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The Arrows Marlin comes with no receiver and I chose the AR637T for it’s Forward Programming features, Telemetry, and AS3X /SAFE gyro features. I replaced the stock 40 A ESC with an Avian 45 A ESC for it’s advanced telemetry, ease of programming, and for reverse thrust. With a SMART 2200 4S the lipo sends info to the ESC then to the RX and then to the NX8 transmitter.

I have been using spoilerons on all of my models using the DX9 and NX8. However with flaps the DX9 requires the more complex sailplane type program. It can be done but the NX8 is so much easier because of the 2 aileron, 1 flap choice in the Airplane type program. In the Flap System menu (see pic) there are 3 columns: Flap, Elev, and Crow. I have assigned FM (transmitter Flight Modes) to various phases of flight.

I plug the right aileron into chan 2 and the left aileron into chan 6. The roll gyro levels the Marlin with just the right aileron and needs no adjustment in the gain menu. I use the default gains for all 3 axis and do not set up a switch or dial to adjust gains. Likewise I have been using the default angle limits for aileron, elevator, and rudder and the Marlin reacts normally. I am using 50% aileron to rudder mix for all phases of flight except for B2 Manual Mode where I want axial rolls without any rudder mixing.

Flight Modes are set up on the B, D, and Throttle Switch. B0 is SAFE, B1 is Circle Mode, and B2 is Manual Mode. The majority of my flying is in the B0 SAFE...Continue Reading
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Very Budget RC Bomb Drop (0 min 19 sec)

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It's amazing that all logic with regard to the functioning of the world and the outcomes of its events continues to be thrown out the window amidst the pandemic.

Otherwise intelligent people have bought into the trope that "if just all the people were vaccinated ( "X" times) and wore masks inside and outside of their homes that the covid issue would go away.

Here is stuff that "Experts" have said and that has been proven:

1. Vaccinated people still get covid-in fact- most people with covid at this time are already double vaccinated.
2. A vaccinated person with covid can still spread the disease.
3. Vaccines MAY help people with covid to not have serious symptoms.

Give the above facts and occurences how on earth is this lame vaccine supposed to stop Covid?????

If the polio vaccine were as bad as the covid vaccine 90% of Americans would have been at least affected by polio, today.
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Well POOP !.....Just spent the last hour looking through 1130 Sport C/L plans on OuterZone, hoping to find something that I might want to convert to R/C....Pretty much all the stunters look the same, as do the combat wings.....I converted the Altagerra several years ago, and although it's a good looking and great flying airplane, I've built her twice.....So I wanted something different careful what you wish for...I drew this one up in 2018 for a Balsa Builders Conversion Contest on RC Groups, until the moderator changed the contest rules to include anything that was already in the primary build I backed out and never built her....55" 1911 Caudron Racer, complete with a 3-cylinder Anzani.....I know, I know....I've lost my mind
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DarwinFPV Baby Ape is a 3 inch freestyle quad with 1104 4300KV motors for 2-3S battery. 73g, F4 FC 15A ESC's BL_S, Darwin700TVL Camera, the Pro Version is with CADDX ANT Camera. I would only take the Pro version because of the better Caddx ANT camera.

Video EN subtitle -
DarwinFPV Baby Ape Pro der billigster 3 Zoll Freestyle FPV Quad (5 min 18 sec)

Connection of EP1 ELRS receiver to UART1
The Happymodel EP1 is soldered as shown in the photo. Telemetry should be off otherwise the VTX will switch to B1. No solution in sight yet. There are no problems with a Frsky XM+ receiver or other SBUS receiver.

DarwinFPV Baby - Code: BGDARWIN10 -
DarwinFPV Baby frame - Code: BGRCPARTS8 -
DarwinFPV F4 12A 3S AIO -
BlueJay ESC FW -
BetaFPV ELRS Micro TX -
Eachine TX16S -
Happymodel ELRS EP1 -

Kopterheld Coupons:

My equipment:
DJI FPV Goggles V2 -
Fatshark Dominator HDO2 -
ImmersionRC RapidFIRE -
Radiomaster TX16S -
CADDX Ratel 2 -

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Hello, I΄ve decided I wanted to do more with my youtube channel.
Here I post footage of my build logs planes and more.
If you are interested in my rc videos, here is the link:
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URUAV RX5808 EVO the cheapest and best FPV Module - 48 Channel FPV Module for Fatshark or DJI FPV Goggles, an analog module with OSD adjustment in the goggles, better than Eachine Pro58, same as Foxeer Wildfire.

