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Posted by Crash200QX | Today @ 06:08 PM | 104 Views
Blade 200 qx camera port or terminal can be used as a switch, I was told. Do you know how to connect to this blog, forum, thread or post
Posted by yosemitez | Today @ 01:02 PM | 384 Views
static test with quad in upstairs window, drove 1.4 mile up a road where i can see out house and had link and video

works as wired, i tried tx/rx3 and tx/rx6 and no luck

Pin 1 (receiver TX) goes to one of the flight controller UART RX
Pin 2 (receiver RX) goes to one of the flight controller UART TX
Power up the Flight controller, the CF Receiver will have a RED light (not bonded)
Push the button on the Crossfire , can also be done though lua
Power on the receiver and push the bind button (no need to power up with button pressed like FrSky)
The button will turn blue, the receiver LED will turn green.
This means the bind is done but the TX needs to update the firmware on the RX module over the air (magic!).
Push the Crossfire TX button to confirm the update, wait a couple of minutes until it turns green again.
download tbsagent, lug into back of CF TX, update both TX and RX

taranis x9d+
open tx 2.2 latest
internal rf off
external set to crsf , ch1 -8
rx and tx are bound (both green), see both in tx under crsf lua
configured rx to output 1 and 2= crsf tx/rx , 100mw
Channel Map Dat.Ch. 8 RSSI

betaflight 3.2.2
serial set to uart 6
receiver mode set to> serial based rx
serial receiver set to> crsf
In Receiver tab set the RSSI channel to 8, now you can see the RSSI
Posted by Bdtmoore | Today @ 11:41 AM | 434 Views
I've got a Tigre Twin 60CC that is new, in the box but the mounting bracket is missing. I'm wanting to sell it.
Posted by davidterrell80 | Today @ 09:53 AM | 625 Views
Here we go again, a document purporting to be from the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Homeland Security Investigations SAC Intelligence Program Los Angeles dated the 9th of August 2017...

Posted by KatrinaRosen | Today @ 09:16 AM | 591 Views
Teen Mom 2 Asks an Important Question: Is It OK to Shoot Down Drones? The segment in question begins as (former) teen mom Jenelle prepares for her wedding to David, a very cool and normal dude who we will return to in a moment. David, stalking the property like an ornery bison, calls Jenelle, informing her that “some girls” were attempting to take pictures of the event before it began. “Now they’re, like, flying drones over the house, and driving by taking pictures. Jenelle, indignant, almost immediately settles on a solution. “We will shoot it”. It is technically a federal crime under 18 U.S.C. 32 to shoot down a drone. According to the statute, it’s illegal to damage, destroy, disable, or wreck any aircraft. And because the Federal Aviation Administration treats drones as aircraft, even the most annoying quadcopters should fall under the law’s protections.
Posted by iacei | Today @ 05:16 AM | 814 Views
Hi folks,

This time I want to try something new and make a FPV car but as I don’t want to spend too much on a TRAXAS Summit. I decided to try this Model FEIYUE FY06 1:12 which is kinda a crawler even if you can’t expect for such a low price (140 USD) a manual differential lock.

But the things that did interest me were:

- the 6 wheels drive
- the space available to fit a camera in a protected spot
- the pickup loading area were I will be able to bit a bigger battery or some other stuff.


Other than that this truck has great reviews and bonus you get spare parts in the box.

One question though, I have ordered the Banggood one and it seems that I won’t get the Leds lights….We’ll see about that because it would be very handy to drive in the darkness.

...Continue Reading
Posted by fransk | Today @ 04:07 AM | 899 Views
Today i've modified my FS-i6 to fit an internal MTX9D multiprotocol module.

I have connected it to the mainboard of the receiver by using the tracepads.
The module's power line has been routed to an extenal switch, allowing me to cut the power to the module for easy reset - or turn it off when playing simulators completely.

The module's led has been removed from the multiprotocol board and is also re-routed to an external led that is mounted on the top of the controller.

Here is the pinout: of the module

and here you can see how it's supposed to be connected to the transmitter board:

if you are planning to do this, and need some help, drop me a comment!
Posted by Jack Crossfire | Today @ 01:24 AM | 1,073 Views
In what became an epic bodge, the 5 year old headset monitor was finally replaced with a much smaller version. The original design required a large inductor to isolate GSM noise. That was no longer necessary for LTE phones. The original design ganged 2 op amps to drive the speakers in mono. The new design drives the speakers with 2 op amps in stereo.

The original design used cascaded 10x amplifiers in the preamp. The new design uses a single 100x amplifier because 1 op amp had to be bodged for isolating the phone. As in the original design, a voltage follower is required to keep the phone from feeding into the preamp, but the reason wasn't written anywhere. It wasn't to isolate GSM noise.

