications
• Reviews
• Tags
• Construction: Easy interlocking blue foam, with built-in thrust angles.
• Wings: One-piece, yellow foam
• Radio Compartment: Located above the bottom wing
• Dummy radial engine
• Cockpit Features: Two seat cockpit, windshields and instrument decals
• Landing gear: Pre-bent wire
• Hardware: Complete hardware package
...Continue Reading
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Cox FW 190 Kit
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I am mostly retired now, the only job I do is substitute teaching during the school year, and because of the pandemic, the schools closed mid March this year. So I have spent a lot of time at home since then, only going out when I really needed to. In June, I started a Value Hobby Zeta Dolphin 1010mm EDF kit that I finished the second week of July. Didnít get a chance to try it because of poor conditions until the first week of August. Still havenít had a good flight with it.
Name: zzetagrngld.jpg
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A friend sent me GWS T6 and COX FW 190 kits at the end of the second week of July. He didnít want them anymore because he had moved on to bigger planes. These kits are not sold anymore except by individuals that never built them. I think it has been more than 10 years since they were new.
So on the 3rd week of July I started building a 1000mm GWS T6 Texan that I basically finished on August 10.
...Continue Reading
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GWS T6 Texan

I recently acquired a GWS T6 model. It is plain white foam and in kit form, so it has to be assembled and painted. It did not have any electronics with it, so I will have to provide my own rx, servos, esc, and motor. I already had everything except the motor and found out that I also needed some hinges for all the moving flaps on the wings and the tail feathers. I was told this model is made out of EPS form, somewhat different than all the EPO foam models I have built and been working with. I think these kits were first sold around 2011 and I read that about 2012 they started molding them in EPO, so this kit may be around 10 years old and they are a little rare now, but this kit was in excellent shape, still packaged as new, without even any damage to the box it came in. A friend built one of these this year and was very pleased with it. There are a lot of parts in the kit and I think it will take some time to build this one, more than the other kits I have built in the past. Here is the graphic on the box:
Name: zt6box graphic.jpg
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The contents of the box were decently packed and so far I have only found a couple of small dings in the fuselage. So far I havenít noticed any warpage in any of the foam. The detail in the molding is fairly good, even has the rivets molded in on the panels. Here are photos of the many parts:
Name: zt6fuse.jpg
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Description: ...Continue Reading
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A few months ago someone sent me two FMS 50mm 11 blade edf motors with housing and fans. Donít know who sent them, just someone named Lucy, no company name on the return address. I gave one to a friend and decided to keep the other in case I wanted to try building/flying a jet. I looked around for jet kits that came without motors, and Pocupine RC had several to choose from, but since about the time the pandemic started, all of their planes are listed as out of stock. Multiple searches left me with only one option Ė the Value Hobby Zeta Dolphin Ė a 55mm edf jet kit for $45US. There are 50mm edf kits at Aliexpress but shipping starts at $60 and goes up over $100.

The first kit I bought from Value Hobby was the 550mm F4U Corsair. After around 30 hours of work, I have it flying well, even after breaking the fuselage in a crash. I have a Value Hobby 550mm P40 kit I built and a Dynam 900mm Spitfire that I have not successfully flown yet, but the wind has been so bad for the last few weeks I have only flown twice. I needed something to work on. So since I have the edf, servos, an rx, and batteries I could use with the Zeta Dolphin, I ordered a 40amp esc from Banggood USA warehouse a few days ago. Then last weekend I got ready to order the Dolphin, but when I saw the $39.36 shipping charge, I balked. On June 16, 2020, with the wind still blowing at 20mph, I decided to bite the bullet and pay the high...Continue Reading
Posted by siriusflier | May 07, 2020 @ 06:06 PM | 22,247 Views
Dynam Spitfire 900MM PNP

This blog entry will be about the Dynam Spitfire 900mm. I recently got a Dynam P-51 762mm and a transmitter to go with it, and liked them so much I decided to get a PNP Spitfire. I still don’t want to jump into much larger planes because even though I have lots of flying space, I don’t really have that good of a takeoff/landing strip, so I have been hand launching every plane I fly. The DP51 was supposed to be RTF but it really wasn’t, maybe because I upgraded the basic transmitter to one that is programmable, has a display, and has a 30 model memory. I really like the transmitter and I like the fact that it is less than one half the cost of an entry level programmable Spektrum transmitter. The flight controllers/receiver combo is also relatively inexpensive. My DP-51 is almost the same size as my PNP FMS P-51 but has been much easier to get set up and flying. I can think of one or two things I like better about the FMS, but the Dynam P-51 is very nearly as good in quality as the FMS P-51. Still, Dynam planes don’t seem as popular, and there are hardly any threads about the Dynam planes I have, so I decided to post another blog entry thread about the Dynam Spitfire 900mm. I bought the Dynam planes from Bitgo Hobby but they were out of stock last time I checked. I did find some on Ebay and Amazon.
Here is Bitgo’s product information on the Spitfire 900mm PNP
The Spitfire is a British single-seat fighter...Continue Reading
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Dynam Mini P-51 762mm Wingspan - SRTF

Introduction(if you are only interested in the plane, skip this and go on to the next section .

I have spent a lot of time since last November learning to fly, build, and maintain RC airplanes and I still feel like a beginner. I built a 550mm F4U Corsair from a kit that had no electronics, just bare foam and control linkages to start with. And I actually managed to get the Corsair to fly fairly well, but not without a couple foam breaking crashes along the way. I also built a 550mm P40 and installed the receiver/fcb in a 800mm FMS P-51, but those are waiting on less windy days to try to get them flying right. I even learned some aerobatic flight with an Omphobby T720, rolls,flips, and knife edges. I also got a Volantex 767-2 that was supposedly rtf-but it wasn't. Through perserverance I did manage to get it to fly after almost a month. Will never buy another Volantex product knowingly. After well over 50 hours of building, adjusting, maintaining, repairing, and testing planes, I decided I wanted to look for a ready to fly plane, and good ones are not that easy to find. But I wanted something easier to set up that I can just fly.

