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Posted by rab | Nov 11, 2021 @ 03:19 PM | 8,192 Views
Last summer we changed location. Naturally we bought a place in need of updating (back in 18 yet). The move interrupted building, so the B10 has been sitting in a box in storage. In the mean time I've purchased a few ARFs, Ultimate, Waco, Mig 21. The place updating is coming along, some time this winter I should be able to start using my new garage... And I should be able to fly with more confidence again as I've had cataracts fixed.

The BeDe thing in the last entry did not fly well, it was too heavy to hand launch. I expect I'll come back to it I like the concept.
Posted by rab | Dec 09, 2017 @ 04:06 PM | 3,378 Views
The weather's not conducive to flying this weekend. But I have been building. Some time ago I saw someone elses idea of a Bede/Ez blend. When I had to fix the fan in my TA183 this fall I bought a couple 55mm fans. One fixed the TA183, one went into this BDEZ, the third went into the trash. It is made from blue foam. I decided to try covering in packing tape again. I don't think it was easier than light fiberglass and polyurethane, but it came out ok. Here are a couple of pictures of the BDEZ. I've not flown it yet. Will report the result here. - not good too heavy. I may return to it.

Thought I should also post an image of my third Mile M20. This one files well. It has a 24 inch wing span and a 5oz per square foot wing load. The spinner is more bulbous than it should be, but it balanced well so I'm leaving it that way for now. I went back to the taco shell fuselage to save weight an simplify the build, it worked.
Posted by rab | Sep 24, 2017 @ 09:12 PM | 3,856 Views
Spent the last hour of daylight at PGRC yesterday. As it was the war birds, big birds event this weekend and as I have nothing that would qualify as big I brought my DR1 and a Miles M20 I'd just finished. The DR1 behaved like always, a pleasure to fly. The new plane the Miles M20 worked I ran two packs through it. The 2s 400mah packs I used gave me the slow stall speed I was hoping for but not much speed. I don't think it is enough power to loop the plane unless I dive to pick up some momentum. I guess I'll try a 3s 450mah pack next time and see if I like that better.

I should mention that I've been flying the bird of time, an loving it. But I made a newbe mistake, I used transparent covering - which does not make the plane easier to see when it gets some distance out.
Posted by rab | Apr 15, 2017 @ 11:39 AM | 5,722 Views
Spent the afternoon at PGRC. Flew SU26, TA183 and Radian. The BoT was not quite ready for first flight. With radian found the thermals were easy to catch on the day, easy half hour flights with minimal motor runs. The last two items on the BoT are acquiring rubber bands and measure amps for the three prop sizes.
Posted by rab | Feb 05, 2017 @ 01:58 PM | 5,903 Views
February and the weather is not conducive to flying. But building works. My current project is a Bird of Time kit. It should be ready in late March or early April.
Posted by rab | Jan 02, 2017 @ 10:52 AM | 6,258 Views
PGRC, good conditions, 50deg mostly still air. Infineon, QED, TA183, DR1. Flew each twice. The infineon needs a new aileron servo. I should tidy up the battery area of the DR1, it is wearing, and the wheels, both need improvement, but it flys well all the same.

Bird of Time is progressing. Starting on the rudder today.

I've been playing with Real Flight 7.5, Phoenix and FMS, over all I am liking FMS best.
Posted by rab | Dec 04, 2016 @ 06:46 PM | 5,943 Views
Nice afternoon, still or nearly so, 47 f, overcast - i guess it will rain tonight. Four planes, Infineon, QED, DR1, TA183, and a blade 180 heli.

Drove my mother-in-law's car to the field to put a charge on the battery. All flew well. The QED had had some major repair and a tail reduction, it flew with nearly no trim changes. The Infineon had to be tweaked because I had closed the rudder in the car door when loading the car. I flew the TA183 with a 2s 1500 once, it flew a bit slow but it flew. Normally I fly the TA183 with a 3s 1800, the fan is a GWS55. I flew the heli three times, third time I lost orientation and planted it. so far as I can see the tail tube is the only damage. The DR1 flew first and last. The DR1 looks a bit tatty these days but it still flies well.
Posted by rab | Dec 15, 2015 @ 10:52 PM | 6,975 Views
Having spun my previous model of this plane into the ground this spring I decided to build a new copy, this time with depron. This is it. After the first flight I went ahead and added some lettering.

