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Posted by Ssayer | Oct 22, 2021 @ 03:21 PM | 11,514 Views
Flywoo Cinerace20 HD

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I ordered this with the XM+ (from Makerfire because they were quite a bit cheaper than Flywoo?!?) on the 15th, Paid the extra 27 bucks, and got it today (the 22nd). The difference in price for the quad between the two sites basically made the DHL shipping free...

At this point, I only have 4 batteries through it (450mAh and 650mAh), so here are my very initial thoughts:

-It set up pretty quickly. I spent about as much time changing the switches in Betaflight to what I use as I did on anything else.
-Binding was simple (ACCST firmware).
-Unlike my Mobula6 and a Mobula7, I was very pleasantly surprised that it had the full range of any of my larger quads.
-Cruising around flight time was 6+ min with the 450 and 7-1/2+ min with the 650. Brand new batts, so not broken in and MAY or MAY NOT get better.
-Stock PIDS worked well for me.
-No beeper, so only motor beeps for lost signal and Aux beep.
-I watched reviews that said that the USB port for the FCB stuck out too far and so was something to look out for if you crash. I don't see it as a problem. I'm wondering if they've made the bottom pad a little thicker, or maybe I'm just not as concerned?
-They call it a 2 inch quad (that's props), but that may be misleading to some, it's a 90mm quad.
-DJI HD! That about finishes off the Mobulas for me. Someone downstream for me in the family is going to be happy to get them.

I am very happy with this quad (my Christmas present, so I only get a few more flights on it before I lose it for a couple of months). That's about it for now.
Posted by Ssayer | Oct 02, 2020 @ 08:54 AM | 4,094 Views
I've got terrible eyes so I made a temporary set of lenses for my DJI Digital FPV Goggles by gluing the lenses from a set of glasses that I had made up a couple of years back that are for distance only and a couple of inserts that I found on Thingiverse. This setup works, but... the lenses are so close to my eyes that my eyelashes mark them up a little AND when I take the goggles off, I have to be very careful not to knock the inserts off.

The first day I got my Goggles, I ordered the RHO-Lenses for them ( ). Good thing, because between German Post and USPS, shipping took 25 days (plus the 5 days it took to make and ship them). It was definitely a good purchase though. The lenses fit inside the inserts rather than on top of the inserts like the temporary setup that I made. Also, they "look" professionally made (unlike my hokey temps)...

Here is what they look like inside the goggles (and yes, looking at them, I need to get my bulb blower out and dust them off )

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Posted by Ssayer | Jan 16, 2019 @ 01:33 PM | 38,466 Views
I finally finished my case (too many other 3D projects going on. Must be winter, eh? ). I'm just waiting on the .040" 3M double sided sticky pads to bind all the inserts together for a tighter look.

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Posted by Ssayer | Jan 16, 2019 @ 11:11 AM | 38,867 Views
Through trial and error using rubber bands, I found that I can use the larger (450mAh and 550mAh batteries) in this quad without issue so long as I wasn't doing a lot of flips and rolls. I get double the flight time and can still fly aggressively through my gates and chicanes, which is my preferred flying style. So, it was time to look for a battery bay that would do what I wanted. I searched Thingiverse and found a number of designs that met some of my criteria, but none that did everything I want (the joy of 3D Printing is that you really CAN have it YOUR way!). So, here is what I came up with that works for me...

The 3D Printed Battery Bay
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How it looks attached to the quad
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The batteries that I designed it for
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Posted by Ssayer | Jan 15, 2019 @ 06:48 PM | 38,509 Views
The M7 is made to work 1S or 2S, but I can't see me running it 1S, since all I have to do on 2S inside is to limit throttle a little in my xmtr and I still get the power of 2S. With that in mind, I drew up a battery bay that would hold both large (450mAh and 550mAh) batteries along with the 260mAh stock batteries, including 300mAh batteries. Here's what I came up with for my 2S setups:

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This 3D Printed bay is attached by clipping off the bottom of the current battery bay, leaving 1mm worth of a tab on each of the four arms and simply clipping it in (I use a tiny drop of hot melt glue on each tab just because. Also, it's easy to scrape off the hot melt glue if I want to detach the bay. ). The bay allows easy access to the USB plug.

