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Every year, we make personal resolutions and bucket lists that seem to fade away in a matter of few weeks. We want to bring change, but the daily grind takes-over the greater plan. This year, instead on focusing on personal goals (and slacking), I plan to support others in the community thus being more committed to the plan.

Based on my research and personal preferences, I am currently, considering supporting Susan-G-Komen, Academy of Model Aeronautics, University of Maryland, The Smithsonian, Air and Space Museum, Virginia Tech Alumni Association, NPR, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, MedStar Health and a few other similar organizations.

To generate positivity and awareness about these organizations and their worthy causes, I have developed a simple "SHARE & CARE" campaign. For each person that comments or likes this post, I will donate an additional $1 and if you choose to participate, then one lucky person will get a surprise gift - could be a book, a postcard, gift-card or an absolute surprise!

Friends and colleagues, I encourage you to recommend other suitable organizations and participate in the "Share & Care" campaign. Together, we can generate awareness, show support and form a web of kindness during 2015.

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Quad Copters

What To Buy : 5 minute overview and recommendation from a Hobbyist

Micro Size:
  • Blade Nano QX (RTF): $89 : 5"x5", weighs less than 18 grams, 4-6 minute flights, small enough to fly inside office/living room space, blade guards are provided as a safety feature for new pilots, has a sophisticated flight control software that keeps it stable during a hover. Developed and distributed by a popular US brand - parts are easily available at every local hobby shop and online. Designed for beginners - very easy to fly - does not require any prior training. Very little mass, thus does not result in damage during crash landings. Will help gauge user's interest and skills in flying quad copters.

  • HeliMax 1Si (RTF): $139, 5"x5", weighs 45 grams, 5-8 minute flight time, small enough to fly inside office/living room space, in built HD camera, innovative 'Return-To-Home' feature, stable flight characteristics. Developed and distributed by a major US brand - parts are easily available at every local hobby shop and online.

  • Hubsan X4 H107C (with 2 MP camera): $75 - $90: 5"x5", weighs less than 40 gms, 5-7 minute flight time, small enough to fly indoors or outdoors, in-built 2 MP camera, stable flight characteristics, designed for beginners and very easy to fly after reading the manual and/or watching a few Youtube videos. Developed and distributed by Chinese company - so parts are not available at local hobby shops but easily available online (
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I am a Marketing & Business Analyst by profession and have been interested in gadgetry and RC since child-hood days.
To my credit thus far, I have scratch built a Galelio's telescope, a solar cooker, and a motorized tank.
I was introduced to planes through the rubber-powered models and I have unsuccessfully flown/successfully crashed the following:

  • Megatech Skyliner (sold)
  • Hobbico Piper Cub (RIP)
  • Self built Piper Cub - with Dollar Store foam and HobbyKing electonics - Crashed/Repaired/Dismantaled !
  • E-Flite CX2 Heli - One sold and have another in the hangar (Available for sale for $80 local and $90 shipped to CONUS)
  • Flyzone Playmate - repaired many times, but still flies now gutted and parts user on other projects
  • Flyzone Albatros - Sold at the NVRC auction
  • Parkzone Sukhoi SU-26m - Don't know how to fly - Too fast for me - Sold at the NVRC auction
  • Cushat - free flight - but attempting RC conversion - Was unable to convert into RC... ended up being too heavy
  • Hobby Lobby Soarjet Glider - EDF - Awaiting LiPO from HobbyPartz
  • Harbor Freight Wild Hawk - Pusher Prop - Crashed several times, but now going to upgrade to LiPo
  • Great Planes Yard Stick (RIP)
  • Bell P-39 Airacobra - Nitro - OS Max .25 two stroke engine - Dont' know how to fly - Nor have the tools
I fly locally in Southern Maryland and Northern Virginia area. If you like to get together to fly, please feel free to send a PM.


I have a RC hobby blog, if you like to read then please visit: