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Posted by epoxyearl | Nov 10, 2017 @ 04:23 AM | 10,508 Views
It seems that the AMA relishes the fact that Mr Turner's win against the FAA has been overturned, and the registration of all powered model aircraft and drones will continue, or be required.
For the Law abiding flyers.

The Drone pilots that caused all this concern will continue to fly unlicensed Uav's, and will continue to thumb their noses at any authority trying to govern their activities.

Apparently, the AMA is as ineffectual at controlling Congress as Mr. Turner is...But Mr.Turner had great results for a while...
.AMA, not so much.

AMA will put a great 'spin' on this, as to how we should join the Righteous fight, but guys, it's a lost cause...Tell the AMA to spend your membership money (from now on described as 'their' money) on flying sites, instead of fighting an unwinnable war on the FAA..

If the AMA had distanced them selves from anything that didn't look like a model airplane, years ago, this may not be the subject of our discussion.
If you hold a drone and a model airplane in front of a standard citizen, they will recognize two separate items. The AMA only 'sees' one...
If they are THAT blind, there is no hope...
How many plans are available for a scratch built drone ? Are you 'hearing' me yet ?