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Posted by epoxyearl | Aug 23, 2015 @ 04:21 AM | 21,664 Views
I'm an old man. 74. I don't "act my age"..I'm one of the very lucky ones that has my health and an 'inner self' of about age 30.

We have a local Airshow in Toughkenamon, Pa.,Named New Garden.
Started many years ago by the DuPonts, it is a typical Airfield without a tower, a 'see and be seen' affair..
When the DuPonts aged, the field was transferred to the local Township in Avondale. Usually, fences go up, access is limited, and I.D. must be shown, to access the facilities. Not so here..You can drive in there ,say Tuesday afternoon, and people will wave Hi to you .
Unusual, to say the least.
We used to visit here when I were a kid....Mom would pack a picnic basket, Dad would load us up in the old Buick, and we'd spend a Sunday afternoon parked on the hill by the Beacon tower.

Yesterday, there was a family amongst several thousand people, parked in the general area. Mom , Dad,two sons and two daughters. Having a picnic on the hill. When I walked by, one son was asleep (Mustang engine music soothed his soul)..The Mom and the other three kids were chowing down, while Dad was lost in the performance of said Mustang.

We go to watch Airplanes, but we get to see the important things as well.