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Posted by epoxyearl | Jun 02, 2016 @ 07:38 PM | 19,204 Views
The new AMA catazine is here, and as usual, I rush to absorb the newest bits of information handed down by the fine gentlemen who take our money, and offer advice.

Page six.
Column one.
Paragraph two.
Last two sentences.
"Although we have been successful in many ways, it is up to individual members to make their thoughts known."
"Ignoring AMA's request for participation could be detrimental to the hobby."

Uhhhh , Bob ? What percentage of the Million dollars will be proffered to the membership to present their views to their Delegates, Representatives, House Members, Senators, and Congressmen ?

We do not accept your subtle shift of 'blame' for your short comings to our shoulders...Tens of thousands have contacted those fine people via emails, texts, snail mail, and phone calls to no avail.

For the last several years, the AMA has offered a 'rosy' picture of the changes indicated by the FAA, saying in effect, "That won't be a bother to a membership base as large as ours ".

Over 416,000 folks have registered with the FAA as UAS flyers....The Ama has no publishable figures for membership in this years' tally...but suppose you retained the 185,000 members indicated in various public announcements.......That would leave a larger percentage that have no desire to pay for membership in a Community Based Organisation, when they can fly without the 'imaginary' insurance touted by the AMA and never actually put into service.

Your 'time' has come and gone.....we Seniors utilized your services when they were pertinent...That has now changed...The FAA is uninterested in whether we protect our 'hulls' or the surrounding communities from the dangers falling from the sky..The AMA's 'insurance' sales pitch has become a laughingstock, if you aren't aware...

Actually, the FAA is the lesser of two 'evils', if I may......they don't force us to buy a magazine, or 'invisible' insurance.