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Posted by epoxyearl | Apr 09, 2013 @ 05:50 AM | 7,685 Views
We've been having a conversation in the "Balsa Builders' forum" about omg -foam.

I usually refer to it as 'not balsa', but in this case clarity is important.

I've just been called a Balsa Fundamentalist Zealot, because of my views.

I am that.

I can do things with balsa that others can only dream of.

When non-believers recognize they are losing the conversion to foam battle, they resort to name calling.........in this case I am not offended, but pleased to be recognized for what I am....-Can't convert me, -can't offend me.....what else ya got ?
Posted by epoxyearl | Apr 04, 2013 @ 08:43 AM | 6,933 Views
Once again, I'm back with good news-After missing a G-62 by mere minutes,Dave Edwards said he had one he'd let go of,reasonable...Some money changed hands, and it arrived in great shape.
Then Hiflyer had a belt drive reduction that I could use, and he sent it along...

My luck usually runs the other way....I'm wondering if I should buy a lottery ticket...I don't want to appear greedy, or even worse, jinx this 'run'...Think I'll pass on the gambling.