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Posted by epoxyearl | Jan 26, 2018 @ 06:20 AM | 8,772 Views
With the recent news that Hobbico is folding, and possibly taking Tower with them, things are going to be different...A large segment of the Hobby will suffer from the lack of 'ready' supplies.

I'm seeing a branching out of smaller groups of guys, just getting together at a local Airfield to hang out and fly...The 'Local' Club has $25 K in the Bank, and is raising dues....A recent e-mail indicated that 57 of the 200 members had re-upped so far, when the norm is around 120 by now.

Those two suppliers mentioned earlier are having an effect on the Local Hobby Shops as well. One of them gets most of it's stock from them, and has been put on COD through no fault of his own. He has opted to drop model Airplanes from his inventory...He rid himself of Glow Fuel in the Fall, and has no plans to support builders of kits any longer...No one is building, and his stocks of Monokote haven't changed substantially in the last fiscal year.

No matter how it hurts his heart, the grand or so I spend there in a year's time, can't keep him stocking stuff that doesn't 'move'. I'm not saying that he's closing his doors...but the things that interest me will no longer be available.
Guys laughed at me, when I began replacing Hobby Shop Spruce with Clear White Pine in my models...but the difference in price allows me to afford Balsa at what I consider a 'high' price.

Guys are voicing concerns at the FAA's uncertainty, thinking that harsh fines may be imposed for infractions...There's talk of flight tracking cards that supply a permanent record of your activity...The 'Altitude' one concerns most people...We tied party balloons to 400 ' strings, and it is AMAZING how low 400 feet actually is.. One can infract that rule on take-off with a large model.

I don't know where all this will 'end', but I hope it never does.............