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Posted by kydawg1 | Aug 27, 2020 @ 04:58 AM | 20,293 Views
This one is NOT GOOD from Team Black Sheep.... seems they have a build that is an issue.... not sure about other samples. I have contacted TBS customer service (Mr. Mike Chin) and we will see how that respond.

READ THE DESCRIPTION from the video.... just my venting.

His first comment was that my Gimbals must be bad..... yeah sorry, this TX flies dozens of models with no issue. Strike 1. Gonna need to dig deeper than that.....I am on Engineer.....I know DFMEAs and how to rootcause issues. Gonna take more than a JEDI MIND TRICK to fool this old dude.

TBS SourceV RTF First 2 packs-dangerous uncontrolled movements BEWARE - DO NOT BUY - SEE DESCRIPTION (3 min 33 sec)