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Posted by scruffy1 | Sep 28, 2014 @ 12:31 AM | 12,283 Views
there's one other thread here about it, but i thought i'd selfishly start a new one to do a build log; this is the closest to the alula still reasonably easily obtainable

$34.70 (us $) delivered to australia, from korea, in just on 2 weeks using their (cheap) standard post; the cardboard box might have been a little more resilient, but despite a little wear and tear on the exterior, all the parts arrived intact and ready to go
you can buy one here if you want to, and there's another version that comes with a pair of servos and a nimh battery for around another us$20

for the money on the basic kit you will receive :

4 pieces of pre-cut foam, which looks to be hot-wired polystyrene (they say epp) :
pod - 9 grams
fin - 1.8 grams
wings x2 with pre-cut flaperon "groove" - around 24 grams each, but conveniently for this right handed thrower, the left wing is 23.9 and the right 24.4, leaving me half a gram for the peg for DLG whilst maintaining lateral balance; whether it has any use as a DLG might be debatable - but if the libelle has delusions of that role then i don't see why this foamie shouldn't try it on too

then there's two spars of fibreglass, which will get saved for future reference, as i intend to swap in carbon for the reinforcements

and there's also a pair of control horns, a throwing peg and some cord for reinforcing it to the left spar, and some 1.2mm push rods and linkage stoppers

rounding off the package is a comprehensive manual -...Continue Reading