The original design regulated 12V down to 5V. The new design uses unregulated 4.2V from a battery which lasts 24 hours. The standby current is only 5mA. Peaks get it up to 20mA. It took a lot of bodging to adjust the phone volume. The 5k's double the phone's volume, giving the phone's internal volume control enough room. The only adjustment is the microphone volume.

The decision was made to have the monitor permanently in the headphone line. The headphones were never used for anything else.

There was an idea to use digital mixing in a microcontroller, but this required a lot more parts. The lion kingdom inherited a lot of AD8604's from the day job. These are insane rail to rail 8Mhz op amps.
Posted by Ryno vxl | Today @ 01:15 AM | 1,085 Views
So i have a vxl rustler i run a venom 5000 35c 11.1v lipo battery from time to time and a 7200 mah 131amps 7.4v 90c constant lipo my question is could i buy the venom pro duo charger to charge both batteries? Also im looking for a good quick charger for 2s 3s lipo any suggestions.. Thanks and looking forward to a reaspons
Posted by xinte | Today @ 01:02 AM | 1,137 Views
Help!Need reviews for this drone
Here is the 450 DIY RC Drone,https://www.xt-xinte.com/Full-Set-RC...r-p134024.html
Seek reviews for this drone,I can send the drone for free.
Welcome to contact me for cooperation,thanks!
Posted by day o | Today @ 12:25 AM | 1,138 Views
I "just" got my 210 back in the air, thanks to a replacement HGLRC F4 V5Pro FC from Pirofliprc. My wife signed us up to host Thanksgiving for her family this year, so we have a ton of people over. I decided to give them all a ridealong and tried to get too fancy or something. I think my battery slipped out after a front flip, and that may have dragged the whole thing down. Anyways, I broke an arm. 4mm 3k carbon doesn't break that easily, and I can attest that I was really moving at the time. And I may have killed a lipo. I have fiberglass poking out. The cells are all fine, but something tells me that she's not going to survive another crash. All this after I just got her back in the air too. With my Leader 120 being down, I'm now left with just brushed micros. I think it's time to start another build
Posted by xinte | Today @ 12:18 AM | 1,125 Views
Professional JMT 2.4G 8CH 310 330 360 Mini RC Quadcopter ARF RTF Unassemble DIY Drone FPV Upgradable with Radiolink Mini PIX M8N GPS Altitude Hold


Package included:
F02471-M F330 Quadcopter:
F330 Frame Kit * 1,
1400KV A2212 10T Brushless Motor * 4,
Simonk firmware 30A ESC with BEC 5V * 4,
8045 Plastic CW CCW Propellers * 2,
Radiolink MINI PIX + MINI GPS * 1,
GPS Folding Antenna Mount * 1,
Radiolink T8FB Remote controller * 1,
11.1V 2200MAH 25C Lipo Battery * 1,
B3PRO Charger * 1,
Buzzer Alarm * 1,
Accessories bag * 1

F14892-N 360mm Quadcopter:
X4M360L Glassfiber Frame Kit * 1,
920KV CW Brushless Motor * 2,
920KV CCW Brushless Motor * 2,
Simonk firmware 30A ESC with BEC 5V * 4,
8443 Carbon Fiber Propeller Self-locking * 2,
Radiolink MINI PIX + MINI GPS * 1,
GPS Folding Antenna Mount * 1,
Radiolink T8FB Remote controller * 1,
11.1V 3300Mah 25C Lipo Battery * 1,
B3PRO Charger * 1,
Buzzer Alarm * 1,
Accessories bag * 1

F14891-M 310mm Quadcopter:
X4M310L Glassfiber Frame Kit * 1,
1400KV A2212 10T Brushless Motor * 4,
Hobbywing XRotor 20A ESC * 4,
8x4.5 2-Blade Propellers * 2,
Radiolink MINI PIX + MINI GPS * 1,
GPS Folding Antenna Mount * 1,
Radiolink T8FB Remote controller * 1,
11.1V 2200MAH 25C Lipo Battery * 1,
B3PRO Charger * 1,
Buzzer Alarm * 1,
Accessories bag * 1

1. Forward/backward,Sideward flight,Turn left/right,Up/down,Hover,One Key Taking Off,Self-...Continue Reading
Posted by genstattu-acepowling | Yesterday @ 09:52 PM | 1,275 Views
2200mah 25c 3s 18.9$ Now 12.4$

5000mah 50c 2S Hardcase 36.99$ Now 29.5$

1300mah 4s 95c
37.65$ Now 25.5$

16000mah 6s 325$ Now 260$

1550mAh 4S1P 14.8V 75C 33.36$ Now 23.19$

2200mAh 22.2V 45C 6S1P 45.9$ Now 34.4$

5300mAh 11.1V 50C 3S1P HardCase 58.99 $ Now 44.2$

650mAh 4S1P 75C 15.69$ Now 14.2$

1550mAh 4S1P 14.8V 75C 33.36$ Now 23$

22000mAh 22.2V 25C 6S1P 461$ Now 392$
Posted by old4570 | Yesterday @ 08:40 PM | 1,405 Views
There are some really good points to this transmitter and a few negative points .

