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Posted by epoxyearl | Sep 13, 2013 @ 06:05 AM | 9,815 Views
I am a model aircraft flight instructor..I am also a Test pilot for Maiden flights.

So a fellow club member asks if I will test fly his Dynaflite SE-5, that's been under construction for over 5 years.
Whoa Nellie! that's a long time! So I'd better be good,and I'd better be careful.
We did all the things by checklist,and everything was up to snuff..
When I looked around the field for clearance, there were video cameras and still cameras everywhere-his entire family had come out for this flight.
I didn't like the guys on the field,so we cleared them off to a safer location...
Now I like the old slider trims, as I can 'fly' the model with them until she's trimmed.This radio has digital trims,and you have to fly and trim at the same time..I have an airplane that's slipping,pitching down, and rolling right, and the owner is fiddling with my transmitter,trying to plug in the buddy box cord so he can fly it !
Some times my life is too complicated..
Posted by epoxyearl | Sep 11, 2013 @ 10:52 AM | 8,904 Views
More and more, I'm being prevented from flying at Fly-ins I've attended for many years..
This ban on 72 mhz radios is nonsensical...."Yesterday's" top of the line radios are being phased out, country wide for no good reason.
Yesterday's excuse for requiring 2.4 only was that there was no frequency control.
Oh come now !; the three of us who had driven 100 miles are savvy enough to talk amongst ourselves and decide who to fly with, -and when.

I don't have anything against progress, but stupidity needs to be stamped out....No frequency control ??? ranks right up there with some of the dumbest things I've heard....- this on a field with transmitter impound racks, and pins readily available..

Posted by epoxyearl | Sep 02, 2013 @ 07:29 AM | 8,608 Views
Little did I know in my last blog, when I spoke of "Friends in passing", that I'd hear this sad news.

Dereck Woodward, a member of 'our gang' has passed away.

His wry humor caught me off guard more than once..

His lack of fear in trying new things was one quality that stood out to me....if he thought it could be done, it was about to be done.

I hope the after life's like we think it should be....endless balsa , glue, time, blue skies, and fair winds...gonna miss you buddy.

Posted by epoxyearl | Sep 01, 2013 @ 08:05 AM | 8,668 Views
I know my ramblings are a lot sentimental. But I'm getting old and seeing guys
move on from what has been an 'establishment' can be a little upsetting.

The owner of the Midwing Special is transferring his roots to Arizona..moving there, taking all his stuff. The airplane, which is a legend in these parts, is staying behind.

If you've ever used Sullivan parts, that's the airplane on the package.

But there is some good news...He's found a partner who's buying in to the Midwing, a young man with an eye to historic aircraft...Ben owns a 1938 J-3 he restored himself,and won at Oshkosh this year, returning the trophy because of an engine change...He won 65 h.p. class with an 85 h.p. engine installed.(wasn't intentional).

Ned's going away party was last evening,and the Airshow he performed was as smooth and graceful as any he's done..He built a Skybolt, and enjoys the extra power and speed over the Midwing.

A large crowd attended, and outside of Howdy's sloooowww cooking, everyone had a good time...I swear we had to have the rolls steamed ,because they were drying out from the wait.!

One more memory added to the list.