There are more test flights ahead to sort out the trim and flight envelop.

The colors should be an approximation of the initial color scheme of 1934. I've been surprised to find two youtube videos of the original aircraft in the air. see https://youtu.be/wlVlRlCoBJ0?t=259 from 1934 and https://youtu.be/wauuFGyPoME?t=44 from 1939.

My previous threads:

- Allen

PS: sadly I won't be sorting out the flight envelop of this plane any time soon.
Posted by rab | Dec 06, 2015 @ 10:41 PM | 7,280 Views
I was able to get out an fly this afternoon, good conditions calm 50ish. Remaidened my SU26. (the motor mount had come apart due to a bad landing) On the rebuild I put in more down thrust since it did not have enough before it broke. It took a couple of flights to get it dialed in again.

And having just finished a new copy of the GeeBee R6H QED, it was maidened today. The first flight was a bit challenging as it needed some trim and I did not like my propeller choice. The second flight went much better the trim was not perfect but much better. And on the second flight the landing was much more under control.

- Allen
Posted by rab | Sep 21, 2014 @ 03:53 PM | 7,282 Views
Spent an enjoyable morning at PGRC. Some flying some chit chat. The maiden flight of my Dragon Rapide went flawless, just about the only thing on that plane that has gone flawless. Note the flaws are due to me, I should have picked a simpler kit for my first stick build. Anyway it flew very well. Another guy with a roadster about twice as old as mine showed up to check out the field. Early morning was still, as the morning went on some light termals formed. Might have been a good day to fly the glider. But I choose not to bring it because fitting the Dragon in the car is challenging, not so much because of it's size but because of its fragility.
Posted by rab | Dec 27, 2013 @ 11:26 PM | 8,642 Views
Instead of putting this elsewhere I thought I'd try putting it on my blog. I know there are a bunch of other treads on this plane. I've found the other threads useful and encouraging, so hopefully someone else will benefit from this one.

A couple of years ago now I received this kit for Christmas. Since I'm in a spell where I can not get out and fly much but I can find time to build it was time to start this. I've built a few balsa planes but not many, so far this is much the most challenging, I'm enjoying it. I've made a number of minor blunders - or at least they seem minor now. I'm not sure how I am going to do the gear do I build up some a-frames or do I follow the plans? I guess I'll build the gear per the kit and then see.

I'm not sure how I'll do the aileron hinges or why I should wait till final assembly to do them. I would typically use some house wrap. That is how I've hinged the rudder.

I am planning to use 1300kv blue wonders for motors with 6a plush esc's and a 7x6 gws prop.

I'd love to try shaping a pair of props for this plane, we'll see... I'd also like to make some lego style people to put in the plane. And I'd like to put a light kit on it. But I probably won't since this plane clearly needs to be light.

I am currently planning a dark green and cream color scheme, but again that is a month or two into the future.
Posted by rab | Dec 27, 2013 @ 10:39 PM | 7,576 Views

SU 26 um
Beast um
Bat Wing Gee Bee
Blade 120

Battery for the had heli expired no real flights from it.

Bat Wing Gee Bee had motor mount issues, I did not fly it.

Beast um flew well twice, third flight it got tail ended by a T28 I think. The prop cracked.

The SU 26 flew perfectly every time.
Posted by rab | Nov 03, 2013 @ 12:33 PM | 7,402 Views
PGRC 0900 1300

SU26m 480


Very nice weather. Noticing how the Orange gyro makes the rolls a bit jerky. Looped the HK450 for the first time in a while.
Posted by rab | Oct 21, 2013 @ 08:37 PM | 8,003 Views
PGRC 14:00 17:00

SU26m 480


Another pleasant day, flew everything at least once. The M20 only once, it is too weak for it's weight. The other three were flown four or five times each. I'm getting used to how the Orange Gyro RX initializes, you have to watch it sometimes it does not come up right - then any input will cause the rudder to twitch in one direction.
Posted by rab | Oct 14, 2013 @ 08:51 PM | 8,100 Views
PGRC 14:30 17:30

SU26m 480


Flew everything at least once. Very pleasant weather. On some flights something funny happens with the SU26m - I am putting it up to the Orange RS3X for the moment. For some reason early in some flights the plane wants to roll right. After a minute or so in the air it seems to straighten out?
Posted by rab | Sep 29, 2013 @ 09:04 PM | 8,147 Views
PGRC 8 - 12

SU26m 480
HK 450

Flew the SU26 four times this morning. Gaining a bit of confidence with it again. It is much more stable even without the orange stabilizing receiver. I have to think rebuilding the motor mount helped. New pack's help - I've been flying with the quantum telemetry unit. Nice to bring the SU26 home without anything that needs fixing.

Flew the Infinion also four times this morning. As always very nice to fly.

Light lift for the Radian, made no real thermal assents today.

Becoming more comfortable with the HK450 again.
Posted by rab | Sep 25, 2013 @ 06:00 PM | 8,033 Views
PGRC 8:30 - 12:00

SU26m 480
HK 450

Flew several packs through the SU26m. I have it setup for 4S 1300mah packs. But the two packs I have are failing so I put my Quantum on it to day. In both packs cell 2 is failing. On my last flight the plane decided it needed to roll to the right. There is a warp in the rudder that can be causing this problem, but I had trim compensated for it on the first three flights, why did it change on the fourth flight? Did the orange gyro receiver mess up?

Dr1 flew well, Radian too. I could find little bits of lift but nothing sustained. The heli I am getting more comfortable with again.
Posted by rab | Sep 22, 2013 @ 01:55 PM | 7,726 Views
PGRC 9 - 12:30

SU 26M 480
DR 1
M 20
HK 450

Still at 9 breeze by 10.

On the SU increased gain on orange gyro receiver, the resulting stability was nice, espcially since the breeze was variable. Now to sort out batterys. The 1300 4s batteries are near shot. I combined a pair of 1600 2s batteries which worked well now that the gyro helps landings the added weight can be tollerated. The 4s batteries are both having weak cell issues.

The HK 450 is much more pleasent to fly than the flybarless 450 with tail servo issue.

The spinner on the M20 needs reworking.
Posted by rab | Sep 11, 2013 @ 08:14 PM | 8,263 Views
At PGRC this morning:
  • Infinion
  • Dr1
  • M20
  • Radian
  • EXI 450

On the Infinion I am finding that it wants to nose up when inverted, which is making extra work on inverted Cuban 8s.

The pro's really showed me up on light lift. I found some and a bunch of buzzards showed up, they were able to gain a lot of altitude where I really struggled. I was also surprised to see and hear a black buzzard make few major swooping maneuvers.

Part of the head came loose on the 450, it hit medium hard. And I had just decided I needed to replace the tail servo. Guess I'll be buying a bunch more 450 parts.
Posted by rab | Apr 23, 2011 @ 09:01 PM | 8,350 Views
I have an SE5a from PJMass plans that I liked. I have a 4site that I like but find rather fragile. I've seen the treads on ghost planes and like the look - so - I decided to bash PJMass's plans into a UM ghost type. That was January. I thought about using foam or balsa and this time decided to use balsa. It was never going to be a quick build but work has been totally nuts since some time in the fall. I'm hoping the 4site gear will fly it, we will see how much heavier it turns out.

After that - a simpler larger profile-ish Ambrossini ss4 to work around the torque role issue - an IAR80, and some glider rebuilds, and lots of maintenance on the planes that I fly now.

Here is an image of the skeleton/ghost SE5a in progress.

- Allen