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Here's what it looks like from the bottom with the large batteries

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Posted by Ssayer | Jan 03, 2019 @ 01:39 PM | 43,936 Views
I'm in the process of redoing my 4 Pistol Gun case that I use to carry some of my equipment, including my goggles. I figured that while I was at it, I'd add a custom case insert for my FS Dom V3 goggles that allows me to keep my antennas on, protects them well, and is still easy peasy to get the goggles out. This was what I came up with.

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Posted by Ssayer | Nov 18, 2018 @ 02:58 PM | 58,247 Views
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Pic of stock quad with some temporary 3D Printed legs (and yes, the cam isn't set properly for speed on these pics)

Disclaimer: I got this from Eachine/Banggood for testing and review.
(Note that this is NOT an affiliate link. I was asked to put in an affiliate link because Banggood has decided to institute a ROI, but I have elected not to put it up here which means that this will probably be one of my last (if not my last) reviews of items provided to me. I do my reviews because it's FUN, I get to play with stuff that I might not otherwise buy, and to give others a real life clue (not the manufacturer's claims) as to how the darn thing works! Also, if you think I'm biased and won't knock an item that needs knocking, then you need to go back and check some of my other reviews...)

Now, who is this item marketed for. I can't see it being marketed for a die hard RC'er because they no doubt (like me) have plenty of quads with equal or better specs. So, I'm going to review this as a quad for a beginner to intermediate RC'er. Also, I'm going to presume that you already own (or are in the process of procuring) a transmitter, monitor or goggles, and a charger!

Viewing it that way, what do we see?

First, from everything I've seen and read, it's marketed as a $99 quad. Well, yes and no. It's a $99 PNP quad. It doesn't actually say PNP on BG (remember that I'm tailoring this review to a less experienced RC'er who may not get...Continue Reading
Posted by Ssayer | Oct 21, 2018 @ 03:32 PM | 57,479 Views
Here it is:

Disclaimer: I got this from Banggood for testing and review.
(Note that this is NOT an affiliate link. I do my reviews because it's FUN, I get to play with stuff that I might not otherwise buy, and to give others a real life clue (not the manufacturer's claims) as to how the darn thing works! Also, if you think I'm biased and won't knock an item that needs knocking, then you need to go back and check some of my other reviews...)

For 44 bucks, you can already guess that it's a toy. No problem there! The package shows 8+, but... if you have a kid on your Christmas list that's older than his 6 or less than his 12 years old, then it would be a real nice gift! After I'm done going through testing it for my review, it's going to my 6 year old grandson. Trust me, he's going to be one very happy kid. It's fast enough to get his attention and strong enough to have some good fun, yet slow enough that he isn't going to get into trouble (good luck with that, eh? ).

What do I think, remembering what I see as the target age group?

Decently fast
Decently strong crawler
Typical (easy) controller
Headlights work
Has what sounds (to me) like a backup warning sound when moving
Yes, it has reverse (I absolutely hate those toys that don't!!!)
Trim adjust for straightness
Trim adjust for speed

Could use a somewhat tighter turning radius

Thoughts... At this price point, I don't see much that's any better and certainly a lot of stuff that isn't as good.
Posted by Ssayer | Oct 04, 2018 @ 02:19 PM | 58,463 Views
Eachine ROTG01 Pro UVC OTG 5.8G 150CH Full Channel FPV Receiver W/Audio For Android Smartphone
(Note that this is NOT an affiliate link. I do my reviews because it's FUN, I get to play with stuff that I might not otherwise buy, and to give others a real life clue as to how the darn thing works!)

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First, the disclaimer: Banggood sent me this for testing and review (thank you!)

If your smartphone is on the list, this is a pretty darn good thing to have. I own Fatsharks and that's what I'm going to fly with but... for use as a buddy monitor... It comes in a tin about the size of a pack of cigarettes, so it'll fit safely when not in use just about anywhere. If somebody wants to check out my video feed while I'm flying, it's a quick plug in to my phone and start the app (and my phone is always on me when I'm out). The video is as good as can be expected for an FPV video and the receiver itself is tiny enough to easily be held in anyone's hand (holding it in your hand behind your phone).