1) Even though it is a feature packed Tx , it is cheaply made
2) And the cheapness shows as soon as you begin to use the transmitter ..

I will start with the gimbals as a lot of people have become very gimbals demanding . I can understand that when you pay a thousand dollars or more you pretty much want perfection , especially from the gimbals . Recently it would seem folks are demanding more from the budget transmitters and I have to say it looks like some manufacturers are coming to the party ( FrSky for one ) .

When I first flew the XK K110 it was very mushy around neutral ( center ) stick . The reason for that is that there does appear to be a dead zone right around center stick . So you can try and make minor adjustments and nothing really happens .

XK transmitter (0 min 52 sec)

I am not sure if you can tell in the video , but the gimbals are a lot like say ones in a transmitter where the gimbals have worn . ( This is a new Tx after all )
This does tend to take away from the ability to be more precise in confined spaces and for me resulted in some bumping and scaring on the rotor blades .
At lower rates the transmitter just did not cut it for me . At the moment I am running 100% and no expo for the lower rate and 110% and no expo for the higher rate .
Lowest Rate setting = 0
Highest Rate setting = 125

Expo looks interesting :
You have both positive and...Continue Reading
Posted by Miami Mike | Yesterday @ 08:18 PM | 1,537 Views
A "fuel gauge" for your telemetry screen to display your LiPo pack's charge state as a percentage of full charge.

For OpenTX Version 2.1.9, adaptable to Version 2.2

Here's a "fuel gauge" setup for your Taranis to display your flight battery's state of charge as a percentage, beginning at 100% for a fully-charged pack and decreasing as you consume battery power. It requires a current sensor, such as a FrSky SP-40A - Smart Port 40 Amp Sensor or FrSky SP-150A - Smart Port 150 Amp Sensor.

You'll be able to add alarms and voice announcements that trigger at specific charge states, or at regular time intervals, or each time the charge state decreases by a certain amount so that you'll get announcements at, for example, 100%, 90%, 80%, etc. You'll also be able to bring up announcements whenever you like by flipping a switch.

The battery state will be retained between flights even if the radio is turned off, so a switch is provided to reset the charge state to 100% when the battery is replaced or recharged.

This is configured for OpenTX Version 2.1.9, but should be compatible with Version 2.2. If you have questions, suggestions, requests, or find that something has to be done differently for Version 2.2, please post in the comment section below.

Begin by configuring the sensor on the Telemetry page.

The Curr line should be created automatically with the Discover new sensors function. You can then add the mAH line anywhere on the page. Be sure to...Continue Reading
Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Yesterday @ 07:53 PM | 1,421 Views
Just finished updating my discounts/coupons page with what I consider to be the best quadcopter Black Friday deals. Confirmed all awe working as at time of posting. Good time to buy if you are looking


Posted by DismayingObservation | Yesterday @ 06:00 PM | 1,524 Views
There are so many fun, albeit seasonal, goodies which only seem to appear at Christmastime.

This happens to be one of them, but it’s so much fun that it would be relatively simple to convert it to year-round use. That goodie is the JJRC H67 Flying Santa Claus quadcopter from GearBest.com. Jolly old Saint Nick is represented by a clone of a LEGO mini figure which either stands or sits atop the quad itself.

The real buzz surrounding this little Christmas confection is the fact that it’s based on the Eachine H011 quad, itself a prime candidate for conversion into a Tiny Whoop. Doing a “Claus Conversion” to the H67 is just as easy since its 7mm coreless motors provide the extra oomph needed to fly the roughly 40-gram Santa “brick figure.” The cost is incredibly low as well, coming in at well under twenty bucks ready to fly.

At the time of this writing, a "flash sale" is underway which lowers the cost to only US$13.89 with free shipping to the US via unregistered air mail.

What makes this a Christmas item isn’t so much the removable Santa Claus figure so much as it’s the first RTF quad I’ve ever seen which plays music.

Christmas music. Loud, tinny Christmas music. Two songs, ad nauseum. “Jingle Bells” and “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” sung by a children’s chorus. There’s no way to switch it off short of desoldering the sound module’s power leads atop the...Continue Reading
Posted by Absaroka | Yesterday @ 05:30 PM | 1,540 Views
Picked up a sport cub and tricked it out as a USAAF FAO out of Lawton Field circa 1940.