Review (EN subtitle) -
URUAV RX5808 EVO günstiges Modul für Fatshark und analog DJI FPV Brille (2 min 27 sec)

DJI RX PORT 3.0+ -
BDI adapter -
TBS Fusion -
ETHIX Strap HD -
Alien 2200mAh -
RapidFIRE -
DJI FPV Goggles -

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ExpressLRS 2.1 is here and you can use the BetaFPV ELRS Micro TX module with the 2.1 firmware. The basic settings can now be set with the joystick on the back of the OLED display. The Namimno Flash V2 also works with ELRS 2.1 and the OLED display with joystick function.

My video (EN subtitle)
BetaFPV ELRS TX Modul 1W mit ExpressLRS 2.1 (1 min 36 sec)

ELRS Micro TX 1W -
ELRS Nano TX -
Amazon -

LiteRadio 3 -
Meteor65 Pro -
Amazon -

Meteor75 -
Amazon -

Meteor85 -
Amazon -

ELRS Lite RX -

Micro Nano Adapter -
Eachine TX16S -

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My review of this beginner drone
DJI FPV Drone Combo and accessories (39 min 24 sec)

Posted by Old_Pilot | Jan 24, 2022 @ 08:42 PM | 3,632 Views
For all intents and purposes, she's done, but it will be a while before I try to fly her......low's in the 20's and teens, highs in the 40's with winds at 10-15 , probably until March
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Synergy with Whoop Fc (0 min 33 sec)

I installed Whoop FC, Crazybee F4 Pro V3.0, on Synergy from RC Factory. FC works as a receiver, ESC and gyro and weighs only 4.3g. It has 2-4S input, 10A ESC, and 1A BEC, so I think it is suitable for Synergy class aircraft. The range of the built-in receiver is not long, so it is recommended to use it for indoor flight.

・Servo Connection
Servos can be connected to pads which can be set to timer output ports. For this FC, LED_Strip, TX1, RX1, TX2, and RX2 pads can be used. (IRX1 cannot be used because it is connected to an inverter. BUZZ also cannot be used because it cannot be set to a timer output port.) I used LED_Strip, TX2, and RX2 pads for Servo 1 (AILERON), Servo 2 (ELEVATOR), and Servo3 (RUDDER). They are connected to PA0, PA2, and PA3 of the MCU. Betaflight resource commands are:

resource servo 1 A00
resource servo 2 A02
resource servo 3 A03

The wiring diagram, actual wiring, and assembling the servo connector are shown in the pictures.

・Betaflight Setting
The motor is connected to the M1 connector. FC is placed so that the M1 connector is facing forward and attached to the back of the fuselage (see photo). The board alignment is roll 0 pitch 0 yaw -45.

Betaflight command I used are as follows:

resource led_strip 1 none
resource serial_tx 2 none
resource serial_rx 2 none
resource servo 1 A00
resource servo 2 A02
resource servo 3 A03
mixer customairplane
mmix reset
mmix 0 1 0 0 0
smix reset
...Continue Reading
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as i coundnt understand the meaning of that box that shows at some posts, i began to speculate.
here are the pics as they change when i press or roll. this example is with a 3 positions switch.
am under the impression that when i press or roll, changes something from white to black background, and this means that white is not active and black is. then when roll it moves to different position of the 3 of the switch and start all over for each of the 3 positions.
still dont get it when it is white and there is a small black spot under, sometimes is smaller, others is wider; sometimes there is another on top also. this may be white or black. also, the square piece at the bottom sometimes is half white/half black.
and also there are some notes in the "manual" that comment on them.
i hope my doubts can easily be explained and this will be of great convenience for me and many others that use this series of radios and are in the same situation.
but wait, am beginning to see the light. for those who have the manual, or have access to it on line, see page 8: there is a drawing near the bottom left that tells: 'tip' here you find some data. and below, next to it, there is another clue in auto switch select. also in page 31 at top. and page 32 at the end. seems that the fellows that wrote the manual never considered that there are no explanations about this so we could...Continue Reading
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Bell Huey UH-1N, Ken Lou’s latest fuselage design for the OMP M2 joining his other awesome kits for the M2 , 230S and k130 helis.