There are lots of PNP planes available, but they are not simply plug and play. They can take hours of setting up the receivers and the transmitter. RTF planes are scarce, and most are just beginner or trainer types. Then you've got places like Horizon Hobby and Motion RC that have nice products,...Continue Reading
Posted by siriusflier | Mar 31, 2020 @ 01:20 PM | 22,073 Views
After beginning with RC airplanes in November, 2019, I built a F4U Corsair 550mm from a kit in February. I liked it so much I started looking for more war birds. I decided I liked the FMS 800mm war birds and at first wanted another Corsair, but then decided to get the P-51. Then after looking around, I saw that the FMS P51 was back ordered at most places. I found one, PNP, on Amazon for about the same price as most places, but it would come from China. Still, I was looking at May if I waited for them to be restocked in the states, so I ordered it. Ordered it on Monday, March 2 and received it on March 5. Turns out it shipped from Florida. Meanwhile, I had also ordered another kit, a P40 back around the end of February, that is mostly put together, but am still waiting on parts to complete it.

I decided I wanted to use my Devo 10 transmitter with the P51 so I ordered a Devo RX from MyRCMart on March 7. After a couple of weeks, it had still not shipped, and after a couple of inquiries, they refunded my money and said they could not ship it because of the pandemic. So I ordered a Futaba rx from Motion RC on March 16. An order from Motion RC on March 15 arrived on March 19, the March 16 order has still not arrived. Motion RC claimed their warehouse was backed up because of the pandemic. That March 16 order has what I needed to complete the P40 and get the P51 going. Finally I found a Walkera RX on Ebay, ordered it on March 23, and received it on March 27.

I...Continue Reading
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It was a lot of work, but I successfully built the Value Hobby F4U Corsair and I enjoyed flying it a few times. So when Value Hobby got the Mini P40 back in stock for $20, I decided I would do it again. I ordered it on March 1 and received it on March 4. So I decided I would start another blog post to chronicle my build of the Value Hobby P40.

Pretty much the same type of kit as the F4U, and other than a small ding on one wing tip and a small dent on one side of the fuselage, everything looks good. Landing gear has a better mounting than the F4U and is about the same construction, but I doubt it would hold up to a rough landing. Clevis and horns appear to be better quality, but no short control rods for aileron servos, just four long rods. Plane feels like the foam is lighter so it may be a lighter plane when finished. Motor mount area will not accomodate anything much bigger than my DYS 1806 motor, see photos. Also photos of whats in the kit, and a comparison to the F4U Corsair.
Name: zp40parts.jpg
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Description: Name: zf4up40.jpg
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Description: ...Continue Reading
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22IN MINI F4U KIT (EPO FOAM) also previously sold RTF as FlyFly Hobby Corsair 2.4GHz EPO 4CH Fighter Mini RC Airplane

I just started flying RC airplanes in December 2019 and quickly became hooked. I currently have in the order I got them: an XK A430 and an A600, a Volantex 767-2, an OMPHobby T720, and a HobbyZone Aeroscout 1100. I crashed the A430 badly a few times and after the last time, I took the ESC and FCB out of it and put them in the 767-2 because it's ESC had burned up. I got to thinking about and searching for an inexpensive plane I could use as a beater for training, and came across the F4U Corsair kit from Value Hobby. It only costs $20 US, but there is a minimum of $8.25 US shipping charge. After finding a Blog thread from another poster who is putting together this kit, reading it, and asking him some questions, I went ahead and ordered it. I actually like buiIding and modifying, and figured I had all of the electronics I would need to make it fly. I did order some decals for it, but think that may be my only other expense. I ordered on 1/28 and received the kit on 1/31.

The kit was decently packaged, though I wouldn't say well packaged. Most of the contents arrived in good shape, but there were a couple of minor dings in the foam of the airplane. The kit comes with everything you need except a motor, fcb, esc, battery, servos, and wiring. It even includes a cheap propellor though I doubt I will use it. Here are photos of what the kit includes:...Continue Reading
Posted by siriusflier | Jan 25, 2020 @ 06:43 PM | 24,512 Views

I have been flying helis and quads for about 10 years, and also posted a lot of reviews during that time. I also have a few ground vehicles and have even reviewed a couple of those. But the only planes I ever tried were more than 10 years ago before I started helis and quads, and I had little successs with them. Then the first week of November 2019, I got an airplane, the XK A430, then the A600, then a Volantex 767-2, then an OMPHobby T720. So I have only been flying planes for about 2.5 months. I still consider myself to be mostly a beginner at planes, but I have progressed to aerobatic flight, at least doing loops and rolls, mostly with the T720. All without a club, an instructor, or a similator program.

I like the planes I have with mid mounted motors and pusher props, I like the planes I have that are good gliders, and the plane made of EPO foam has proven to be very durable. So when I came accross the Hobby Zone Aeroscout S 1100 it peaked my interest. A beginner plane made of EPO, decent size, steerable nose wheel, 3 flight modes, capable of aerobatics, a possibility of taking off and landing on rough surfaces or grass, a pusher prop, and possibly decent flight times. But I had always avoided Horizon Hobby and their seemingly expensive products. So I read all that I could find about the Aeroscout, it really seems like there is not that much, and I was left with questions I could not find the answers to. It took me a couple of weeks to make up...Continue Reading