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Vertical take off and landing Air plane gas Electric hiybread can be used for GAS & OIL Exploration, pipe line monitoring, ship to ship transport. Reconnaissance and security long flight time up to 6 -8 hours 10kg payload. imaging gimbal packages sold apart, demo flight & Air frame Assembly video of VOLT kit.

VOLT air Plane Gas Electric hiy bread Quad copter (9 min 36 sec)
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Feiyu Tech Unicorn UAV photogrammetry drone Aerial Photography GIS

Unicorn airplane:
1 x Plane
1 x Motor
1 x battery(4)
1 x ESC
4 x Servo
1 x propeller
1 x panda2 flight control and FY608 data radio
1 x kit including parachute
1.Flying test before send out
2. FY608 data radio control distance is 15-22km
3.Including carrying bag for the plane

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Key Features Hybrid configuration design Fixed wing Air craft long endurance hiy speed long flight range large payload
Vertical take off and landing.

VOLT Fixed Wing Air Craft system hybrid gas Drone 4 hours flight duration 34kg MTOW , 5. 3-5kg payload capability

require no special launch equipment and no runways for Pro use!
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cubieboard pix hawk webcam & DSLR control. PX4 mini pin out
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cubie is a powerful small PC A10 processor perfect for UAS application. Ubuntu bistro are no longer available from Ubuntu so used Debian images as a base , set up is similar to raspberry PI . I will be building 2 images one for USB webcam the other for DSLR. firs DSLR setup you need to install .
Get the NAND image on to the NAND flash of the board using phoenix suite found here ,
cubieboard cubie conect DSLR

NAND image


Edit sources.list add reps below.
nano /etc/apt/sources.list
deb wheezy main contrib non-free
deb wheezy-updates main contrib non-free
deb wheezy-backports main
deb wheezy/updates main contrib non-free
#deb-src wheezy main contrib non-free
deb wheezy main non-free
deb main main debian
# squeeze
#deb oldstable main
# wheezy
#deb stable main
# jessie
#deb testing main
# sid
#deb unstable main
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Add battery TxRx, cgarger for $225

LOTUS RC T700 Folding Hexacopter FPV Aircraft Multicopter $550.00

- T700 is high-end model developed based on the T700 platform; it is targeted for professional aerial photo and video usage. - Safe: Flight control system running in parallel via Remote controller and ground station to avoid possibility of accident. Also included low voltage alarm and lost signal auto return home function. - Efficient: 17 Slow Fly propellers + disc brushless motor, maximum efficient unto 12.8g/W. - Stable: 6 DOF, equipped with industrial grade high impact resistance and low drift MEMS sensors. - Simple: Pre-configured with remote controller, no setup required - Easy: Quick model setup, with two axis stabilized gimbals. - Operating temperature:-10~+60C. Functions and capabilities: - Auto take off (Ground station control) - Altitude hold (via remote control) - Position hold (Remote or ground station control) - Waypoint flight (ground station control) - Auto return home and auto landing (Remote or ground station control) - Camera Gimbals can be installed under the frame which allowed quick removal from the frame. The tilt and roll angle can be controlled via remote control. It uses the suspension mounting system which provides effective elimination of high and low frequency vibration.
Product Details
-- Size::700 700 320mm - Spread size::1010 1010 320mm - Folding size:160 560mm - Wheelbase:700mm - Propeller:Lotus 1260 ABS Propeller or 3K Carbon fiber Propeller - BAttery:LiPo 4S 10000mAh 20C(purchase separatly) - Weight:1610g - Take off weight:4S 10000mAh 1P battery and receiver 2390g - effctive dowanloadV/ camera≤700 g - Max lift capacity: 7000g (when use standard battery) - Max effictive capacity:≤1200g(when use standard battery) - Max flight weight:3000g(Standard battery) Test data: - Flying time:10-15 minutes( 4S 4250mAh 1P battery ,receiver) - Flying time: 25-30 Minutes(4S 10000mAh 1p battery ,receiver) - Wind resistance:<5 grade

http://<br /> <br /> <iframe width...reen></iframe>
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Been seeing the new GoPro Hero 3 on the market but another versions have surfaced in China where houses one without the fancy packaging GoPro Hero3 Silver & Black models. The Black doe's not come with the Wifi remote either. The price is around $100 to $50 cheaper from the one in the fance packeging in most online RC shops. It looks like the real deal & it works just as well for FPV needs. another thing people have not considered is to build a camera array with 3 or more GoPros in side or outside a circular configuration for 360 wide angle 4k view. http://OFFTHEGRIDWATER.CA/

-Key features:
-Wearable, mountable design
-Immersive, wide angle capture of your favorite activities
-Professional quality HD video & 11MP photos
-Built-in Wi-Fi enables remote control via Wi-Fi Remote (to be purchased separately) or live video preview -and remote control on smartphones and tablets running the free GoPro App.
-New advanced camera settings: Looping video, Manual White Balance control (in Protune mode only), Protune Mode, allows to shoot photos while recording video and more

-GoPro 3 Hero3 HD Sports Camera Recorder - Silver Edition
-Professional 1080p 30 fps / 960p 48 fps / 720p 60 fps and more video capture
-11MP photo capture with 10 fps burst
-Wi-Fi Built-In
-Wi-Fi Remote Compatible (sold separately, not included)
-GoPro App Compatible (FREE)
* This is the bear camera version with simple plastic bag packing.
GoPro 3 Hero3 HD Sports Camera Recorder -Black Ultimate Version
-Professional 4K Cinema 15 fps / 2.7K cinema 30 fps / 1440p 48 fps / 1080p 60 fps / 960p 100 fps /720p 120 fps and more video capture
-12MP photo capture with 30 fps burst
-Wi-Fi Built-In
-Wi-Fi Remote Compatible (not included)
-GoPro App Compatible (FREE)
* This is the bear camera version with simple plastic bag packing, and no other accessories
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[img]*H-jmi40lTAmqhsKQrdXuT7aidmHyfZAc0xBRYA*9DxcTgKCvMCcG YfYdxqISIqfsYCloqew[/IMG]

Arducopter Mission Planner on Windows 8 ASUS VIVOTAB wireless APM GCS bridge (7 min 4 sec)

To cool to buy a Quad frame build your own! Build you own Ground station. GCS server Wifi enabled Xbee with bluetooth modules. The Idea is to be able to connect to your multi copter no weirs from a mobile phone or PC, tablet no matter what Operating system is being used. I have been working on this for some time. I have this running on a UNO with a double xbee shield, 2.4 xbee, xbee wifly module, Bluetooth wifly module. I would Like to add a web server to the mix to to display GCS data via Http or PHP. I found this Rascal board that uses python that built to do just what I am proposing. Hearer is the code I have so fare no web services yet. Do you think this is useful?

#include "WiFly.h" // We use this for the preinstantiated SpiSerial object.
#include "SoftwareSerial.h"
SoftwareSerial mySerial(6, 5); // RX, TX
SoftwareSerial BluSerial(7, 8); // RX, TX

Servo PanServo,TiltServo;
#define pi 3.14159

/************************ SETTINGS ******************************/

//Servo pulse boundaries.
#define panMinPulse 600
#define panMaxPulse 2490
#define tiltMinPulse 550
#define tiltMaxPulse 2450
#define serialBaudRate 57600
char ssid[] = "ssid";
char passphrase[] = "...Continue Reading