If you want to fly with it, it has a very slight lag (I wouldn't be doing gates at high speed with it, but that's me). I did fly while viewing with it around my yard and had no problem going in and out between the trees. Also, I'm sure that someone that flies all out throttle all the time wouldn't be happy with it either , but any beginner would be (and it's cheap for an entry into FPV!). Also, it works with a VR headset, so......Continue Reading
Posted by Ssayer | Sep 30, 2018 @ 09:27 AM | 58,117 Views
Eachine E015 With Flight Boat Car 3-mode Altitude Hold Mode RC Drone Quadcopter RTF
(Note that this is NOT an affiliate link. I do my reviews because it's FUN, I get to play with stuff that I might not otherwise buy, and to give others a real life clue as to how the darn thing works!)

First, the disclaimer: Banggood sent me this for testing and review (thank you!)

What do you get for your money? Let me start with this... it's a toy. For this kind of money, don't go expecting a Phantom 4, it isn't going to happen! Now, what you do get is a transmitter, a brushed motors quad, a 220mAh battery (or up to three depending on what you've picked), a "hover" car body, a foam boat pad, charger, two extra props, and a small Phillips screwdriver (in a BIG box!!!).

Name: bb.jpg
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On to how it performs, which I'll divide into three segments: Quad, Car, and Boat.

Simply for testing I charged the battery (it charged to 4.22v) and did a plain Jane hover, a couple of flips, tested Altitude hold, RTT, etc., but nothing fast. I got 5:26 until it reached it's LVC. It's LVC gave me a resting voltage of 3.37v so I won't be running it to LVC again, but this was just for an Apples to Apples test. FWIW, I have to say that Altitude hold worked extremely well. Be prepared for RTT when the quad gets close!!! On the next battery, I zipped around the viewable house (because it's LOS) doing flips, rolls, etc. and stopped at 3 minutes. After...Continue Reading
Posted by Ssayer | Sep 06, 2018 @ 03:58 PM | 76,429 Views sent me this for testing and review.

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Note that this is NOT an affiliate link. I get things to test and review because it's fun and I get to play with stuff that I normally wouldn't buy without already knowing that it was worth it. .

On to the transmitter. If you read my review on the T8SG Lite, you know that I hated it because of the sticks. Well, the sticks are far and away the main reason that I love the T12. The sticks on the one that I got are buttery smooth and very precise. So much so that I'm currently in the process of porting all my quads and sail planes over to it. It will definitely become my go to transmitter.

For size comparison, here is a pic of each of my multi protocol transmitters from worst to best. (pic) On a scale of one to ten with one being the toy transmitter that comes with most RTF stuff and ten being a transmitter that I don't yet own , I would rate their sticks as ; 1, 6, 7, and 9 respectively.

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Now, I've always been a Deviation kind of guy, and this is my first delving into OpenTx and there is a learning curve you have to go through. That said, I've easily found (so far) everything I've needed online via YouTube and OL's helpful hints. I've got 5 models set up so far and will just keep going (and learning). The hardest parts so far have been figuring out a couple of rogue DSM receivers to get them to bind and getting the endpoints correctly set on my Holybro...Continue Reading
Posted by Ssayer | Sep 04, 2018 @ 08:32 AM | 57,750 Views
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Banggood sent this to me for review. The good thing about Banggood is that they're a retailer and not the maker. I get to say it the way it is. If I weren't allowed to, I wouldn't be reviewing...

1. Very good range.
2. The binding process was painless.
3. FrSky, FrSky V8, FrSkyX, Skyartec, S-FHSS, Corona, PPM, USBHID.
4. Programming is easy enough if you're familiar with Deviation firmware at all.
5. Deviation - which means that better things can come! The funny thing here is that some people regard Deviation as a con. I love it!
6. Ample screen size and brightness.
7. Size - you could carry this thing anywhere.
8. Price - If something were to happen to it, you wouldn't need to be devastated like you would be if your #1 transmitter got broken.
9. USB for upgrades and adding models that you can grab from Deviation as people add their specific models.
10. Two 3 position switches and two rotary.
11. Shows RSSI (with FrSky at least).

