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The EMAX Babyhawk is certainly a breath of fresh air in the predominantly carbon framed racing copter scene! It has a stylish plastic frame that manages to hide almost all of the wiring, and in addition the camera mount actually has an up angle, which can't be said for most other models around the same size. The Babyhawk flies pretty well and can be quick on 2S LiPos, and the Betaflight controller supports most bells and whistles, so even the more pretentious of flyers should be satisfied!

Emax BabyHawk 85mm Micro Brushless racing copter - has potential, however there is always a BUT! (6 min 37 sec)

The review, as well as a full parts list, can be found in my blog:


Motor centre to motor centre (diagonally): 86.8mm
Dimensions: 78.50mm x 78.50mm x 44mm (without props and antennas)
Flying weight: 64g (w/o battery)


As usual from GearBest, my package arrived in a perfect condition, and with DHL it takes only 3-4 days! Very nice work yet again!


Nowadays a lot of these micro racing copters come in some nice boxes, but the Babyhawk really takes the gold medal in that department! That box is just pure BLING! I am certain it will survive well even if somebody jumps on it!

There is enough foam in there to make sure everything stays untouched from abuse! I mean... this box probably costs 10% of the price of the whole copter! I AM going to be keeping this even...Continue Reading
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After finding nothing which captured the size lions actually saw, the lion kingdom decided to stack all 62 photos the T4I got & rotate it with the horizon down. It was configured to make a movie rather than a still photo, so it got only a tiny amount of light. In reality, the prominences stretched many diameters & were fuller. At least this starts to show the X with 2 large arms on the left & 2 smaller ones on the right. Unsharp masking gives mixed results.
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5971420 eclipse_5d
6503204 eclipse_android
10632900 eclipse_gear360
11955400 eclipse_gopro
26555836 eclipse_mark3
3536040 eclipse_sanyo
38355472 eclipse_t4i
103510272 total

It was 1 of the things you thought would never happen in your lifetime. 103 GB of data was captured in 3 hours by 7 cameras. The T4I shot a CU timelapse at 1/200, F5.6 ISO200, 200mm The T4I got 62 frames of totality, manely limited by the slow SD card.

The hour before totality was very busy. The amount of checklist rechecking, camera blocking, camera reconfiguring, reframing of the drift shots was intense. 10 minutes before totality was a race to start all the cameras. The Mark III went into an excessively fast shutter bracket. It required a faster shutter speed to focus, but this wasn't reset to the slower shutter speed needed for exposing the stars. Magic Lantern wouldn't stop shooting, but fortunately there was enough time between shots to adjust the shutter without stopping it.

As the 3 DSLR's clicked furiously, the lion now turned to using his own eyes. The lion just stood & stared at the sun through the glasses. The sliver of light quickly got smaller & smaller. After the episode with Magic Lantern, it all happened extremely fast. There was no time to gather someone to hug or tweek any cameras, now.

Then the mass shouting began, including "glasses off!" After a careful move to pull the filters off the cameras without shifting focus, it was time to stare &...Continue Reading
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Ok ,so I ask this question,who really likes these wifi selfie drones?There are so many coming out now ,I have tested a few and honestly think they kinda suck,they fly terrible,the picture and video quality is garbage.Honestly,seen better quadcopters before this selfie wifi junk came opinion.Move forward with this manufactures please,my two cents
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Gate Anti-drone (0 min 32 sec)

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I tested the durability of my Mad Gear Desert Wolf by jumping it and crashing it in the street

Here is the link:
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I picked up this new action camera for my videos and I am pretty impressed with it,especially for how well it works AND I bought it for under $50 Video looks good and sound quality is decent for review work,I am pleased with this little camera
I ,like most of us work on a tight budget and it is always nice to find something that works well and doesn't cost a bunch.
I bought my Activeon CX camera here
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Got the paint on her---just need to seal it and she'll be going together soon.
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YT channel
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CRANE FREESTYLE FPV DRONE - STICK VIEW ( frank citro ) (3 min 11 sec)

if you like ... please support me ... i just need you subscribe in my YT channel with the link below

thanks everyone guys !
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hi all!
this is my honest review of the Utoghter 96308
Utoghter 69308. my Honest review! (12 min 14 sec)

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US$ 107.99

This 860mm Wingspan Nano Talon is a portable edition of the Talon Airframe series. It is super easy to hand-launch and fly because of the included gyro, The Nano Talon is very convenient to transport due to the main wing and tail fins being detachable The built-in servo structure makes the airfoil more aerodynamic,

As with all aircraft the real proof of the pudding is in how the craft flies and how well it handles the elements, im looking forward to flying a plane again as i do miss the longer flight times and finding some height but for now.......

Lets start with the box.....

Main wing set. The wings are a 2 piece black lower and white upper foam set, wing spars and a torque bar type servo control are pre-installed. a portion of the wing section is hollow.
...Continue Reading
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Greetings, and built the updated drone, but I have a problem when using the command, the engine 4 goes slower or the engines 4 and 1 go slower, but if I accelerate thoroughly all the engines go well, I am new to This but I think that the problem is the command, in the program (cleanflight) I accelerate the engines and these go of wonder, somebody could help me I do not know what to do or if it is the control that I will have to calibrate it.

But sometimes motor 4 is the one that stops first, but when I accelerate them with the software all the engines go very well.
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Started painting the Fuselage today. Thinking of keeping the gold accent on the tail fin. Figure I can always paint it black if I don't like the final result.
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The popularity of drone use in agriculture has increased over the past few years, and drones are now being used around the world to herd animals like cows and sheep. People who move herds over large swaths of land are saying itís a more efficient and effective way to get the job done, and it allows them to keep an eye on the land and cattle more easily.