High quality SLA 3D printed resin shells and parts. Kits come with welded SS landing skids, tail frame sub assembly and awesome clear plastic screens and all fasteners and related and a decent amount of surface detailing. Ken is running these with the trex 250 - 205mm cf main blades.

Look up ken.Lou.906 on f a c e b o o k You will not be disappointed

Also see the bell B427

And the OH-58. Bell B206 jet ranger Reading
Posted by Cabledawg1 | Jan 24, 2022 @ 12:35 AM | 5,658 Views
Parts edwen may be interested in. The yellow on the thrust thingamajibs are because I painted the bottom of the plane yellow so it was easier to see.
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The embedded GPUs are out there. They're just 3x the price 2 years ago.

The lion kingdom believes the biggest improvements are going to come from improving the camera more than confusing power which no longer exists. Improving the exposure would improve every algorithm, so back light compensation is essential. Exposure could be adjusted so 99% of the pixels land above a certain minimum on the histogram. Unfortunately, the GeneralPlus has limited exposure control. Polling the video4linux2 driver, you get some settings.

id=980900 min=1 max=255 step=1 default=48 Brightness
id=980901 min=1 max=127 step=1 default=36 Contrast
id=980902 min=1 max=127 step=1 default=64 Saturation
id=980903 min=-128 max=127 step=1 default=0 Hue
id=980910 min=0 max=20 step=1 default=0 Gamma
id=98091b min=0 max=3 step=1 default=3 Sharpness
id=98091c min=0 max=127 step=1 default=8 Backlight Compensation

The only functional ones are contrast, saturation & backlight compensation. Backlight compensation is really some kind of brightness function. Saturation & contrast are some kind of software filters. The values have to be rewritten for every frame. Color definitely gives better face tracking than greyscale. The default backlight compensation is already as bright as possible. Changing saturation & backlight compensation from the default values gave no obvious improvement.

Face tracking could use higher resolution. There was also using a bigger target than a face by trying other demos in opencv-4.x/samples/dnn.

openpose.cpp ran at 1 frame every 30 seconds.

person-reid.cpp ran at 1.6fps. This requires prior detection of a person with openpose or YOLO. Then it tries to match it with a database.

object_detection.cpp ran at 1.8fps with the yolov4-tiny model from This is a general purpose object detector.

Since only 1 in 4 frames are getting processed, there could be an alignment & averaging step. It would slow down the framerate. It wouldn't do well with fast motion.
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This is my Arrows BAe Hawk 50mm EDF Jet Unboxing, 4-Channel RX Radio Setup, Arrows Viper Comparison, & Review video!

Arrows BAe Hawk 50mm EDF Jet Unboxing, Radio Setup, & Review (9 min 43 sec)

Here are my Review Notes:

- Easy build
- Nice grips for hand launches
- Skid plates on the bottom of the jet
- It is beautiful! New anti-corrosive paint for better
- High performance 50mm EDF Setup
- Three flight modes with Vector gyro system making it a "Smart Jet"
- Can use 4-Channel RX
- Uses inexpensive 3S packs

- The battery bay needs minor mods to ensure a complete seal every time.

Link to Arrows RC BAe Hawk PNP EDF Jet:

The link in this description is an affiliate link. It gives me a small commission on sales which helps support the channel and keep it independent.
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My redesigned avitron ornithopter transmitter. I gave it a retro Aviation/Falconry look with rivets, polished aircraft aluminum, leather, cork, antique brass parts, real Falconry bells, and a bronze falcon skull.

- [email protected]