1. To me, it's all about the sticks. The sticks are the interface between my mind and the quad (or sailplane). I could list a thousand Pros, and the sticks would still kill the deal for me. If they changed the "gimbals" to anything better, this review would be a heck of a lot more positive. Maybe if I were an XBox kind of guy or something, I might feel better about it, but I'm not. I'm an RC kind of guy...
- A. The feel of the stick movement is anything but smooth.
-...Continue Reading
Posted by Ssayer | Aug 31, 2018 @ 04:34 PM | 58,447 Views
Even though I posted this in another thread, I'm going to re-post it here. The reason being that (among other things that come to mind):
1. I'm going to be adding in info about what FCBs/cams/ and xmtrs I've tested with
2. Because my FPV video now outflys my control transmitter, I'm going to try different things with the control transmitter's setup (I consider that OT for the main RF thread and I'd like it all in one place).

I'll leave this first post as is, and use post #2 for any updates


Ok, I'm only comparing this to a FuriousFPV V2.1 module on my Domv3 goggles, so take it for what it's worth. Also, I'm a tree flyer and not a long range flyer. 99% of my flying is done on my 4.5+ acres of modest to heavy woods. That said, WOW! Now I haven't done a calibration, and haven't even looked at the manual past the installation part (*note: the power module is hidden in between a piece of foam and the alternate face plate, so make sure you look there before you start thinking that something is missing... <-- me ), so maybe it gets even better (I doubt it can get much better).

Here's the deal, I've always flown out until the fpv signal gets so bad, that it's time to come back in a little. Never an issue and I know my property like a captain knows his ship (Galaxy Quest reference). This morning, knowing that the module was coming in today, I went out and slowly...Continue Reading
Posted by Ssayer | Sep 09, 2017 @ 08:11 AM | 61,171 Views
I received the Eachine E56 from Banggood for testing and review.

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There are already a number of reviews on this, so once again, I'll limit my review to mainly observations and opinions.

To me, at the same time, it is both innovative and a novelty. It's new, so the app is still having some growing pains, but they seem to be getting there. In it's current incantation, it works fine on my Samsung Galaxy S5, but merely loads onto my tablets and errors out immediately when I attempt to launch it. I'm presuming that it needs a minimum Android version that is higher than my old(er) tablets which (if this is the reason) they should state in their description, but I can't say for sure.

If you want video, you need to use the Android device (or Apple, I guess ). If you want to control with the remote controller and view with the Android device, you need to do it in this order:
1. Turn on quad
2. Turn on and pair remote control
3. Change WiFi network on Android device to the quad
4. Run App on Android device
5. Play
If you connect with the Android device first, then it won't pair with the remote control (at least with my device).
Obviously, you can both view video and use the Android device for control, I just like to check out all the options. Also, I prefer their Remote Controller as it's the "fun" part of this quad.

Flight time, I get between 6 and 7 minutes, so with it being rated at 7 it's about...Continue Reading
Posted by Ssayer | Aug 07, 2017 @ 03:51 PM | 61,454 Views
Just in case it matters to anyone. I put one of my Runcam Split cams on my Hubsan H501A mainly for looking down when flying high. But, I've found that I really prefer the FOV of the Split as I have a lot easier time hitting the gaps. Here's what the setup looks like and then some side by side comparisons taken from the video when I was flying. What do you think?

Name: Quad.jpg
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Runcam Split....................................... Hubsan H501A
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Posted by Ssayer | Jul 30, 2017 @ 01:20 PM | 63,403 Views
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I kept hearing how the Advanced Transmitter was so much more precise than the Standard Transmitter, so not being happy enough with the slop in my Standard Transmitter's gimbals, I finally broke down and bought one. No contest, the Advanced Transmitter is simply that much more precise. I finally feel confident flying through the trees with this quad!

So let's compare:

Standard Transmitter:
Larger screen
Way easier to insert batteries (more on that in a minute)
Easier to feel good about setting the darn thing down! (sounds dumb, but it matters to me, the Advance Transmitter just doesn't lay down as well)

Advanced Transmitter
The gimbals are rock solid in comparison (we will give it 10 bonus points for this alone!)
It feels better in your hands (my opinion, YMMV)
Easy to turn on/off OSD while flying

Which one is better? IMHO, had I known then what I know now, I would have gone with the Advanced Transmitter right off the bat. It's that much better!

