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Posted by scruffy1 | Dec 03, 2014 @ 08:04 AM | 15,513 Views
i very recently received my next DLG from the czech republic

major thanks to ondrej at, for the thowt - he has been an absolute pleasure to deal with for the entire process; despite my complete lack of czech we have managed the transactions smoothly courtesy of his thankfully far better command of english than my skills in the opposite translations

the glider complete to the door, very well packaged, and with two dymond d60's that i required for completion (i already have the two d47's i also need, and the taranis gear and batteries) came in at €280, of which almost a quarter was transport half way round the planet of a sturdy 155cm long box grossing 3.12kg

by the time paypal fudged the exchange a little, i was up for ~ $418 (australian)

however, to put that in perspective, the basic glider (as supplied - closer to completion than the binary 900 when i got that all that time ago) is €183, or $267 aus

i note that the current price of a versus in australia (as a platinum member) is $223, and the 1.5 DLG composite checks in (sorry... ) at $345

sure, local shipping adds a big advantage to that deal, with delivered cost for me at $235 and $367 respectively, whereas the czech model sans servos would be $365 or so (but as an aside the installed throwing peg is $25 online alone from other sources, before postage, and then you'd have to fit it as well )

on the other hand, a binary 3 would be over the $600 mark delivered, and the IV model another...Continue Reading