Now, on to the battery thing. With the Standard Transmitter, you simply insert 4 AA batteries. Done... With the Advanced Transmitter, you have to put them (8 AA batteries) into a battery brick and then plug them in via the JST plug. That might be easy for you young guys, but for this old dude, reaching down into the battery bay to plug that thing in with almost no clearance is a chore. The first time I did it, I thought I'd screwed up royally. I plugged it in and pushed the brick down. Man!!! The springs...Continue Reading
Posted by Ssayer | Jul 30, 2017 @ 12:29 PM | 61,859 Views
I drew and printed up some legs for my Hubsans to get them further off the ground (both for prop clearance in higher grass and for ground clearance for my Runcam Split). If you want them longer or shorter, it's easy enough to change that size in your 3D Printer's slicer. I picked this particular size as it is the minimum size which allows ground clearance for my Runcam Split at any angle.

I've attached them with 2 small zip ties and then (because I'm persnickity), I UV welded them in two spots. If you tighten the zip ties well enough there is no problem, but... with the UV weld, they won't budge (with the added benefit that a quick snap of the wrist breaks that weld if you want to remove them). Everything total (legs and zip ties) weighs in at 14g and doesn't make much difference in flight time.

Name: 1.jpg
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Quad with Runcam Split and quad without:
Name: a.jpg
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More of a side view of quad with Runcam Split and a close up:
...Continue Reading
Posted by Ssayer | Jul 19, 2017 @ 03:42 PM | 63,574 Views
Like my Hubsans (which I felt needed a downward facing cam), I just thought a cam that recorded in 1080P would be pretty nice on my racing quad. I had a Runcam Swift 2 on it already, making it pretty darn easy to change over to this one since the connector is the same (and obviously, was already there.) So, I designed an insert to go between the quad and the battery to hold the PCB from the Runcam Split and printed it on my 3D printer. It fits between the battery connector at the rear, screws toward the rear of the quad and has enough room to not hit the FPV antenna. I glued it down with some Gorilla Glue since that stuff hold tight but you can still pry whatever loose (from carbon fiber anyway) if/when you feel the need.

It's funny that I've heard people saying that the Runcam Split has too much lag. Not mine, I zip through and around the trees with no problem at all. Also, some people have complained that it doesn't fill their 16/9 frame well enough. It works just fine on my Dom V3, my Aomway 7" monitor, and my Boscam 5802 monitor. Go figure, eh?

What the quad looks like with the Runcam Split and the 3D printed adapter
Name: 20170719_125228a.jpg
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Close up
Name: 20170719_125239a.jpg
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Posted by Ssayer | Jul 13, 2017 @ 09:05 PM | 63,483 Views
I couldn't decide which thread to put this in, heck there are about 5 or so that I could, so... I'm putting it here.

My 501A/S both default to 5828, so that made this pretty easy. I set the Runcam Split to 5645, which is what everything else I own runs at.

So, first... why? Well, where I fly has way way way more trees than open area and the Hubsans look out, not down. With the Runcam, I can set it (before flight) to look down at whatever angle I feel like and get both FPV video and HD recording (with very good WDR!).

What's my setup for the quad? I drew up and 3D printed a part that everything mounts to. It mounts to the quad with two Reusable Releasable Zip Ties. It takes a whole... 30 seconds to attach or detach the setup. I elected to run it from a 350maH lipo since I have a bunch of them and they are more than enough for a 18 minute flight. So...
1. Runcam Split
2. Eachine TX02
3. 350 maH battery
4. 3D printed plate
5. Velcro strap to hold battery on
6. Two releasable zip ties
7. 3 zip ties to hold TX02 and antenna on
8. 4 nylon screws and 12 nylon nuts
9. 1 losi connector to connect TX02 to Runcam PCB

What do I lose? About 25% of my flying time with the extra 51g of weight. On average (since I don't fly it to LVC), I drop from 18 minutes of flight time to 14 of flight time.

What do I gain? Heck, I wanted both of these to use as a "relatively" inexpensive AP platform. Being able to fly slowly over any given area and accurately line up...Continue Reading